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Subject: Yig Just Got Tougher rss

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Brian Mc Cabe
United States
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There are those who look at things the way they are and ask why . . . I dream of things that never were and ask why not
Randomly selected Tulzscha as the Herald, first time using him.

If a cultist is next to a location with an Elder Sign token and moons move, the cultist enters the location and the Elder Sign token is removed.

Place a cultist on the first gate, in addition to the randomly-drawn monster.

Yig's special ability: Place a doom token on the track if a cultist is eliminated by combat or an investigator is LinT&S.

Turn 3 saw a monster surge, placing a second cultist at Witch House and one at Unnameable. They all moved. Next turn, they all moved again.

The game lasted fourteen Mythos phases, and they never moved again, blocking the northside of Arkham from the southside for the rest of the game, with two in Rivertown and one in Miskatonic University.

If it weren't for Joe's skill of Hide (add +1 to all rolls on sneak checks) and his additional personal special ability, the game would not have been such a nail-biter.

With five seals, he entered Yuggoth at The Unnameable by sneaking past a -3 ghoul, with his sneak at four and spending one clue. He had obtained an Elder Sign as a result of an earlier encounter and was poised to rock the baby back to sleep.

While in the second area of Yuggoth, he failed a -2 Will check with one die (four!) and no remaining clues and was lost in time and space, adding the ninth doom token.

He successfully entered Arkham Asylum, just as Norman entered the South Church to obtain his fifth clue.

As the investigators were planning how best to try to enter open gates, two of which were blocked by cultists and the other by the ghoul previously mentioned, a new gate opened at Historical Society, awakening Yig.

Norman's blessing was a blessing; although, in round two, he panicked and dropped his sword of glory (0-6).

Rita was devoured (also 0-6 on her speed check, but requiring a six).

On a brighter note, Charlie lost his curse and fading confidence was instantly restored, the investigators dealing four doom worth of damage, including carry-over hits.

Charlie and Norman, being quite a bit older than Joe were concerned that they weren't going to be agile enough to dodge Yig's attack. All three survived, however, as confidence was replaced by desperation and they couldn't miss with the sword of glory, Joe's Tommy Gun and Charlie's .45 and .38.

Still experimenting: With the possibility of seals being broken by Tulzacha's special ability, I used Hypnos as the herald. Still being concerned with the overbalance issue, I decided not to begin adding clues until Yig's track was halfway full. With a doom track of ten, there was no deciding to round up or down. Probably should be up, since I'm concerned about overbalance.

That variant worked out well. Charlie was able to grab two tokens, at Hibb's and the Bank. Joe closed a gate at Silver Twilight Lodge and was prepared to put an end to The Great Ritual. Making things harder on all concerned, he failed to sneak past a shoggoth at The Lodge and was immediately driven insane by it, sending him to the asylum.

Before attacking The Great Ritual, he was forced to fight and defeat two maniacs downtown, their having just escaped from the asylum as he was being brought in.

He overcame all of these obstacles, defeated the Rumour and all investigators came away with more information about the Mythos.

Norman's Find Gate did no one any good. I forgot the first time, as usual, and the second time, he had only one sanity. When Return to the Old Ways Rumour appeared, he passed Rita the FG and an axe so that Joe would not have to discard his Tommy Gun.

When she tried to discard Food, it crumbled to pieces in her hands and she was forced to abandon the axe after all.

A solar Eclipse that had been in effect from practically the beginning prevented her from using the spell. She did successfully explore the City of the Great Race, having entered it shortly after Joe, being aware of his possession of a Gate Box, and had gotten seal number four.

This was classic Arkham. The variants, herald, guardian, skills and special abilities of both investigators and AO constantly came into play to the end.

The cultists might have a chant, but I've got one of my own.

"Faugh a ballagh!"


Edit: Misspoke herald. Hypnos is correct.

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