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Subject: Hannibal DE's Rome... rss

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Per Sylvan
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You think it's a devastating loss to lose to a DE?
Try losing 5 of 6 consecutive battles to DE, and see how you feel

Turn 1-2:
Hannibal enters Italy on Turn 2, through Etruria. Meanwhile, Rome has tried to subjugate the Boii in vain. Some 3-5 CUs are spent on subjugating attempt, but zero dmg has been done (due to 2 subjugate pts being removed by C cardplay).

Rome is being "guarded" by the Consults P Scipio (in Boii), Varro (in Rome) and P-Consul Longus, in Lucania.

Hannibal takes 2 PCs in Etruria on Turn 2.

Prov Count: 10-8 to C (Rome has G Cisalpine)

Turn 3-4:
Hannibal beats the northern Roman armies. G Cisalpine is turned blue again, together with Samnium.

Rome loses one battle on a FR and one battle on a DE.

Prov Count: 10-8 to C

Turn 5:
Hannibal has taken some damage, and runs down into Lucania, where he sweeps up some Bruttium Recrutis.

Meanwhile, he takes two PCs in Apulia.

Rome takes back Samnium, but lack the extra armies, to take back G Cisalpine.

At the end of the turn, Marcellus moves down into Lucania w/10 CUs. He is attacked and defeated by Hannibal, on a DE (2nd one..).

Marcellus survives with 4 CUs, and stumbles back. End of turn.

Turn 6
Scipio A appears on the scene.
He rushes down to re-inforce Marcellus.

Hannibal takes Apulia, and is then attacked by Scipio A.
However, in a 16-17 battle, Scipio A loses to a non-DE and loses minimal forces.

Hannibal follows up, however, by attacking Scipio A. Scipio is now wiped out on a DE (3rd).

Some maneouvering, then end of turn.

Rome starts to feel the pressure of PC removals ...

Prov Count: 11-6 to C

Turn 7:

Longus, Consul, sits with 10 CUs on Sicily.
Marcellus (again), Consul sits with 10 CUs in Rome.

In a desperate attempt, Rome plays a Major Campaign.
Longus ships into Italy, and attacks Hannibal.
He manages to surivive for 8 long round, before losing to a DE (4th).
He is sent packing into Neapolis, but manages to score a 2 CU attrition dmg on Hannibal.

Marcellus follows up with an attack, but also loses to a DE... (5th)

Romes only forces in play, are the two retreated consular armies.
Hannibal attacks them , defeats them, and they are left in Capua with only 2 CUs

Romes hand consist of 4 '1' cards...

During the last 4 cardplays of the round, Hannibal manages to wipe out all Roman armies from the board.. During the PC removal phase, Rome must remove ALL its PCs xpt for 1 PC..

Rome concedes. PC removal would kill Rome next turn, and furthermore a single siege point on Rome, would make it impossible for Rome tog get anymore reinforcements, for the remainder of the game!

Ending province count:

C 13
Rome 2

This was slaughter from the start! Rome stuck its neck out too long. Exposed valuable armies to Hannibal, and played chance attacks with Scipio A, with little backup. For that, Rome had to pay a high price!
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