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Attaque! Toujours attaque!!
As some of you might allready have guessed, this game was discontinued.

My friend Marten Jan and me played until 17PM and then quit.
We made so many errors that we just wanted to start again. We interpreted the rules about fatigue incorrectly, which slowed both sides down, specially the Confederates. Then we misinterpreted the rules about runs and creeks, thinking we needed bridges where we simply could have wade through.

Things like that.. shake

Still, there’s much to learn about this game and because there are so few people posting sessions (in fact, after Jim Dauphinais’ site went down, I think, currently I’m the only one..) I thought I should complete my narrative.
I will simply write it down as we played it. I’m sorry.. No romanticized version anymore of the events..

So.. Here it goes. This is what happened in the 4 PM turn.

Confederates/Anderson: This division goes into reserve to rest (somehow I thought the Reb’s had time for such luxury..)

Union/Wadsworth: Wainwrights guns fire to no effect. One unit rallies. The rest of the Meredith’s and Cutler’s regiments retreat.

Confederates/Heth: All of Heth’s brigades move forward toward Wadsworth

Confederates/Stuart: Stuart’s two cavalry regiments move slightly to the west of Gettysburg

March mode: Forgot who’s march this was, or what happened.

Perrin’s brigade rests.
Scales moves forward.
During rally Thomas’ 35 GA loses 1 step. Two of Thomas’ regiments fire at
Gamble’s 3 IN Cavalry, which loses a step.
Lane’s brigade fires with two regiments to no effect. Return fire takes one step from his 19 NC.

Union/Schurz: Schurz fires at the 31 VA regiment from Smith. It loses a step

Union/Doubleday: Doubleday just rallies one regiment.

Union/Buford: Some of Gamble’s regiments dismount and reorganize. Their canon fires at Pender’s lines and disrupts a regiment.

Picture 1. The situation in front of Heth and Pender

Union/Doubleday: Pass.

Archer rallies a regiment.
Breakenbough and Davis move up to the right of Heth’s line.
Pettigrew passes, as do the guns.

Smith’s 31 VA loses 1 SP in rallying.
The whole division moves forward to the south west, attacking the Unions 11th Corps

Paul activates and repositions his guns on a hill in Gettysburg, overlooking the west.
Baxter’s brigade rests.

Paul’s brigade activate to fire his gun. He kills 2 SP’s from Hay’s 6 LA Regiment.

Confederates/Rodes: All brigade move forward toward Gettysburg

Barlow fires his two guns. Hay’s 6LA loses another step and collapses. The other gun fails to hit. The infantry passes

Devin’s brigade passes.
Gamble fires his guns. Scales’ 45 GA loses a step and retreats. Some regiments reposition.

Confederates/Pender: Pender rallies some regiments and passes

Union/Buford: Pass.

Union/Buford: Gamble fires a gun, but misses

Union/Steinwehr: Some regiments finish breastworks

Stones’ gun fires, but misses.
80 NY fires at Lanes line, but loses a step due to return fire.

Some regiments start making more breastworks on Cemetary Hill.
One gun fire at Confederates/Early’s men, but affects no harm.

Two guns fire from Culp’s hill to no effect.
Infantry makes breastworks

Union/Barlow: Fires two gun at Hay’s 8LA. It loses 1 SP

Picture 2. The Union guns that are taking so much southern lives west of Gettysburg

Union/Wadsworth: pass.

Union march: Williams division marches towards Gettysburg

Confederates/Early: Early moves forward towards Howard’s lines

Jones’ guns fire 5 guns to no effect (sigh)
Hay’s goes into attack mode but stands (second sigh).
Gordon goes into attack mode and moves adjacent to Union lines. He comes under fire of two guns. Gordon’s 31 GA is hit twice and retreats with 1 SP loss. 26GA fires at Ames’ brigade and disrupts one unit. In the retreat it loses 1 SP. Gordon’s other unit is disrupted. His 26 and 61 GA shock attack the 107 Ohio regiment causing it to rout.
Adjacent units are not affected.

22IL from Schimmelpfenning gets blasted away by Jones’ gun. It loses 1 SP. Smith’s regiments storms forward into the breastworks. They fire at a Union regiment but 52VA loses 1 SP due to return fire.
Hayes goes into the attack. He fires at the flank of Ames’ 25 Ohio. It disrupts and loses a step. Hayes 5LA also loses a step due to return fire. The union retreats a hex in fear of shock. Ames’ 17CT routes before shock.
Gordon halts his attack

Picture 3. During Early’s attacks

Picture 4. After Early’s attacks. Spot the difference. Tough huh? The Reb’s didn’t really make a dent..

Thomas wants to attack but fails.
Scales fires at Gamble’s dismounted cavalry.) Union Cav 8 Il B loses an SP. Brigade general Gamble dies.arrrh

Confedrerates/Pender: Just some rallying

The guns fires to no effect.
Stone withdraws the 150 PA. Lane’s regiments fire in reaction and disrupt it and make it lose an SP. The retreat is a bit hampered by this disruption. Rowley corrects the line even further.

Union/Wadsworth: Wadsworth’s brigades retreats.

Archer goes into attack mode. Gambles 8 NY A gets fired on and loses a step and retreats disrupted. The rest of the brigades move forward.
Davis fails to go in to attack mode.

Picture 5. Birdseye view from the Confederates’ perspective.

Picture 6: Details from the front before Pender and Heth.

Picture 7: The Union line secure. Notice how Williams men are marching to beef up Howards divisions. No way I’m going to take Culp’s hill today..

So.. One more hour to go. As you can see the Union line holds..
Hope to post the last installment of this series shortly, but I'm more likely to post a new thread of my current game "Scribbled notes & Pictures from Gettysburg"
Stay tuned!


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Andrew C
United States
San Marcos
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This whole series of session reports is fantastic, and really enhanced by the many pictures.

I look forward to watching your next game!
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