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Subject: Rundown of my solo plays, Mediterranean Theater, Part 2 rss

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Beau Bailey
United States
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Tunisia: The Germans tried an initial push towards Chouigui, hoping to take advantage of the sparser Allied forces on that side. The attack stalled with really no casualties for either side. Then the Allies called in an air patrol which proceeded to massacre the German right eliminating three units before the end of the battle. Seeing their flank collapse, the Germans quickly advanced in the center with an Armored Assault. They were planning to over take the infantry and then push against the deep Allied tanks. The attack proved quite successful as they managed to rack up several medals with minimal casualties. The battle was now tied at five medals and the Germans looked like they just might pull it off. Unfortunately, a lucky attack on one of the elite Panzers managed to eliminate the unit and seal an Allied victory.

Allies 6 - Axis 5

Tunisia: This time the battle raged in the middle of the field instead of on the flank. The Germans were able to strike early with their air patrol, but despite concerted effort, they were only able to eliminate one unit. Sounds okay, but when you consider they failed to eliminate two units with only a single figure each left, despite 4 attacks? Yeah, pathetic. The Allies were almost able to push back the Germans in the center, but when reinforcements came from the German right, they had to fall back. The German line pushed hard for Tebourba and was surprisingly annihilated by the Allied defense. The attack, however, left the Allied line badly out of position and broken. The Germans then pushed on Chouigui and managed to eliminate a couple more units for the victory. A very hard fought battle for both sides.

Axis 6 - Allies 4

Kasserine Pass: The Germans pushed fast and took Kasserine in the second turn of the game by managing to eliminate the Allied defenders. Feeling invincible they pushed hard for Sbiba before getting nearly annihilated in the attempt. Bloodied, German high command decided to focus on pushing towards Sbeitla and Thala at the same time hoping to split the Allied focus. Unfortunately, the defense proved a bit more formidable than they initially assumed and they forced back the German advance. The Allies were slowly earning their medals and forced the Germans out of any town that they tried to enter (the Germans managed to push into Thala before being eliminated). However, thanks to a brilliant decision to call in an air strike followed by a barrage, the Germans were able to seal a victory before the Allies could claim their sixth medal.

Axis 6 - Allies 5

Kasserine Pass: This is easily the best Mediterranean scenario in the Air Pack so far. The initial phase of the battle resulted in a quick medal for each side as the Germans took Kasserine, hoping to secure a crossing point for the battle. Unfortunately, the Allied armer stationed near Sbiba forced the Germans out, got knocked down to a single figure and then managed to survive for three more turns and 8 attacks! However, the Germans were finally able to sweep this aside and got one of the Panzer units near Sbiba, managing to eliminate the artillery in the process. German command shifted their focus to trying to take Sbeitla. They managed to gain 5 medals and almost earn the victory, but surprisingly the Allies kept fighting back, slowly earning medals. The final Axis unit fell near Sbeitla when some infantry cut of their escape and eliminated a Panzer unit. This was a huge upset, as the Germans had the entire battle locked up before the Allies stole it away.

Allies 6 - Axis 5
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