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Subject: Two Quick Demo Games + Some Thoughts rss

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Justin Borges
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Fellow gamer xombe and I got in a couple of demo games of Pulp City the other night.

In game one, Iron Train and Andromeda took on Guerilla and Twilight.
Small fights like this are hard when the fighting types are so
Iron Train charged in on Guerilla, smacking upside the head with his
metal fists, whilst taking Dakka-Booms right in the face a few times.
Iron Train was victorious, however, with a final knockout that sent
that ape back into the trees (I'll show you a pic of that later
another time ).
Androida raced towards Twilight. They took some pot shots at each
other with various ranged attacks, but got into close combat a few
times. Eventually, Androida was just too weak, and got Shadow Fisted
to the ground.
Iron Train steamrolled towards Twilight, looking for revenge of his
fallen Heavy Metal teammate. Twilight's ranged shots were just too
weak to really hurt Iron Train, and Iron Train just kept catching up
to Charge ane Strike. Twilight became a crater.

In game two, Solar led Red Riding Hoodoo and Ace of Wraiths against
Hellsmith, Nuke and The Gentleman, who had a couple of sentry bots.
Solar and Hoodoo took off to the side to deal with Hellsmith, which
took a while. He's a big guy. There were Earthquakes and Sun Flares
and Curses all over the place, and even a couple of zombie wolf
bites. In the scuffle, Solar got smushed first, then puny little
Hoodoo took Hellsmith's hammer in chops, and she and her pup went back
to Kansas.
A little ways away, Ace of Wraiths had to deal with a bot, a gentleman
and a toxic freak. The Sentry Bot cam in and pretty much blew up in
Ace's face, dealing a bunch of damage. Grr. Then the Gentleman came
forward, but took a shat-load of Hades-inspired bullets in the torso.
He was down quickly. Nuke came rushing in and tried to poison Ace,
but a well-placed headshot set Nuke's Instability off, and BOOM! (Here
xombe rolled a 1, which is the only thing that caused his death...well
done dice! We win again!)
This left Ace and Hellsmith. Initiative said it was time to send the
giant back to Hell...and Ace obliged. Bang! Crash! Cheer!

So yeah, I like the game. Cool theme, neat action point allocation
system, some cool thematic actions, and limitations on what you can
But then there are some bad points, like limitations on what you can
do, disparity in super team members, lots of terms to learn.
I find that for a first game or few, a good cheat sheet and advanced
supreme (stat) cards would be very helpful. A rundown of the turn and
ALL of the Actions you can do (especially when you play the
'advanced' game) is ideal, and an explanation of all of you characters
special abilities and the such. If I don't see one of these soon,
I'll start working on my own, and maybe one of the more pretty-gamer-
aid-savvy guys here can beautify it. And Supreme cards, too.
Also, I know its nothing new to the comic realm, but having a team
made up of very different super heroes sorta irks me. But you can
form Super Teams of like the Apes can go together, and
the Heavy Metal heroes, etc.

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