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Subject: 1916 Scenario: Constanta and Central Asia. rss

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Philip Thomas
United Kingdom
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This was an ACTS/Cyberboard game using the 1916 Scenario between myself and Jeromey with me playing the Allies. This was my twelth game using the 1916 Scenario and my seventh as the CPs. For this game (as for the previous games) we made some changes in the Alllies’s favour. Jihad was reduced by 1, the Parvus to Berlin Marker was moved 1 turn later (therefore moving the Revolution marker), we removed the trenches in Gaza and Beersheba, and we treated the Persian Uprising as permanently eliminated.

For this game we also added in the optional rules about the Anzac Desert Corps (can move and attack in desert even without rails) and Massed Cavalry Charge (cancels the terrain effects of Desert as well as Trench effects).

Constanta and Central Asia

Summer 1916

RU and TU MOs Revolution due in two turns, TU Max Rps at 11. VPs at 7.

Romania entered the war, winning a battle at Hermannstadt. Jeromey reoccupied Hermannstadt, evacuated Gumshane, formed XVI Corps at Sivas and entrenched at Diyarbarkir. I redeployed the Yugoslav division to Constanta, a Russian division to Isfahan, and 2 divisions to Ruwandis. Jeromey moved II Corps to Mosul and VI Corps to Varna. Dunsterforce arrived in Eastern Persia. We both played for RPs (Enver-Falkenhayn Summit, Push to the Breaking Point).

Jeromey redeployed 2 divisions to Karind, leaving Adana unoccupied. I played Project Alexandria, landing 3 divisions off Adana. Jeromey played Caucasian Army Reforms, placing 2 Corps in Adana and effectively ending my invasion plans. I attacked Erzincan and Harput and entrenched on the beach off Adana. Jeromey formed XIV Corps in Erzincan and attacked Kermanshah with the Army of Islam, prompting me to play Jafar Pasha to retreat to Hamadan.

Fall 1916

RU MO for Allies, British Empire and TU MOs for CPs. Revolution due in one turn. Tu Max RPs at 9. VPs at 7.

The Russians moved troops around, bring a Corps into Azerbaijan and abandoning Hamadan. Jeromey issued a Bull’s Eye Directive, launching attacks on Seneh, Ruwandis and the Adana Beach-head. The Turks gained Seneh but were held off elsewhere. I brought the II Turkistani Corps into Persia at Saqqiz and also Dunsterforce at Hamadan, incurring the 1 VP penalty for British violation of Neutral Persia before the Revolution. Jeromey attacked Ruwandis, Hamadan and the Adana Beach-head, but did not take them.

I abandoned the beach-head under fire, increasing Jihad by 1, and attacked and took Seneh. Jeromey made a 1 Ops move, attacking Ruwandis. I redeployed British and Indian troops to Hamadan and Russian troops to Ruwandis and Seneh. Jeromey played for RPs (Indian Mutiny) and Indian Reinforcements arrived at Basra and Abadan. Jeromey moved back from Kermanshah to Karind and forward from Sivas to Erzincan. We both ended the turn with RPs (Haversack Ruse, I Order you to Die).

Winter 1917

British Empire MO for Allies, RU MO for Turks. Revolution due this turn TU Max RPs at 9. VPs at 8.

Lloyd George was followed by Turkish Reinforcements, the Left Wing Group appearing in Damascus. I played Allenby, Jeromey played for RPs (British War Weariness) and I played Indian Reinforcements, entering 3rd Corps at Basra. Jeromey played Talaat Pasha. I occupied El Arish and Kossaima while grouping my divisions in Egypt for organization into Corps. Jeromey moved Left Wing Group to Jaffa and XV Corps to Eskisehir. I played Greece, initially as an event and then (before Jeromey responded) I changed my mind and played it for Ops, organizing 3 Corps in Egypt. Jeromey played King Constantine for Ops, bring troops up to the Gaza-Beersheba line.

I attacked the Senussi using Tanks, moved the Anzac Desert Corps to Kossaima (legal under the optional rules, the other Corps couldn’t move to El Arish as the Sinai Railroad would not be completed until the following turn), and moved an Anzac Cavalry division to Samawa and 2 Indian Cavalry divisions to Burujird. Jeromey played for RPs again (Jihad Supremacy). The Revolution began. During RPs I built the ANA in Jiddah.

Spring 1917

Meso/Persia MO, Revolution stage 1 TU Max RPs at 9 Vps at 8.

I moved XX Corps to El Arish and attacked Diwanyeh, taking the space. Jeromey moved troops to Hilla and Kut. Arab Desertion was followed by Berlin to Baghdad Railroad. I occupied Sannaiyat and took the Hai. Jeromey redeployed troops to Baghdad and Kut. I attacked and captured Kut.

Jeromey entrenched at Hilla, organized XXII Corps in Baghdad and attacked Craiova, forcing the Romanians back to Bucharest. Turkish Warweariness preceded Turkish-Arab Reinforcements, with the trench going in Beersheba. I played D’Esperey for RPs and Yildirim arrived in Baghdad, Erzincan and Damascus. Jeromey removed a division and reduced a Corps in Varna to meet Turkish War Weariness. The Kurds appeared in Van.

Summer 1917

Balkans MO TU Max RPs at 9. Russian Revolution Stage 2. VPs at 9.

I began by gathering Indian troops at Azizya. Jeromey moved a Corps up to Ctesphon, reoccupied Kermanshah and attacked Ruwandis and Mus, taking the former. I withdrew the Russians from Persia into Azerbaijan and moved XXI Corps up to El Arish. Jeromey launched the Yildirim Offensive, attacking Azizya, Hamadan, Suj Bulak and Erzerum. At Aziya Falkemhayn outflanked the Indians and Maude and drove them in flight before him, recapturing Kut, and he also took Hamadan, but the Russians stood firm for the moment. I played for RPs (March and Countermarch). Jeromey entrenched at Kut and attacked Burujird, Suj Bulak and Erzerum, taking Suj Bulak.

I moved more British troops to Burujird and attacked Beersheba with Massed Cavalry Charge, ignoring both Desert and Trench effects. The effect was spoiled by Confused Orders and Jeromey now redployed fresh troops to Beersheba, Gaza, Hamadan and Suj Bulak. I withdrew the Russians from Caucasia towards Russia. Jeromey moved the two Caucasian Corps from Adana, sending one into Syria and one into Mesopotamia and failed to entrench at Gaza using the Yildirim. I attacked Doiran and besieged Medina. Jeromey ended with RPs (Unrestricted Submarine Warfare). The Marsh Arabs appeared at Amara, placing the two Indian Crops in Sanniayat in limited supply.

Autumn 1917

Balkans MO TU Max RPs at 7, Russian Revolution Stage 3 VPs at 11.

I began with D’Esperey for RPs. Jeromey failed to entrench at Gaza, moved the two Caucasian Corps deeper into their respective regions, and moved IX Army, Alpenkorps and the heavy artillery to Craiova. I redeployed Indian infantry from the Reserve to Basra and Indian Cavalry from Mesopotamia to Enzeli and Baku, placing a guard on the entrances to Central Asia. Jeromey failed to entrench at Gaza and attacked Bucharest, drawing.

I organized Indian 2nd Corps in Basra and moved British Empire troops to Isfahan and Dunsterforce to Eastern Persia. Jeromey finally entrenched in Gaza, and attacked Ploesti. I attacked Doiran while moving 2nd Corps to Qurna and Dunsterforce to Baku. Jeromey took Erzerum and Ploesti and destroyed everything in Bucharest, but did not advance to claim it. I attacked Amara, restoring the units in Sannaiyat to full supply, and charged the trench line at Beersheba. Jeromey brought additional divisions by rail to Beersheba and for my final impulse I played Jerusalem by Christmas, placing a marker on Medina.

Jeromey played for RPs (Jihad Offensive) and Medina fell in the siege phase for 2 Vps, the one bright spot in a dismal landscape for the Allies. The Revolution cycle completed with the Georgian Protectorate in Tiflis and the Transcaucasian forces taking refuge in the forts at Batum and Kars. A Russian Cavalry division stayed in Central Asia and the Yugoslavs were still in Constanta. A Romanian infantry division at reduced strength appeared in Bucharest, a phoenix from the ashes…

Winter 1918

British Empire MO (for Allies) TU Max RPs at 5, VPs at 11.

I moved a British division to Kasvin and tried to attack Beersheba but was prevented by Sandstorms. Jeromey advanced into Russia, taking Trabzon en route. I attacked Gaza using Gurkhas and Haversack Ruse, but Water Shortage prevented my advance. Jeromey brought the 2nd Caucasian Corps to Gaza. I attacked Gaza, Beersheba and Kut, only winning in Gaza, where Jeromey cancelled his retreat. Jeromey continued to advance into Russia and Persia, encircling Azerbaijan. We both played for RPs (D’Esperey, Kaiserschlacht).

I redeployed troops to El Arish, Kasvin, Basra and Central Asia. I played Greece as an event, reasoning that at least he wouldn’t get Greece on his side (I still had Constanta). He didn’t have the King, so I gained Athens. Jeromey formed XX Corps in Beersheba and the other Caucasian Corps reached Saqqiz. During attrition Jeromey picked up Urmia and Tabriz and during Rps the Romanian 1st Army appeared in Bucharest.

Spring 1918

No MO TU Max RPs at 2 VPs at 13.

I moved troops to the Hai and attacked Beersheba with Royal Flying Corps, which was met and defeated by German High Command. Jeromey redeployed divisions to Beersheba and Astara. I played for RPs (March and Countermarch) and Jeromey stormed Batum. I attacked Gaza and moved Indian 2nd Corps to Diwaniyeh.

Jeromey took Enzeli from its Indian garrison. I attacked Gaza and Hilla, where I lost my Corps before $firing back and only did 1 LF. Jeromey played British War Weariness for Rps. I attacked Gaza and Kut for a similar result to that at Hilla, taking 7 LF and dealing 1. Jeromey moved troops to threaten Tiflis. I played for RPs again (Let The French Bleed). Jeromey ended the turn by attacking and besieging Kars, which held out.

Summer 1918

No MO. TU Max RPs at 0. VPs at 14.

I played for RPs (Push to the Breaking Point) and Jeromey stormed the fort at Kars. I moved the Arab revolt units around, placing one at Tabuk, one and Faisal at Bair and the ANA at Jiddah. Jeromey moved troops to Varna and took Erevan and Baku, Dunsterforce escaping intact into Central Asia. I moved the Romanians at Bucharest to Constanta and the Arabs at Bair to Hesa and Amman, Faisal besieging the latter. Jeromey brought XV Corps by rail to Jerusalem.

The ANA besieged Aqaba and British troops moved into Eastern Persia. Jeromey took Bucharest and gathered his forces at Baku, crushing the Soviet Uprising there. I played for RPs (War Weary Balkans). Jeromey attacked Central Asia from Baku but was held off. I attacked Gaza and tried to attack Beersheba (Sandstorms again) and entrenched at Kasvin. Jeromey played for RPs (Enver-Falkenhayn Summit). During the Siege phase Amman and Aqaba fell.

Autumn 1918

British Empire MO. TU Max RPs at 0, VPs at 17.

I began by redeploying troops to Aqaba, El Arish and Central Asia. Jeromey redeployed troops to Gaza, Damascus and Megiddo. I attacked Maan and gathered forces at The Hai. Jeromey attacked Amman and Central Asia, both of which held. I attacked Kut, losing Maude. Jeromey attacked Central Asia and Constanta, advancing into Central Asia but failing to trigger a Jihad Revolt (Jeromey rolled a 1, the only number which could fail!).

At Constanta the Romanians and Yugoslavs defeated Mackensen, but refused to follow this up by entrenching. I also attacked Maan and Kut, besieging Maan but not taking Kut. Jeromey moved a division to Kut and attacked within Central Asia (costing 2 Ops because of the Soviets). Dunsterforce took all the damage. I redeployed troops to Central Asia, Sollum and Southern Persia. Jeromey attacked and took Tiflis, and attacked Burujird. I ended by attacking the fort at Maan, destroying it. Jeromey didn’t bother with a final move as he couldn’t gain any more VPs. Tally after armistice was 19 VPs, partly reflecting Jeromey’s control of the region’s oil supplies.


Not as humiliating as my previous two Allied defeats, but still a solid win for Jeromey. Central Asia and Constanta held out more by luck than judgement- though Jeromey could have occupied Bucharest earlier. One decisive moment occurred with the Yildirim Offensive when Jeromey took Hamadan and retook Kut. The former was possibly inevitable though could have been held off longer, the latter was a disaster which could easily have been avoided if I had left a garrison in Kut. I never retook Kut and its sterling defensive qualities absorbed a good deal of my energies, both in Ops and Rps.

The optional Anzac rule did not have a devastating effect here, since Jeromey was able to play Confused Orders, but the widening of the Sinai front was useful and tied down his troops as well as mine. We shall not have the opportunity to test it further before WBC, as I am going on holiday and the competition itself is now imminent. I hope the scenario stands up to the rigours of the tournament…

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