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Subject: Updated game release to Sept 1, 2009 rss

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Greg Low
United States
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Unless it's just the first time I've noticed, it looks like Avalon Hill's website is updated include a release date of Sept 1st, 2009 for the War at Sea: Flank Speed expansion.

I guess it's time to start listening for rumors as to what ships are in the set.

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Leo Zappa
United States
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Well, the folks over at CWF Gamecast

have this information, which looks pretty convincing. If this info is correct, it looks like a nice new set with plenty of new sculpts! I already have a case of boosters on pre-order at my FLGS and looking to get a tournament together with some other people there.

Soviet Union

R October Revolution (New Sculpt)

R Lutzow/Petropavlovsk/Tallinn (Hipper reprint?)

C a Destroyer


At least two ships

No Surcouf

No aircraft


U Hr MS Java

United Kingdom

R Prince of Wales (KGV reprint)

R HMS Repulse (new sculpt)

U a flying boat (new sculpt, Sunderland?)

C Martlet (Wildcat reprint)

C Flower class corvette (new sculpt)

United States

R CV 11 Intrepid (new sculpt)

R BB 55 North Carolina (Washington reprint)

R BB 39 Arizona (new Sculpt)

R CB 1 USS Alaska (new sculpt)

U CL 53 San Diego (Atlanta reprint)

U B-24 Liberator (new sculpt)

C DD 661 Kidd (Fletcher reprint)

C DD 360 Phelps (new sculpt)

U LSD 5 Gunston Hall (new sculpt)


R Gneisenau (Scarnhorst reprint)

R Prinz Eugen (Admiral Hipper reprint)

R Schlewsig-Holstein (New Sculpt)

U Ju-88 Torpedo (New Sculpt)

C U-47 (New, VIIB class)



R CV Aquila (new sculpt)

C Re.2001 (new sculpt?)


R Nagato (new sculpt)

R Soryu (new sculpt)

R Aoba (new sculpt)

U Oi (new sculpt)

C A6M5 Zero (reprint, new stats)

C Jill Torpedo Bomber (reprint?)


*we know we are getting an Axis equivalent to the LSD for the US, we do not know which nation is receiving it though

And they even have a grainy picture of the booster boxes!
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Barry Kendall
United States
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A week or two ago I stumbled on a site that had photos (of modest quality) of many of the FS releases. Should have faved it; now I can't find it.

The Soviet cruiser is a true USSR ship (one of the Italian-designed CAs). Soviet BB is one of the four-turret WW I-vintage class modernized (four triple turrets, VERY strange profile--distinctive ship).

The Axis transport is a Japanese landing ship of some sort.

The A6M5 Zeke is dark green, distinguished from the "Kamikaze" by a white surround with the meatball.

If I remember correctly, the GNEISENAU has been shifted to Set Four.

The ARIZONA has the red turret tops that are correct for 7 Dec. 1941.

The Germans get a T29-class torpedo boat destroyer (small DD). Canadians get a Flower-class corvette. Soviets, French, Italians, Japanese and US each get a new DD class plus the US gets a third iteration of the Fletcher (USS KIDD).

Brits get HMS BELFAST. USN Carrier is INTREPID (Essex-class). Japanese get SORYU.

New Japanese carrier strike aircraft, US Helldiver, new Italian fighter, Ju-88, British-edition PBY.

One surprise is an OMAHA-class scout CL (the old four-stack post-WW I class) for USN--looks like a nice busy little model. USS NORTH CAROLINA is in late-war camo.

Still reported (but no picture) is the German pre-dreadnought SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN. Japan gets BB NAGATO and an AOBA-class CA (three twin 8" turrets). Germans get U-47 (Prien's Type VII boat).

British get one of the light battlecruisers but there's conflicting info on which one--Repulse or Renown--is represented, along with a rumor that the model is of one, but the card names the other. Main armament would be the same (6 x 15") but secondaries and AA armament differed considerably as did overall appearance; one had a superstructure resembling HOOD, the other had been modernized with an enlarged bridge and additional top hamper. We'll soon see. PRINCE OF WALES (another KG V) has been added (wonder if the turrets will jam in the SA) so it wouldn't be surprising to see REPULSE as the chosen BC representative.

Still no "R" class British BB, no Japanese Ise/Hyuga (would be nice to see the hybrid carrier conversion for this one), no "New Mexico" class US BB. ARIZONA offers conversion possibilities for OKLAHOMA at Pearl Harbor (snip off the middle barrel of the superfiring main turret guns as these had ten main guns rather than twelve).

Sadly, still no HOUSTON or other US "Treaty Cruiser" from the prominent early class (successors to Salt Lake City and Pensacola). With the appearance of an OMAHA-class CL, a HOUSTON would allow "Ghost Squadron" engagements, especially if a US four-stack DD is in Set Four (this is a particularly attractive proposition also because of this class's use as convoy escorts for both USN and RN).
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