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Subject: New Trade Wars Game starting up (ICGD) rss

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Christopher Clark
United States
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GAMEID=42967]I need four people that want to play... or three and me, anyway. Please respond with your color choice if you want to be one of the players. I can also run an 8-player game if response is great enough.

SIMPLE RULES folks. It won't entirely make sense until you read all of them.

Setup: Everyone starts with 15 Labor Units.

Turn Sequence: Turns are made up of phases as listed below. All players will complete a phase before the turn moves to the next phase.

1) Place your Labor Units in any factories you currently control. If the square is your color - you control the factory. What they will produce depends on the country/color you choose. GREEN, for instance, will produce:
(1) Tank for every (2) Labor Units placed in a tank factory
(1) Oil for every (3) Labor Units placed in a oil factory
(1) Plane for every (4) Labor Units placed in a Plane factory
(1) Food for every (1 or single) Labor Unit placed in a Food factory

2) Receive Production: Labor Units in Factories (and the two specialty squares) produce at the rate of the given country and the commodities produced are received by the player. All fractions are discarded.

3) Trade: Each player, in turn, may make any offers of any trade they wish to other players. This may be done here, via IM, or via private e-mail. I, your GM, need only confirmation from both players that a trade is valid. The negotiation process is not my concern, nor is anything (within the bounds of the game) outside the scope of the rules. Promises of military aid, dealing in futures, and of course, extortion, are all legal commodities during this phase. "Treaties" are never secret and will be announced to all players (all final deals, vs. negotiations, are public). Alliances, treaties, etc., are only as good as those making them: i.e; its ok to promise and not deliver under these rules. Commodity/unit exchanges are immediate.

4) Move: Each player may move any or all (or none) of their MILITARY units (tanks and planes only). Each plane consumes one oil to move up to 6 areas, or any portion thereof. Two tanks use but one oil to move uo to two areas eaqch, or any portion thereof. Olanes or tanks without oil do not disappear, they simply can not move.

5) Attack: If your units occupy a space in which there are enemy units, you may attack them. Tanks attack with 2d6, planes with 3d6. A successful attack generates a number larger than the defense of the opponents unit. Tanks defend at an 8, planes at a 4.

6) Feed: Each Food produced will feed Labor Units. Fractions eat an entire food. Unfed units are removed from play. Military units do not eat.
(Its ok to starve off your Labor Units... but it will hamoer your production on the following turns).

7) Receive any bonus Labor Units and return to step#1.

Each unit in a square may only attack once. There is no "immediate" counter-attack; you may only attack on your turn.

Undefended squares are considered "captured" by you if you move into them. Factories captured by a player may NOT be used by a player.

IF YOU LOSE A FACTORY, you can not produce or accept trade goods of that type. If you have no Tank Factory, you can not even trade for tanks.

Any factory captured earns the attacking player 5 extra Labor Units at the start of the following turn.

THE WINNER is the last man standing. You are out of the game when you either:

Have no factories at the start of a turn (phase 1).
Have no Labor Units at the start of a turn (phase 1).

NOTE: Tanks and planes can carry Oil with them, in unlimited quantities, but that Oil is captured if the unit carrying it is destroyed. If a player has 4 units in an area, any one of those units can carry the oil, so capture of Oil only occurs if ALL of the player's units in the area are destroyed.

NOTE 2: should any player lose all of their factories, the player taking the last factory will receive all of their stockpiled Food and Oil at the start of the next turn. This will not occur if the player manages to retake a factory before the start of the next turn. Stockpiles of Food and Oil are kept in a "secret location" within each player's country and may not be captured other than by putting a player out of the game.

Questions welcome - who wants to play? I'd like to start next week, or sooner, and I will inform folks of the "start" via private e-mail as well as here.

Post here if you want to play! We'll most likely run this at several websites simultaneously, including here. You can see the last game we played at:
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