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Subject: Heiress, Preacher, and Schemer Session rss

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Rhode Island
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I was able to get a 3 player game in today.

Red Player :Heiress with Hidden Refuge and Fountain tracks
Green Player: Schemer with Bridge and Small Palisade tracks
Blue Player (myself): Preacher with Brewery and Fountain tracks (I am getting tired of receiving the Brewery track)

My option for governor pick also included the Sculptor and the Politician. Early on, I believe I made the poor choice in choosing the Preacher not because of its ability but of the fact that I would get more use of it in a five player game.

The Year I event was Heavy Snow.

We all spent the first year building simple things like the Fountain, Inn/Brewery, Palisade etc ... I get the Park built. We all kill the power 2 monster.

The Year II event was Rising Stars.

I tried to spread my advisors in order to capitalize on both the extra resources on the board and my Park. I get a Traveling Market built, the Schemer gets a Market built, and the Heiress has went with the military track route. Everyone kills the lvl 5 zombies except for me. The Heiress is now way in the lead for the most military and a Queen influence.

The Year III event was New Forest.

The Schemer manages to get the Farms built in this year and later on, a Merchant's Guild. I decided to build a Town Hall only because I kept on gaining +2 tokens. That in turned forced me to build the Embassy. We managed to received 2 free pieces of wood from the event, and we all kill the monster which was a lvl 4 Goblin. I am now catching up to the Heiress.

The Year IV event was Good Year.

In all honesty, I believe this event helped the Schemer more than anyone else. He was receiving 2 free goods every productive season, and he managed to get the Manor built. I had a 17 dice total, but I gave up the queen so I can get the sergeant at arms (my only military buildings were the Palisade, the Guard Tower, the Blacksmith, and the Barricade. We kill the monster, and I am in the lead. About 3 points behind are the Heiress and the Schemer.

The Year V event was Surrounded.

I rolled rather poorly in the spring with an 11 so I decided to visit the Jester and the Sergeant at Arms. I took a peek at the card under the event while the Schemer took a peek at the normal one (he got the Queen). I saw the Dragon so I decided to gamble and tried to get as much VP as possible through the Brewery, the Park, the Town Hall, the Embassy, building the Statue, and influencing the Jester. All my work put me at around 57 or so, and then the Schemer manages to catch up and tie me by getting the Wizard's Guild built. Anyways, I tie with the Dragon, and the Schemer wins at 63 or so. The Heiress ends up at 50 going the military route with the Fortress and Wizard's Guild rows completed.

The Heiress was able to obtain all the goods on her card plus gain a victory point or two.
The Preacher only gained four or five points from its ability.
The Schemer only gained two or three points from its ability.
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