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Subject: What can be assumed... rss

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Garcian Smith
United States
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There's 5 bases in the game: 2 USNC, 2 Covenant and 1 Flood. That means this game will play from 2 to 5 players.

I assume the teams will be set like Star Wars Original Trilogy Risk.

I assume that the bases will work like capitals in the Risk Revised game. This means their function is to not allow a player to win if their base is captured.

Next, you have cards that look like Risk Revised cards. Cards will have 1 or 2 stars on them. On your turn, you simply turn in cards. The more stars you wait to use will give you more troops. So 1 star might give you one troop, but 2 stars might give you 3 troops.

Next, there seems to be the same objective based play that Risk Revised has. Interestingly enough, Risk Revised also had 3 ways to play. So I assume this will work the same.

I also assume that the "upgraded" pieces just stand for troop amount. A marine will be worth 1, a tank will probably be worth 3. The leader pieces will probably let you attack with a d8 or something.

Achievements/Rewards will be the same as Risk Revised meaning it's going to be a mixed variety of things to do and the rewards will randomly change.

There's going to be cities in the game as in Risk Revised, where certain territories will be worth more than others.

Yea, so it just seems very, very similar to Risk Revised, despite the theme, the map and the teams style play. I guess I'm disappointed. I'd want the factions to be different, such as with the actual Halo Wars game.

In the end it's still going to be risk where you can have 1 soldier hold off against 10 if you're lucky. It's going to be an economic wargame which means someone who is slightly ahead will gain ever increasing advantages over someone who is behind. The longer game will favor the person with the advantage.

I've bought Risk, Risk 2210, Risk Clone Wars and Risk Revised. I don't need another Risk.
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Mark Chaplin
United Kingdom
Ice-choked tower, Mondavia, Nanglangka.
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Thanks for your thoughts, Brian.

Maybe the game will also play a little like Risk: Balance of Power, in that if you are behind, you can "spend" your dead troops to buy one-shot advantages, getting you back into the game.

Also, if the Flood are neutral, and as strong as in BoP, they could be a really cool foe for all players.

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