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Subject: Deeper in Castille (or how the goblins won me the day) rss

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Anastasios Kyparissidis
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Ever since the announcment of BattleLore: Heroes Expansion, I've experienced a renewed interest in Battlelore. Together with my wife we decided to freshen up our skills since we hadn't played the game for over a year. Hence, we decided to take the scenarios one by one from Agincourt. After loosing in Agincourt with the French, I went on to decisively win in the "first chevauchee" and in "Burgos". Thus we came up with the "deeper in Castille" scenario to play. I've always considered this scenario a bit one sided in favor of the "dwarven" side and perhaps this is true in the sense that, the game designer wants the player to experience the strenghts of the iron morale that the dwarves posses. Since I had soundly defeated my wife in the two previous scenarios I graciously decided to give her the dwarven side in order to increase her chances of a win. Little did I know of what would follow next.

Considering the dwarven crossbow unit a priority I decided to strike fast and hard towards it since it could cause considerable damage to my weak goblin units without me being able to do anything about it. In general, I had to do something about the dwarven front line before my wife's reinforcments arrived or else I was doomed. I would either engage the dwarves quickly or I would be left without a center. This can lead to disastrous results in battles (split forces, holding up useless command cards etc). Looking at the hand I was dealt I decided to act boldly (if not irrationally) from round one. I ordered 3 of my goblin units on my right flank to mobilize. I gave an order to my archers to fire on the dwarven blue foot unit and I sent my goblin lizard cavalry to attack the same unit from behind (utilizing their extreme mobility of 4 hexes in order not to block the line of sight of my archers). The results of my dice rolls where extremely lucky as I scored two blue helmets with my archers and a helmet with a shield on my cavalry thus eliminating the dwarves without them having a chance to battle back. On my pursuit bonus attack, I climbed the hill and attacked the crossbow unit scoring an incredible two hits (green helmet + shield)!! This also negated the ranged attack the crossbow has since a melee unit was right next to it. My wife responded with certain profain words about my incredible luck and decided to bring forward her own troops. Thinking that the bold dwarves could hold their ground on their own (and that my incredible luck would not be repeated) she opted to move forward the right flank (blue and green footman, red cavalry).

Emboldened by my previous bout of luck, I went all out and played a "mounted charge" card. I knew before hand that my blue cavalry unit would be unable to benefit from it and perhaps I was being too rash, but I saw before me the chance to quickly wipe out the dwarves and decided to go for it. Having crossed the Rubicon, there was no turning back. The results rewarded my aggression by wipping out the crossbow unit and dislodging the blue dwarven swordsman (two black flags) with my extra attack. Two rounds, two dwarven units destroyed and one fleeing!! The road was open for my cavalry to rampage on unsupported units in the rear! Goblin units at their finest!!

The next sequence of events allowed me to kill her green swordsman unit on her left and her green archer unit in the center, thus reaching 4 flags to none! My cavalry had taken a battering, but amazingly had survived (only the flag bearers remaining) far exceeding their usefullness and my expectations. In the meantime my center had moved forward to capture the hills while my strong left flank had barely mooved so far.

Later in the game, the red swordsman unit of her center died valliantly after having killed off both my cavalry units and seriously wounding my goblin swordsmen. The situation was 5 flags for me, 2 for her. My sixth flag came from the the second blue dwarven unit in her center which, having been weakened from heavy fighting before, finally sucumbed to its wounds in the late game.

Result: 6-2 in my favor and a seriously pissed off wife!

I later told her that I had been extremely lucky both with my die rolls and my command cards hand. I had recieved a counterattack card, the battlelore card, mounted charge plus command cards which allowed me to relentlessly pursue with my cavalry, all the time while she was stuck with scouts and other such junk. It was my first victory in this map and a resounding victory it was! I do acknowledge however that this victory was, in great part, achieved due to my very good fortunes in the first two turns. But still, a victory is a victory and it always tastes sweet!
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