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Attaque! Toujours attaque!!
This is the second session of the third Gettysburg game that my friend Marten Jan and me played. We did the 12AM and the 1 PM turn.

The Union had the initiative.. again..

Up front I felt a bit anxious about Reynold's guns. He has 4 batteries threatening Heth’s regiments.

Overview of the field at the start of this turn


Although temped to blast away with his guns at Heth, the Union activates Doubleday first. Stone’s brigade is still in march mode, and Marten Jan wanted to free up the road for this brigade.
He feels he can keep the Union line in more less the same position for another hour, before retreating towards Gettysburg. With Rodes’ 5 brigades coming up from the North, the Union has to take care not to get outflanked.
One of the guns that moved still fires, but to no effect

Breakenbough’s disrupted 22VA loses a step during rallying, the rest of the brigade passes.
Davies moves a disrupted unit to protect it from fire.
Pettigrew repositions to protect his regiments from the worst gun fire.
Archer passes too.
Note: Even if I could put some pressure on the Union, I wouldn’t. In fact I’m quite happy Marten Jan is thinking about remaining in position. The longer the better. I spread out Heth’s division so wide to force Marten Jan to do the same. Then I want to outflank him with Rodes and possible Pender.

Union/Buford: Pass. Marten Jan is true to his word. He stays put..

Confederates/Pender: Scales and Lane’s brigade are in advance mode and move up towards a position on the right of Heth’s line. So does McIntoshes artillery. The rest of the division is still in march mode.

Union/Wadsworth: Wainwrights battery fires at Pettigrew to no effect.
Other brigades pass.

Davies: 42MS loses a second step through rally.. Damn.. weak greenlings..
Breakenbough’s 22 VA is rallied.
All brigades pass.

42MS from Davies rallies
The rest passes.

Devin tries to change orders to attack mode, but retains orders.
Fire of his single gun is ineffective (why was I so afraid? wow).

McIntosh fires his Guns: One of Stone’s and one of Gamble’s regiments are disrupted (that felt good).
Scales and Lanes men move forward

Wainwright fires his 4 batteries but only disrupts a gun from Heth.
Two of his own guns run out of ammo.
The rest passes

Two brigades Artillery reserve move up.
Pender’s two other brigades also

One gun fires: one of Breakenbough’s regiments disrupts.
Rowley takes position.

Devin manages to go into attack mode successfully. He moves up with one regiment and positions it on the flank of Davies’ extended 55NC. It loses a step by fire and is disrupted.
Gamble ‘s regiments just reposition.

Picture 1, Devin’s brigade outflanks a Confederates regiment.

Union/Wadsworth: Two guns rally. No fire.

Pender: pass. No need to take fatigue at this stage.

The general himself repositions. The brigades pass.

Union/Doubleday: pass

Confederates/Heth: pass

Devin attacks again. Poor 55NC get’s shot in the flank again and loses a second and a third step.
Picture, details of Devins attack at Davies brigade.

Devin’s regiment retreats after this attack.
Gamble repositions.

Union March:
Schurzes division marches into Gettysburg. Half of his regiments are still near Cemetery Hill when the clock strikes twelve. Same goes for Barlow’s division. Von Steinwehr is not far behind.
Robinson leaves Gettysburg and spreads out on Chambersburg pike and the adjacent railroad.

Confederates/Rodes: Carters guns and O’Neil’s and Iverson’s brigade enter the field at area 3. They only have 1 activation, so they don’t go far this turn..

Picture 2, Overview of the field at noon..

So.. the noon turn has ended. Besides that surprise attack on my flank, where Davies got blooded, nothing serious happened..

1 PM.

The Union has the Initiative again and starts by repositioning Devin’s regiment on the right flank to oppose Rode’s men.
Gamble is still positioned quite well and passes.

Davies repositions slightly, as do Pogue’s, Pegram’s and Garret’s batteries. The guns just crawl a few hexes closer. It’s too crowded to cover greater distances.
There’s some gun fire by McIntoshes guns but to no effect.
Breakenbough tries to rally a regiment but fails.

Baxter’s and Paul’s regiments leave the railroad to confront Rodes.

Wainwraight fires his 4 guns to no effect at one of Pettigrew’s regiments and a gun..
The infantry passes unscathed, the guns are disrupted.

All Brigades move up.

Picture 3, Pender’s regiment hurrying to the rebel right flank

Rowley moves forward uphill and into the woods to block Pender. Stone rallies a regiment and repositions. (I was actually quite pleased with this movement. If he moves too close, I can jump him..)
One gun fires which disrupts on of Jim Lanes’ regiments.

And then I drew Pender. Just when I needed it.(Picture). I succeed to put Lane into attack mode. Unfortunately this failed for Perrin, who’s brigade retained it’s orders and remained idle.
Lane moved up and fired with one of his regiments, but fails to hit one of Rowley’s regiments. Return fire also does nothing. Lane gets one fatigue. Hm.. a bit of a bummer..
Scales and Thomas pass.

Picture 4, Pender getting closer but not yet able to attack in force.

All brigades move up.

Picture 5, Rodes getting close to the Union line. Compare the Union Cavalry with the next picture.
Gamble moves back some hexes from Pender. Devin retreats before Rodes towards the area around Oak Hill. (Damn, that’s where I wanted to position Carter’s guns….Stupid horses..)

Picture 6, I hate those horses.. They keep getting in my way..
All brigades move forward, a bit left towards Oak Hill. I hope to jump on him later on..devil

I took a pass.. The cavalry is positioned quite well I think. I don’t want to take a fatigue hit for just minor gains..

Schurz has still one brigade in march mode. But the other half of his men take up positions in Gettysburg


Rowley’s 80NY tries to withdraw from one of Scales regiments, but gets shot up and loses it’s first step arrrh(Huzzah!) .
The rest of Rowley’s men escape from the forest unharmed.
Stones gun fires to no effect.
Stone repositions his regiment.
Marten Jan admitted that his forward defence was a bit too bold.. Ah well, he only lost a step..



Finally!! Meredith retreats some hexes. The Union finally deems it necessary to withdraw a bit..
Wainwright fires his guns and 6AL from O’Neil (Rode’s division) loses a first step by gun fire. One of Wainwright’s gun runs without ammunition. Another regiment is disrupted. Damn those guns.. I’m getting quite fed up with them! shake
Cutler’s brigade passes.

The Confederates finally get one Cavalry regiment.. It moves up towards Gettysburg

Perrin and Thomas move up, taking one level fatigue. I want to be ready in the next hour! If I draw lucky, I can hit Doubleday’s line again..

Baxter’s regiment retreats some hexes. Paul’s brigade stays put and passes.


Union March:
Ames’ brigade, from Barlow’s division), moves to the North of Gettysburg.
Schimmelpfennig’s men (Schurz’s division) move to the south east of town. Von Gilsa takes the south west. There are now two full divisions of Howard in Gettysburg. Von Steinwehr ends up between Culp’s and Cemetary Hill.
No doubt at least one of Howard’s divisions will take position on Culp’s hill, where a gun battery is already covering the terrain below.
Soon I have to take a decision: Do the classical opening and attempt to take Culp’s Hill with Early’s division? Try to take the town itself? Or bypass it altogether and put all the possible pressure on Reynolds?
Of course it also depends on how Howard will position his men..

Devin takes a fatigue and moves back some hexes.

Pegram’s batteries fire but only manage to disrupt one of Meredith’s regiments.
Pettigrew moves forward, ready to jump on Cutler and Meredith. Where I can guns are positioned on the ridge. Now one of Meredith’s regiments is disrupted and Cutlers is within attack range, I can

Like I said, I was so fed up with his guns, that I saw no other option. I have to attack. If I only come forward with Rodes, Marten Jan can fire at me with four batteries of 6 guns each. Too many bad rolls, will hamper my movement too much, not to talk about the possible losses..So I come towards him from two sides.

Picture 7, Heth’s and Pender’s line.

Picture 8, Rodes coming up. Notice the well placed Union Cavalry.

Picure 9, Overview of the whole battlefield

2 PM Preview.
In the 2 PM turn, the Confederates have the initiative.

I was lucky! Lee has come on the field and that just tipped the scale in rolling for the initiative. And off course I will open with Heth, starting with firing my guns and then attack with my infantry. If the odds are right, I might even shock some Union regiments.

I have high hopes for Pender, he will hopefully be able to hurt Doubleday. Rodes needs a lot of activations, but I can hopefully put him on top of Robinson..

The motto for 2 PM will be: Attaque.. Toujours attaque!!

Stay tuned!

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