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Subject: A tale of vengeful Sages and persistent Efreets rss

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Matt Clementson
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Immediately after our first play ( we started our second play, this time with three players. Around the board we have;

Ma'aruf (Fen)
Sindbad (myself)
Aladdin (Ben)

This is Ben's first play as he conveniently walked in as we were setting up for the second game. Fen and myself have got the hang of things now and quickly explain the rules and we're off.

Ma'aruf is on a quest to experience tastes from around the known world. Sindbad is attempting to honour his father and become the King of Thieves by procuring two items that his father couldn't. Aladdin is questing for something I don't recall right now. Predictably all three of us have to journey to Serendib at some point.

Ma'aruf sets off first and encounters a beautiful enchantress who he somehow manages to be betrothed to. Sindbad's first adventure involves escaping from an angry Efreet - an encounter which cripples him (again!). Aladdin is equally unlucky and somehow picks up a nasty disease.

Ma'aruf runs into the first of many Sages (or maybe it's the same one stalking him!) and doesn't come away from the encounter well. Sindbad limps along and encounters some strange apes - one of whom is a princess in disguise - doing the good deed he frees her but now ends up married to an ugly princess! How did that happen? Aladdin proceeds fairly easily towards his destination.

While Sindbad settles his new wife in a nearby town, Ma'aruf runs into the vengeful Sage again, he's really annoyed this guy it seems. Aladdin makes it to his first quest point - he's streaking ahead and his fortune has increased greatly.

Ma'aruf finds a second wife - somewhat dubious about the ethics of his polygamy we let it stand and he takes her back home to meet the old wife. Sindbad meets another Efreet and tries to trick him, unwise it turns out and the Efreet ensorcells him for a turn. Aladdin sails off in pursuit of his next quest.

Ma'aruf runs into another Sage! They've really got it in for him. Ma'aruf enlists some help to steal an ebony horse from the sage's courtyard though and quickly hot foots it with the loot. Sindbad, confused from his previous encounter, is forced to sail in the wrong direction for a turn - he does manage to acquire a magic sword, so perhaps things aren't as bad as they seem. Aladdin, thanks to the speed his great wealth affords him, manages to complete his quest and gains another one - he must face one of us in combat and he's still got that nasty disease).

Ma'aruf has obviously angered that Sage by stealing his horse because he promptly meets another one who ensorcells him. Sindbad finally manages to limp his way to the first quest point - encounters another Efreetah who he attempts to rob - bad move! The Efreetah turns him into a beast - just another impediment to add to the already long list that seems to be dogging Sindbad on this trip. Ben needs to leave now so Aladdin retires - his wanderings still incomplete.

Ma'aruf in ensorcelled and has a few turns flying to random locations on his new horse. Sindbad decides to go on a pilgrimage in order to cleanse himself from some of his more pressing afflictions.

Some quick thinking by Ma'aruf stops him being arrested for starting a house fire - claiming that the house is his confused everyone enough that they let him go, presumably the owner went up with the house.

Then Ma'aruf manages to free himself from the spell, flies his horse to Baghdad and claims the win - Sindbad is still mid-pilgrimage and once again nowhere near finishing his story.

Ma'aruf has been plagued by Sages throughout his journey and Sindbad by Efreets/Efreetahs - funny how they kept cropping up again and again.

The game is over and I want to play again - if there had been time for a 3rd game I'm sure we'd all have been eager to have one more round. Although this is a good sign, I hope that it doesn't mean that the novelty is going to wear thin quickly. So far I've enjoyed both plays.
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