Jonathan "Spartan Spawn, Sworn, Raised for Warring!"
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"By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe."
As some of you may or may not know I recently married my best friend Rachel, I introduced her to boardgames shortly after I got into them (in 2007) and it clicked for her as well, currently her favorite game is the Commands and Colors series. Before this though in highschool we each played Warhammer 40k and had our own armies, (She had a custom Space Marine Army the 'Rachel Aan's' and I had a custom Chaos Army whose name escapes me at the moment. We had great fun building and painting and playing with those.)

After I returned home from college for the summer I introduced them to my parents, my Mom admits at first she played them just to spend time with me...but something clicked, she started asking to play, and she freely admits she went from just playing for me to actually wanting to play. Her favorite game ended up being War of the Ring.

My Dad wasnt as big on them as Mom, so for him we played simple games like Mag Blast, Wings of War: Dawn of WWII etc as he had trouble with large amounts of rules. But slowly he started requesting his games more and more, and finally we introduced Nexus Ops to him...2 plays later he was asking to play again. It is now his favorite game.

This past Tuesday Rachels family, my inlaws came up to see the place. Ashley her older sister had said she was interested in gaming so we planned to go to the mall which houses my local game store so we could play, while the younger siblings and Mom could shop etc. I never knew what kind of games Ashley liked but we started talking and I discovered she had played Arkham Horror all the way through with some of her college friends...I was impressed! Turns out Ashley is more of a gamer than we realized, we played the night away with some fun Monty Python Fluxx, Set, Ugly Dolls, and Dream Blade at Board Game Night.

Turns out that while we were there Rachel and Ashleys younger siblings and Mom, who have never expressed any interest in gaming, saw the game Trailer Park Wars. They asked someone to teach it to them...they played it twice and went home with a copy. The next day Rachels Mom calls Rachel and asks her to pick up the bag of extra pieces so they can play the game longer as they have been enjoying it immensely.

Thats the fun of gaming folks, it brings people together! Ashley plans on visiting more during school (wonder if I can talk her into transferring to USC ). My name is Jonathan and I have a gaming family.
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