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Stephen Tavener
United Kingdom
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Leave Nothing Behind
Players are privateers. Each player gets a ship (Ace of a suit). That suit is their home colour. Ports of that colour are friendly, and cannot be attacked. The other suit of the same colour is an allied colour. Ports of that suit can be attacked, and score face value.
Cards of the opposing colour are enemy cards, and score double value.

Deck 1:
Take out the four aces; these are the ships. Give one to each player, put the rest aside.
The rest of the cards are shuffled together and dealt face up in a 6x8 grid, this forms the map. Number cards are ports, which can be plundered for points. Court cards are map cards (plague rats).

Deck 2:
Take out the court cards, Aces and 10s. Shuffle the rest of the cards together. This forms the movement deck.

Each player places their ship on their home port. This is the 10 of their suit. Deal 6 movement cards to each player. Choose a first player; play then continues clockwise around the table until a player can't move, and the game ends.

Each turn, a player performs the following operations in turn:
- split their hand into two sets of three cards
- takes two move/port actions, each with a set of three cards
- draws 6 cards

Movement consists of a meld of 3 cards. One of these cards is the attack card (see plunder); the other two cards are the movement cards.
A player moves a distance equal to the difference between the two movement cards
- movement is orthogonally only, in a straight line
- move 1 and move 2 may be in different directions, same direction, or opposite direction
- the player must move at least one space per turn,
- a player cannot end in an empty space
- a player cannot move past another pirate ship, but can land on a ship
- empty spaces can be crossed, and still count towards the total for movement. They are just deemed to be heavily defended by friendly warships after the last attack.

Port actions:
If the pirate ends on a friendly port, they:
- repair all damage
- stash their booty; turn all booty face down,

If the pirate ends on an enemy port, they:
- Fight. If their attack card matches the number on the enemy port card, the port is plundered. The pirate takes the card, and places it face up in front of them. If their attack card doesn't match, they don't take any action. Regardless of the outcome, the pirate takes one point of damage.

If the pirate ends on an allied port, they:
- perform either of the friendly/enemy actions, according to preference.

If the pirate ends on an enemy ship:
- both players take one damage.
- Assuming both ships are still standing, the active player wins if the attack card is the same suit as the ship he's attacking
- Winner steals one face-up card from the loser
- Ship must then interact with the port (if any)

- A ship that takes 3 points of damage sinks. Face down points are safe; any face-up cards are lost. That player is out of the game.
- Damage is repaired at friendly/allied ports

The game end when a player has no legal moves; (they reveal their hands, and must make a move suggested by the other players if they can find one), or when only one player is left.
Players score: face value of allied cards and rescued friendly cards (same colour as ship), twice face value of enemy cards (opposite colour to ship), and number of map fragments squared (max. possible: 144).
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