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Subject: Blood Bowl Sevens test match rss

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David McKenna
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Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?

The following AAR concerns a Blood Bowl Sevens match, between the ‘core’ game races of Humans and Orcs. I’m afraid I didn’t keep detailed notes of play-by-play, so I’m only able to provide a general outline of the action in each half. Sorry about that.

The Teams

With 600 GP to spend each the two teams are as follows:


2 Blitzers
1 Catcher
1 Thrower
5 Linemen

(Total cost: 570GP)


2 Blitzers
2 Throwers
2 Black Orcs
2 LineOrcs

(Total cost: 580GP)

First half

Orcs win initial toss, and decide to take the first kick-off. 7 players are set up, with 5 on their own Line of Scrimmage (a Blitzer, the two Black Orcs and 2 LineOrcs), the other Blitzer in midfield and a Thrower in their own End Zone. The other Thrower is kept in Reserve.

Humans then set-up, in a more upside-down triangle shape, with a single Blitzer and 2 Linemen on their line of Scrimmage. 2 other Linemen are placed in midfield, a Catcher takes up a ‘sweeper’ position and a Thrower is placed in their own end-zone. This leaves a single Blitzer and Lineman in Reserve.

Orcs take the first kick, placing the ball deep in the Human half (third?) of the pitch, but a 'riot' holds play up for two turns. Despite their best efforts (and due to a succession of bad throws), the Human player are never able to advance the ball much beyond the no-mans land in the middle of the pitch, where the Orcs superior strength eventually tells. With virtually the entire Human team stunned, there is nothing to stop the Orc steam-roller assault deep into the Human territory. A last ditch attempt by the sole standing Human Lineman only manages to delay the inevitable, as he knocks over the LineOrc with the ball, which then promptly bounces out of bounds (to the Human left). Some over-enthusiastic kicking by the fans watching the match sees the ball travel right over the pitch, and out the other side of the pitch! Those fans kick the ball back in, but that must be the Orc side as they kick it past the Human End-zone, before those fans place it almost right in front of one of the advancing Orc Blitzers. Although he almost fumbles the ball (rolled exactly that what was needed, and no more, to pick it up), that player is able to gather the ball and score in the very last turn of the half! Celebrations ensue …

(Why, oh why, do GW not do pre-painting? I want to play, not paint, and my efforts to paint leave a lot to be desired!)

Half time score: Orcs 1-0 Humans

Second Half

Humans set up first, with nearly their entire team along line of Scrimmage and Blitzer + Lineman in Reserve. Orcs set-up formation is deeper, keeping Thrower in Reserve.

A 'Bad kick' places the ball in the middle no-mans land, which is then picked up by a Black Orc player. That player later trips trying to dodge past a Human Blitzer on the, who picks up the loose ball and almost scores. Deep in their own half, Human Catcher tackles Black Orc, with the aid of Thrower. Both players (Black Orc and Catcher) are knocked out by the impact! Orc thrower tackles Human Blitzer, catching the ball which bounces to their square and passing it upfield to LineOrc. That Orc tries to bully pass Human Lineman, but are themselves knocked over. Black Orc tries to pick up loose ball but only passes it straight to Human Lineman, who breaks away from the Black Orc before passing the ball downfield to another Lineman, who runs the ball into the end-zone!

Black Orc still KO’d; Catcher recovers.

Humans’ set-up with majority of players along line of Scrimmage (and two Linemen in Reserve dug-out); Orcs set-up is a mirror image.

Kick-off places ball in Orc mid-field; Humans also manage a Blitz (= free turn!) move. After a bit of fumbling (both Orcs and Humans fail to pick up ball in successive turns) Orcs finally get a hold of the ball and pass it up-field to a LineOrc, who makes a run on the Human End-Zone before being tackled by one of the two Human Blitzers. That Blitzer gathers the loose ball, runs down-field and passes it to the other Blitzer further downfield (as Catcher has been constantly stunned throughout this half), who runs it into the Orc end-zone on the final turn of the game!

Final score: Orcs 1-2 Human

Final thoughts

By doing away with re-rolls, and with a smaller playing pitch than the standard Blood Bowl game, the sevens version of the match definitely played quicker than its bigger brother. Of course, a smaller playing area also meant that the passing ruler has to be modified, with all ranges counting as one further and Long Bombs no longer possible. I also found it easier to remember who had moved, and who was yet to do so! Splitting the pitch into three meant there was a more ‘rugby-like’ feel to the game, as neither team was able to tackle right off the bat without the use of the ‘Blitz’ move.
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Dr. Love
United States
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Great overview of the game.

I love the BB7's game myself -- it's a far faster game, and still fun none the less than the standard version.

Great session report.

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