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Subject: 5-Player session with Governors and Events rss

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Brian Henderson
United States
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Yesterday, August 1, 2009, I got a group of 5 to play Kingsburg with the expansion To Forge a Realm. We decided to use the new 7-row display, governor cards, and event cards. Of the players involved, black had the Damsel (gets a +2 marker every year and can use one +2 marker per advisor), yellow had the politician (has its own 5 and 10 spaces to put dice on), red had the Princess (gets 1 gold, 1 VP, the Envoy and the white die during spring of year 1), blue (that's me) had the Trickster (can use +2 markers as +1 or +3 markers) and green had the Fairy (gets a white die during summer).

Year one's event was "The King is Displeased," so there was no phase 3 that year.

Basically, everybody got their Inn built, two people built Statues, others built Guard Towers and/or Improvised Defenses (one player even built a Blacksmith), and one player even built a Market.
The attack came in the form of Orcs (strength 4). Two of us won, one tied, and the other two lost.

Year 2's event was Striking Workers (meaning we had a run on gold).

We built mostly defensive buildings (the only exceptions being red's Crane and green's Sawmill) that year, and as a result, nobody lost the battle against MORE Orcs (though yellow and black tied, having lower military)

Year 3's event was Rising Stars (and BTW, we managed to get all but one or two of the items off the board)
A couple of us joined red in building a Crane, while red built a Market. Green would surge ahead in VPs with a Chapel, while others built a Barracks. Lastly, black built a Farm.

A horde of Goblins paid us a visit that year, but most of us beat them back (except for black, who only tied because of the Farm).

Year 4's event was Fierce Enemies
Yellow joined black in the farming business, while black built a Merchant's Guild. I was the first to build a Wizard's Guild, while yellow and red built stables (which enabled red to build a Stone Wall later that year). Black continued on the religious building track by building both the Chapel and the Church.

In winter we faced Zombies, a battle which only red won (thanks to the wall).

Year 5's event was Tax increase (that year, yellow and black paid two gold and lost no VPs, while green and I were only able to pay 1 gold, meaning we lost 2 VPs each, and red paid no gold whatsoever, meaning a loss of the full 4 VPs)

Black would cap off the religious structures with a Cathedral, while red furthered his own military might with his own Wizard's Guild.

Nobody won that year's battle, against Demons. Black lost his Cathedral, red and I lost our Wizard's Guilds, green lost his Church, and yellow lost his Farm. Even after all that, green still won.

As far as the governors went, I almost always used the Trickster's power, green got some decent rolls every summer thanks to that white die from the Fairy and yellow used the 5 spot on the Politician card a few times. Red's Princess was good only for the first turn, and didn't make too much of an impact, and black ended up with a huge pile of +2 markers.
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Andrea Chiarvesio
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Small hint for black: if you have the Damsel, then going for an early Town Hall - Embassy could prove itself a most effective strategy than the religious one.

Thanks for the session report, really interesting!
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