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Subject: New Sparta v Separatist Colony - Arms Race rss

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Phillip Lerche
United States
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I recently played a game on the genie server where the backstory was prominent for me… My hand was loaded with military-related cards (including the 6 dev New Galactic Order) after I discarded down. I could almost hear the wheels of the Imperium turning towards me. Whether this was to grind me to a pulp or celebrate a victory remained to be seen.

Year 0: A beginning is a very delicate time…

So, a mission for New Sparta… to create a New Galactic Order… but I would have to advance faster than my rival, leader of the traitorous Separatist Colony. Fortunately the listening posts in the enemy quadrant would keep me informed of his progress. Rewards were promised for the empire that consumed goods the fastest, developed a quick diversity of planets, and had the foresight to develop a full range of tactical powers. We would be vying back and forth for most novelty plus rare goods worlds, and most developments in a six year race for supremacy.
[NS: 0+1+0=1, SC: 0+1+0=1]

Year 1: Easy conquests [E1+1(SC), S(SC,NS), T(NS)]

After exploring for more resources, both our armies made initial territorial gains. New Sparta gained some precious fuel from a Rebel Cache, which was hastily traded away to fund the plan for the coming year, and the New Survivalists were ‘welcomed’ to the Separatist fold.
[NS: 0+2+0=2, SC: 0+2+0=2]

Year 2: Naked trading [E1+1(SC), 2xD(NS), T(SC)]

I obtained a large stake in the Interstellar Bank, which immediately paid a dividend for starting a program of Public Works to distract the population from the escalating tensions with the Separatists. The feckless ones explored for resources again, then sent out an Expedition Force and gained Improved Logistics. I was dismayed at the prospect of Separatists spreading from planet to planet faster than rabbits reproduce, but then was much heartened by the failed trade action. Misinformation? Miscalculation? Misclick? I’ll never know…
[NS: 0+4+0=4, SC: 0+5+0=5]

Year 3: Development leader! [2xD(NS), S+T(SC)]

I used the IB’s dividends to pay for my own Expedition Force and, just to make sure, a corps of Space Marines. Some might say the force was a bit excessive for taking over the Former Penal Colony, but I like to make sure of the job. And I was rewarded with a mysterious golden certificate for my leadership! Word came back from the Separatist sector that they had found an Alien Robot Sentry – definitely not good news. Even worse, they had traded alien artifacts for hard cash while my novelty good disappeared for a lonely VP. At least it gave me something to play with in my virtual fingers. And it turns out that it was the only good consumed all game… no doubt a reflection of both our war economies. I was feeling good - my empire was almost twice as great as my opponent's... but this was not to last.
[NS: 1+6+5=12, SC: 0+7+0=7]

Year 4: Lucky exploration [E+5(NS), D(NS), S+T(SC)]

I needed something to conquer! So I sent the exploration team out, and lo and behold, they found the coordinates of a Lost Alien Warship. Unfortunately its defenses were overwhelming so I would have to be patient. In the meantime I beefed up my attack forces with Space Mercenaries. I added another planet to New Sparta’s burgeoning empire – a Deserted Alien World. Reports from the enemy showed that the Colonists had started their accelerated conquest by acquiring a Damaged Alien Factory and a Reptilian Uplift World with the aid of their new corps of Space Marines. Once again the evil ones traded away valuable alien artifacts to fill their coffers, and once again they were back in contention.
[NS: 1+7+5=13, SC: 0+12+0=12]

Year 5: Copy cats [S+T(NS, SC)]

It was time to use the information gained from my Deserted Alien World to defeat the Lost Alien Warship and, just like the enemy for the last two years, profit from selling bits and pieces of it on the open market. In the meantime, the Separatists continued their rapid expansion by moving into the gene market with the planet of the Ancient Race and a Clandestine Uplift Laboratory. [NS: 1+12+5=15, SC: 0+15+0=15]

Year 6: Down to the wire [D(NS, SC), D(NS), S(SC)]

Sensing a pivotal moment in the war, agents of the Imperium were swarming over New Sparta’s empire. Victory, and I would gain their favor; defeat, and I would be at their mercy. With little time remaining, and the accursed Separatists advancing apace, it was time to fulfill the Galactic Imperium’s agenda (+5). It was also within my reach to bring about a New Galactic Order (+11). And there I sat, my resources and troops exhausted, my empire at full stretch [34 pts]. The Separatists controlled Export Duties and built an Alien Technology Institute (+7), gaining bragging rights for their knowledge of the departed Overlords [26 points]. All that remained was to see if the Separatist Colony could expand their worlds with some heavy hitters. I waited for the reports to come in… the Colonists raided two smaller planets: Rebel Sympathizers and Undergound, for a total of 31. The Imperium’s wheels would keep on grinding towards the inevitable confrontation, and New Sparta and I would live to fight another day.
[NS: 1+28+5=34, SC: 0+28+3=31]
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