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Subject: Rundown of my solo plays, Mediterranean Theater, Part 3 rss

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Beau Bailey
United States
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Toulon : This was very bloody. The first portion of the battle implied it would be an Allied victory as they quickly eliminated some German units. The Allis pushed very hard up the road and managed to take Hyeres before too long. The Germans tried to use air support, bu the patrols proved extremely ineffective throughout the battle. All was not bad for the Germans as they managed to hold the center and prevent the Allies from advancing past the ridge. The lone infantry on their left flank also managed to stall the entire Allied right for a few turns. Eventually the Allies were able to bring their whole force against Toulon. It appeared that this would be a very short battle, but the German units managed to survive for quite a while before finally succumbing to the Allied attack. They almost pulled off a victory, but just could not land the final blow on an Allied armored unit.

Allies 6 - Axis 5

Toulon: The Germans completely massacred the French this time. The Germans managed to get four medals before the French gained their first one! The German artillery and lone infantry manged to hold Hyeres the entire game, completely stopping the Allied left. Early on the Allies tried a push up the center and were again cut down. Left with only their right flank in any sort of order, the Allies advanced forward. Gaining some initial victories, they felt fairly confident they could turn the tide. However, as soon as they punched through, the tenacious German defenders eliminated enough units to claim victory. This was a huge underdog win. I did not think the Germans would dominate as much as they managed to.

Axis 6 - Allies 3

Montelimar: The Germans rushed out of the gates at the beginning, quickly taking Bonlieu (which they promptly lost on the following turn). The Allies initially faded, with their left completely scattered. Things were not looking good for them. The Germans then pushed the attack by taking Hill 300 forcing back the Allied infantry. The Germans managed to hold the hill for the rest of the battle, despite Allied attacks. The bright spot for the Allies came on their right flank as the three infantry units managed to stem the German assault and then proceeded to advance towards the Rhone. Unfortunately, the damage done was too great and the Allies fell shortly afterward when the Germans took Hill 430.

Axis 6 - Allies 4

Montelimar: The Allies started off strong this time. The Germans tried to take Hill 300, but their initial wave was quickly eliminated pushing the Allies to an early three medal lead. The Germans could not do anything in the center until a unit of tanks from Montelimar cross Hill 254 and joined the fray. From this point on, the Allies were fighting a losing battle. The German armor proved to be incredibly effective, swiftly cutting through the Allied line and mopping up any weakened units. The Allies tried to hold on, but victory slipped through their grasp.

Axis 6 - Allies 5

Po Valley: The Allies pushed aggressively to Mont Buffone, hoping to sweep past the bunker to take Marano sul Panaro and Montese. Unfortunately, the ridge was as far as they got this battle, despite overwhelming the bunker, they got no further. The Allis then shifted to the center and completely stalled out, with neither side gaining the advantage, but both taking heavy casualties. The main battle took place on the right of the Panaro River as the FEB tried to lead a charge and was promptly cut down. Their heroic sacrifice inspired the rest of their wing to victory though. After crushing the German left, they advanced across the bridge under extremely lackluster air support. The poor display of Allied air power is what cost them this battle as they could not manage to eliminate units, even with several turns of attacks. The Axis slowly earned their last needed medals by shelling weakened Allied units and gaining the win.

Axis 5 - Allies 3

Po Valley: The Allies tried to repeat the attack on Mont Buffone, but this time manage to push past and take Marano sul Panaro. And again... it failed. They took the ridge and then stalled out and could not advance. The center proved to be a bloodbath for both sides with both sides choosing to ignore it after the initial clash. The right flank was again the sight of much of the battle. The Allies pushed forward taking the forest and then advancing across the bridge. One of the Allied armor managed to push all the way over to Montese and claim the final victory medal to earn an Allied victory.

Allies 5 - Axis 3
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