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Subject: Starting to Get Too Easy (Game 3) rss

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Brian Stock
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I find in this game that the first few missions are hard, but if you get over that rough patch, it starts to get too easy once you have a lot of skills. For instance I have a +3 to research Science, and if I do it at the TARDIS, that's another +1, which means I can make a breakthrough on a roll of 7 or higher, just by myself, let alone with companions. After that, I can choose an option that destroys the enemy instantly about half the time. I usually can almost always make the goal requirements as well, as I have some pretty good companions.

Once again I'll talk a little about each adventure. My ending stats and inventory are at the end. I'm also keeping a record at the end of what happened to my less fortunate companions.

Prologue: Found Psychic Paper

This first mission was pretty challenging. I managed to build a Neutrino, which is the best weapon in the game. The Doctor chose to hide himself, while Harriet Jones MP got killed. The Doctor wins as the autotons rebelled against their masters.

Adventure: Earth - 2005
1. Explore--Plot: Individuals replaced by Aliens
Event--Go to London Underground
2. Explore--Find Department Store--Found Enemy--2 Autotons-RUN!
3. Investigate--Plot: Red Alert!
Event--Brutal Death
4. Info--+1 DM
5. Info--Important Place--Intel--Goal
Event--Danger--Trapped in room with electric cables--Escaped
6. Move to TARDIS +1 NT
Event--Brutal Death--Found Clue
7. Move to TARDIS
Event--Someone recognized TARDIS--Harriet Jones MP--Ally--knows about Plot: Red Alert!
8. [-1 DM] Research [Engineering]--Breakthrough--nothing--[burn luck]--Build Neutrino [Autoton]
Event--6 Autotons--Run--Doctor Hides--Harriet surrenders--taken to Lair--2 Autotons--Fight--Harriet killed
9. Research [Engineering]--Breakthrough--Build Personal Forcefield
Event--1 Auto Replica--Fight--Explodes
10. Defeat
11. Defeat
12. Defeat--Autotons rebel against Masters--Defeat

ENEMY: Autotons (-0 DM) GOAL: Alien Invasion (4 DM) [+2 DM Brains 25]
ADVENTURE MODIFIERS: [first Character event will be e090] [-2 Troop Talk] [+4 Troop Encounter] [-2 Escape Troop]
LUCK SPENT: Get Medicine (3)

Still no companions. Fortunately I find Captain Jack, who is the best companion in the game. Check his stats at the end. I also got Meg, who doesn't have many skills, but the ones she has are useful. Earned 6 luck for this adventure and found my sonic screwdriver.

Adventure: Earth 2006 Holiday [409]
1. Relax--Entertainment
2. Relax--Stop
3. Explore--Important Place--Enemy Base--2 Slitheen--Talk
4. Investigate--Important Place--Enemy Base--6 Slitheen--Hide [burn luck]--Run
Event--2 time agents--attack [burn luck]--ignore me
5. Investigate--Plot--Replaced by Aliens
Event--Captain Jack!--becomes Companion--Came with Time Ship [199]--Follow Vortex Junk--
Jack knows--Plot: Enemy Revealed
6. Time Travel (Earth 1744)--Found Alien Transmitter--Device Trapped--Jack Wounded
Event--Meet Meg--Joins as Companion
7. Info [Charisma]--Goal
Event--Highwayman--attempts to kidnap Meg--Fight
Doctor 8 vs. Highwayman 7
Doctor stunned 7 to 7
Doctor stunned 6 to 7
H stunned 6 to 6
Doctor stunned 5 to 6
Doctor stunned 4 to 6
Doctor Stunned [burn luck] Forcefield absorb 4 to 6
H Wounded 4 to 4
Jack takes lead 6 to 4
H stunned 6 to 3
H killed
8. Plan--Bravery [burn luck]
Event--Secret Traitor
9. Plan Bravery--+1 NT
Event--5 Slitheen--Talk
10. Research [Computers]--+1 NT
Event--1 Slitheen--Talk
11. Research [Computer] No effect-- [burn luck]--Breakthrough--Destroy Base--Victory!

ENEMY: Slitheen (-1 DM) GOAL: Firesale (5 DM)
LUCK SPENT: Artifacts (3)--Sonic Screwdriver
TIME EVENT: Encounter Spacecraft--land
The Centurions had no problem being reasoned with in this adventure. I also manage to build a medkit. While flying in time in the next mission, I manage to find a space station that is breaking apart. Aboard it, I find the powerful artifact The Star of Gallifrey, but Meg is killed in the process. See the stats at the end for why this is the best artifact in the game.

Adventure: Earth Orbit - 200,100
1. Explore
2. Explore
3. Investigate--Plot: Enemy Revealed
4. Info [Computers]--Meet Controlled of Game Station--Found Surveillance System
Event--TARDIS blocked [need brawn 20]
5. Info [Computers]--Goal
Event--Meg Captured--Minor Offense [59]
6. Doc--Plan Brains--+3 Brains
7. Rescue Meg--Fail -- [burn luck] Meg Rescued--Meet Goal Criteria +2 DM
Event--Caesar + 3 Centurions--Talk
8. Research [Engineering]--Breakthrough--nothing
9. Research [Medicine]--Breakthrough--make Med kit
Event--Caesar + 3 Centurions--Talk--Fail [burn luck]--Succeed
10. Rest--Jack healed
Event--Dark Secret--Time Lord Fob-watch [doesn't do anything yet--need Designers new module]
11. Research [Computers] [burn luck]
Event--4 Centurions + Caesar--Talk--Victory!

ENEMY: Centurions (-0 DM) GOAL: Hostage Situation (3 DM)
ADVENTURE MODIFIERS: [1st event--e120] [-2 Escape] [Run: 5-6 Find Again] [next character--055] [-1 DM if bureaucrat captured]
LUCK SPENT: Artifact (3)--Nothing--[burn luck]--Find 1 Perception Filter
TIME EVENT: Energy Field--

MINI ADVENTURE--Ruined Space Station [84]
Explore 1--Find 3 Time Agents--Ally--Brains 6, Brawn 7, Bravery 7 (Aware, History, Marksman, Pilot, Running, Thief)
Station beginning to break appart
Explore 2--Find Star of Gallifrey!
Jack Trapped--dug him out
Meg killed - [burn luck] - still dead
Time Agent 2 wounded
Leave Station
I earn quite a bit of luck on this Holiday. This adventure ends in a large battle, but not too tough.

Adventure: Earth – 1962 (Holiday)
1. Relax--Food Bad [burn luck]--Food Good +2 Luck
2. Relax +1 NT
3. Relax--Food Good +2 Luck
4. Relax--Jack annoyed by relaxing
Event--Enemy--Bad Weather [continues each turn on 4-6]
5. Bad Weather Check--okay
6. Bad Weather Ends
Investigate--Important Place--Intel on Enemy--Goal
7. Calibrate Neutrino--Fail
Research [Science]
Calibrate Neutrino [Fae]--Succeed
8. Return to TARDIS +1 NT
Event--Fail to notice cloaked ship
9. Research [Science] +1 NT
Event--Night Terrors--none
10. Research [Science]--Lab Explosion--[Burn Luck]--+1NT
Event--Observe Secret Cermony +1 DM--6 Fae at Faery Ring--Hide--+1 DM--Examine Ring--Find Runes +1 DM
11. Research [Science]--+1 DM
Event--4 Fae--Talk--Fail---Fight
Fae 4 Explodes
Doctor vs. Fae1 + Fae2 [10 to 8]
Captain vs. Fae3 [7 to 6]
Doctor Forcefields 10 to 8
Captain wounded 5 to 6
Fae 2 Explodes
Doctor vs. Fae 1 [10 to 6]
Captain vs. Fae3 [5 to 6]
Fae 1 wounded [10 to 4]
Captain stunned [4 to 6]
Fae 3 Explodes
Doctor vs. Fae [11 to 4]
Fae death--Victory!

ENEMY: Fae (+2 DM) GOAL: Wake the Devil (4 DM)
ADVENTURE MODIFIERS:[can investigate with charisma immediately] [If you ever have e144 or e082, or a further Location event, see v521a below instead.]
LUCK SPENT: Tracking lvl 2 (4); Science lvl 2 (4)
COMPANION LUCK (1d3) + 1 for Star: +3
TIME EVENT: TARDIS Locker--Found 3 Radiation Drugs
Got Sally Sparrow in this adventure. She's probably the 2nd best companion I've found. Her only weakness is very low Brawns. See her stats at the end. Beat this one in 5 turns flat.

Adventure: [Earth-2007] Holiday
1. Rest--Jack healed
Event--Sally Sparrow--Join as companion--knows Plot:Enemy Revealed
2. Info [Charisma]--Goal
Event--1 Graske--Jack mind-controlled--Fight!
Graske pulls blaster +2
Doctor 11 vs. Graske 7
Graske killed
3. Plan Bravery--+1 NT
4. Plan Bravery--May not Plan--[burn luck]--+3 Bravery--Goal met: +2 DM
5. Defeat--Opportunity--Heroic Bravery--Victory!

ENEMY: Graske (+3 DM) GOAL: Slavers (4 DM)
ADVENTURE MODIFIERS:[+1 Luck per companion let go, +3 if native]
COMPANION LUCK (1d3) + 1 for Star: +3
TIME EVENT: Malfunction -1 Plotting until fixed [Engineer 10]
I researched a biological weakness for this enemy to reduce their brawns, giving me the edge I needed in Battle.

Adventure: Earth - 12005
1. Repair TARDIS--complete
2. Explore--Important Place--Enemy Intel
Event--Sunstroke--Jack sunstroked
3. Info [Computers]
Jack recovers
4.Info [Computers]--Plot: Political Intrigue -1 DM
Event--2 Krillitanes + Elder--Talk--Fail--[Burn Luck]--Fail--Surrender--Goal
5. Escape--Success
Event--7 Robots--Run--Fail--Talked
6. Research [Science]--Breakthrough--Biological Weakness--Krillitanes -3 Brawns
7. Escape--Success
Event--Meet criminal--ally
8. Research [Computer]--Breakthrough--Create Robot Reprogrammer
9. Research [Engineering]--Breakthrough--nothing
Event--6 Krillitanes + Leader--Fight
Doctor 10 vs. K1-4 + Leader 6
Jack 7 vs. K5 4
Sally 4 vs. K6 4
Round 1
Leader killed
K5 stunned
Sally stunned--[Burn Luck]--Exchange blows
Rout: All enemies run
Goal Criteria Met
10. Callibrate Neutrino [Krillitanes]
Planning [Krillitanes]--Discover Krillitane Oil
Event--6 Krillitanes--Talk--+1 DM
11. Defeat--Opporunity--Cunning Plan--Victory!

ENEMY: Krillitanes (-0 DM) GOAL: Breeding Ground (4 DM) [2 Science, 25 Brains, Kill Enemy = +2 DM]
ADVENTURE MODIFIERS: [+1 Enemy if killed]
ALLIES:Escaped criminal – Brains 4, Brawn 5, Bravery 5 (Marksman, Running, Thief, Tracking).
LUCK SPENT: Medicine lvl2 (4) Science lv3 (5)
COMPANION LUCK (1d3) + 1 for Star: +1 [burn luck] +2
TIME EVENT: Energy Force--Deadly Games--Sally enters Game
Sally 4 vs. Robots -- Reprogram
Not really an enemy this time. More of an escort mission.

Adventure: Earth 2006 Holiday
1. Relax +1NT
2. Relax-jack annoyted [burn luck]--restaurant +3 luck
Event--Meet pushy reporter--Ally--knows about Plot: Enemy Front +1 DM
3. Info [Charisma]--Plot--Meet Goal Criteria +2DM
4. Recalibrate Neutrino [Slitheen]
Research [Science] +1DM
5. Research [Science]--Breakthrough +1 DM
Event-- Slitheen Survivor--Enemy Surrenders
6. Move to TARDIS
Time Travel--Enemy returned to Home World--Victory!

ENEMY: Slitheen Survivor (+3 DM) GOAL: Dangerous Experiments (4 DM)
ADVENTURE MODIFIERS: [TARDIS damage autorepair] [Slitheen Attacks on a 1]
ALLIES: pushy reporter - Brains 6, Brawn 3, Bravery 7 (Aware, Charisma, Computers, Screamer, Victim)
LUCK SPENT: Computer lvl.2 (4), Aware lvl.2 (4)
COMPANION LUCK (1d3) + 1 for Star: +2
Beat this one in 4 turns flat. What can I say. Well, I did meet Shakespeare!

Adventure:Earth – 1599 (Holiday)
1. Relax--Meet Shakespeare--Allies--Knows about Plot:Ancient Relic +2 DM
Event--Meet aristocrat--wants to be companion--make ally
2. Investigate--Important Place--Vital Weakness in Enemy Plan--Know Enemy + Plot
Meet Goal Criteria +2DM
3. Plan [Brains] +1 NT
Event--Night Terrors--No effect
4. Plan [Brains] +3 Brains
Event--3 Sycorax + Leader + Shaman--Talk--Victory!

ENEMY: Sycorax (-0 DM) GOAL: Slavers (4 DM)
ADVENTURE MODIFIERS: [Entertainment is event 201] [If captured lost 1d3 DM]
ALLIES: Shakespeare Brains 10, Brawn 5, Bravery 8 Aware (1) Charisma (2) History (1) Running (1)
Aristocrat Brains 6, Brawn 4, Bravery 6 (Bureaucrat, Charisma, History, Screamer).
LUCK SPENT: History (3), Running lvl.2 (4)
COMPANION LEAVES?: yes--[burn luck]--no
COMPANION LUCK (1d3) + 1 for Star: +1 [burn luck] +2
TIME EVENT: Energy Forces--TARDIS Malfunction--False Alarm
Beat this one in 5 turns. I had to research fast, because the beast is very dangerous and killed Jack on a single roll! Fortunately, Research [Science] was at +6 due to adventure modifiers and my lvl. 3 Science. I also found enough perception filters so my whole party can hide now.

Adventure: Krop Tor - 4102
1. Explore--Plot:Scientific Report +2 DM
Event--Found Remote Science Base
2. Explore--Found Laboratory
Event--Found loyal Engineer--Allies--know Plot: Enemy Revealed--Heard of them before +1 DM, +1 Brawns
3. Info [Computer]--Find Goal
Event--Brutal Death
4. Research [Science] +1 DM
Event--Evil Incarnate--Engineer becomes
Evil Incarnate Brains 12, Brawn 11, Bravery 12 (Charisma, Computers, Engineering, Running)
Evil Incarnate kills Captain Jack! -3 Luck
5. Research [Science]--Create Time Loop--Victory!

ENEMY: The Beast (-2 DM) GOAL: Wake the Devil (4 DM)
ADVENTURE MODIFIERS: [+1 Research [Science]] [+2 Research] [Science/Engineering = +1 Brains] [+1 Brawns v. Enemy]
ALLIES: loyal engineer: Brains 6, Brawn 5, Bravery 6 (Charisma, Computers, Engineering, Running)
LUCK SPENT: Pilot (3) History (3)
COMPANION LUCK (1d3) + 1 for Star: +4
TIME EVENT: TARDIS Locker +2 Perception Filters
Earned lots of Luck on this Holiday. I rallied enough troops to earn myself 21 brawns against a single opponent in the final battle. I didn't even bother to roll the dice. I also found the space station again while traveling through time and found Cora the Lost Companion. She's very good at Research skills, but probably won't stay for too long. Also found the Chameleon arc, but can't figure out how it works.

Adventure: Earth - 2006 Holiday [409]
1. Relax--Eat +2 Luck
2. Relax--Eat +2 Luck
Event--Department Store
3. Explore--Found businessman--Allies--knows about Plot: Important Event +1 DM
4. Info [charisma]--+1 NT
Event--Department Store +1 Luck
5. Info [charisma]--+1 DM
Event--Reporter--knows about Plot: Important Event +1 DM
6. Info [charisma]--Found Enemy + Goal
7. Defeat--Opportunity--Rally the troops--5 Troops Brains 4, Brawn 6, Bravery 6
Abzorbalof--Doctor has 21 Brawns to Enemy 8--Fight!--Victory!

ENEMY: Abzorbaloff (+2 DM) GOAL: Stranded (3 DM)
ALLIES: Businessman Brains 6, Brawn 5, Bravery 5 (Bureaucrat, Charisma, Computers, Thief) [must make bravery roll in fight] 5 Troops Brains 4, Brawn 6, Bravery 6
LUCK SPENT: Charisma lvl.2 (4), Running lvl.2 (4)
COMPANION LUCK (1d3) + 1 for Star: + 4

MINI ADVENTURE: Ruined Space Station +1 Luck
Explore1: nothing
Explore2: Found Cora--The Lost Companion!--+3 Luck
Found Ancient Vault--Choking Fumes--[Burn Luck]--Nothing -1 Luck
Explore3: Found Chameleon Arch
Explore4: Security--not triggered
Station breaking appart--Leave
Centurions are easy to Talk to. Actually used by perception filters finally to hide in 1 encounter.

Adventure: New Earth - 5,000,000,053
1. Explore--Important Place--Enemy Base +1DM--5 Centurions + Caesar--Talk
2. Investigate [Computers]--Plot:Enemy Front +2DM
Event--Face of Boe +1 Luck
3. Investigate [Computers]--Important Place--Goal
Event--6 Centurions + Caesar--Hide using Filters
4. Research [Engineering]--+1 NT
5. Go to TARDIS--Fail--[Burn Luck]--Succeed
Research [Engineering]--Breakthrough--nothing
Event--6 Centurions + Caesar--Hide using Filters
6. Research [Engineering]--Breakthrough--Build EMP
Event--2 Centurions + Caesar--Talk--Victory!

ENEMY: Centurions (-0 DM) GOAL: Hunt Fugitive (3 DM)
ADVENTURE MODIFIERS: [If you ever have less than 3 Characters, all your Actions have -1 to the roll.]
LUCK SPENT: Demolitions (3); Domination (3); Engineering lvl. 2 (4)
COMPANION LUCK (1d3) + 1 for Star: +1 [burn luck] +4
TIME EVENT: Sally wants to return home
Win in 6 turns. Cora leaves.

Adventure: Earth – 2007
1. Explore--Important Place--Enemy Intel
Event--Psychic Wraith
2. Intel [Charisma]--Goal
3. Plan Thief--+1--Goal Criteria Met +2 DM
Event--Psychic Wraith
4. Research [Engineering]--Breakthrough--Build EMP
Event--Cora Catches Cold
5.Storm Ends
Rest--Cora Heals
Event--Lazarus + 4 technicians--Talk
6. Research [Computer]--Breakthrough--Destroy Base

ENEMY: Dr. Lazarus (+1 DM) GOAL: Break god-code (4 DM) [Demolitions, 3 Aware, 3 Thief and 25 Brains = +2DM]
ADVENTURE MODIFIERS: [+1 DM for Temporal] [7 brains enslaved -1 DM]
LUCK SPENT: Bravery (4)
COMPANION LUCK (1d3) + 1 for Star: +2
TIME EVENT: Distress Call [May investigate, Character Event: +2 Talk]
Would have solved this faster, except all my companions got captured, and a bunch of servants fell down a shaft. I earned a new companion this adventure, a generic aristocrat, so I gave him a name. Also I was joined by Queen Victoria herself and her escort. Had 8 Allies this adventure. Unfortunately, my new companion didn't last the adventure.

Adventure: Earth – 1879
1. Explore--Queen Victoria + 2 soldiers!--Allies--Tells about Plot: Missing Persons +1 DM
Event--Aristocrat + 4 Servants--Becomes Companion--Give Name [Lord McFarland]
2. Investigate--Important Place--Enemy Intel
3. Info [charisma]--Goal--Meet Goal Criteria +2 DM
Event--TARDIS blocked [need 20 Brawn]
4. Research [Science]--Breakthrough--Biological Weakness -3 Brawn to Enemy
Event--Lord McFarland Captured--Minor Offense
5. Rescue--Fail
Event--Sally Captured--Marked for Execution
6. Rescue Sally--Fail
Event--Dangers--Trapped in room--okay
7. Sally--Escape--Move +1 NT
Lord--Escape--Move +1 NT
Doctor--Move +1 NT
Event--Lord--Lilith kill Lord--[burn luck]--Dead -2 Luck -1DM
Doctor--2 Servants fall down shaft--[Engineer 9]--Fail
8. Sally--Finds Doctor
Doctor--Saves Servants--Plan Bravery-- -1 DM--[burn luck]--+1 NT
9. Plan Bravery +1 NT
Event--Find 13-year-old boy--knows about Plot: Legends and Fables [+1 DM] [Native Allies -1 Bravery]
10. Move to TARDIS--Research [Computers]--Breakthrough--Destroy Base--Victory!

ENEMY: Carrionites (-0 DM) GOAL: Wound in Time (4 DM)
ADVENTURE MODIFIERS: [Character Event: +2 Talk] [+1 to any enemy roll (not #s)] [-1 Luck if captured] [-1 DM Temporal events] [Native Allies -1 Bravery]
ALLIES: Queen Victoria--Brains 7, Brawn 4, Bravery 8 (Aware, Bureaucrat (2), Charisma, History, Marksman, Running)
2 Soldiers--Brains 3, Brawn 6, Bravery 6 (Marksman, Running, Troop)
4 Servants--Brains 4, Brawn 4, Bravery 4 (Minion, Running, Troop, Victim)
Boy Brains 6, Brawn 3, Bravery 7 (Aware 2, History, Running, Thief) [+1 Luck if not killed and enemy defeated]
LUCK SPENT: Brawn +1 (4), Thief lvl. 2 (4), Thief lvl. 3 (5)
COMPANION LUCK (1d3) + 1 for Star: +3
TIME EVENT: Chameleon Arc Malfunctions--Fix on Engineering 10
Talked my way out of this one too. Check my current ending stats to see why these adventures are becoming very short. Also found Captain Jack again. Is that allowed? I guess it could be a younger version of himself traveling through time. He becomes a companion. Also someone else showed up on my time ship, but it can only hold 4 people, so not sure whether to ignore the time travel event or not. Maybe it's just very cramped.

Adventure: Justicia - 2501
1. Explore--Found Military Control Room--3 Soldiers + Leader--Allies--know about Plot:Enemy Revealed
2. Info [Computers]
Event--4 Sycorax + Leader + Shaman--Talk
3. Investigate--+1 DM
Event--3 Sycorax + Leader + Shaman--Talk
4. Investigate--Important Place--Found Enemy--4 Sycorax + Leader--Talk--Reveal Goal--Meet Goal Criteria +2 DM
Event--Meet Captain Jack Harkness (presumably a former version)--Becomes Companion--Has Psychic Paper--knows about Plot: Enemy Front +2 DM
5. Defeat--2 Sycorax + Shaman--Talk--Victory!

ENEMY: Sycorax (-0 DM) GOAL: Slavers (4 DM)
ADVENTURE MODIFIERS: [-1 Escape] [+2 Rally Troops] [+1 Brawns for Troop or Marksman]
ALLIES:3 Soldiers--Brains 3, Brawn 7 [+1], Bravery 6 (Marksman, Running, Tracking, Troop)
Soldier Leader--Brains 5, Brawn 8 [+1] and Bravery 7 (Aware, Bureaucrat, Marksman, Running)
LUCK SPENT: Medicine lvl. 3 (5), Aware lvl. 3 (5)
COMPANION LEAVES?: yes--[burn luck]--no
COMPANION LUCK (1d3) + 1 for Star: +1
TIME EVENT: Unexpected Visitor--Donna Noble--Joins as Companion--Change to Ally--Wants to be taken to Earth [-1 Luck otherwise]
NEXT ADVENTURE: Earth 2012 -- a405
ALLY: Donna--Brains 4, Brawn 5, Bravery 5 (Computers, Running, Screamer)

Current Characters:
DOCTOR [Healthy] [Regenerations: 1] [Luck: 2]
Brain 15 [+3] Brawn 11 [+3] Bravery 11 [+3]
Aware (3) Charisma (2) Computers (2) Demolitions (1) Domination (1) Engineering (3)[+1] Medicine (3) Pilot (1) Running (2) Science (3) Thief (3) Tracking (2)

COMPANION 1: Captain Jack Harkness [5000 AD] [Healthy]
Brains 7, Brawn 7, Bravery 6
Aware (1) Charisma (2) Computers (1) History (1) Marksman (1) Pilot (1) Running (1) Thief (1)

COMPANION2: Sally Sparrow [2007 AD] [Healthy]
Brains: 7 Brawn: 4 Bravery: 7
Aware (1) Charisma (2) Running (1) Screamer (1) Thief (1) Tracking (1)

Star of Gallifrey [+3 to each Quality, +2 Charisma vs. non-enemy Time Lord, +1 Luck each adventure]
2 Psychic Papers [+1 Talk Character; not Machine or Domination]
Neutrino Catalyzer [Target: Slitheen] [Change target Engineer 10; destroyed on 1]
Personal Forcefield [When hit 2d6 (2 destroyed; 3-5 Penetrates; 6+ Negated] [No radiation protection]
Sonic Screwdriver [+1 Engineering, +1 Brawn vs. Robot, +2 Escape when Captured]
Med Kit [Light Wound Med 6; Serious Med 9; exhausted on a 6]
2 EMP [Destroys all machines in 1 Battle]
Robot Reprogrammer [Robots turn to Allies]
3 Perception Filter [+3 Hide for 1 character]
3 Radiation Drugs [cure radiation]

Captain Jack's Time Ship [+2 Control Setting; 3 People Max]
[Broken--Engineering 10 to Fix] Chameleon Arch [If Fail Adventure, see e195]

COMPANION: Meg [1744 AD] [killed in deteriorating space station]
Brains 5, Brawn 4, Bravery 5
Charisma (1) Running (1) Thief (1)

COMPANION: Captain Jack Harkness [5000 AD][killed by Evil Incarnate]
Brains 7, Brawn 7, Bravery 6
Aware (1) Charisma (2) Computers (1) History (1) Marksman (1) Pilot (1) Running (1) Thief (1)

COMPANION: Cora [Healthy--Left on Earth 2007 AD]
Brains 9, Brawn 4, Bravery 7
Charisma (1) Computers (1) Engineering (1) Science (1)
Special: -2 to companion leaves rolls

COMPANION: Lord McFarland [Aristocrat--1879 AD] [Killed by Lilith's Death Spell]
Brains 5, Brawn 6, Bravery 5
Bureaucrat (1) Charisma (1) Marksman (1) History (1)
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simon cogan
United Kingdom
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Ah, now I'd really like to discuss with you where we're going wrong here as I think you've misread some rules.

can we take one adventure at a time?
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Brian Stock
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Figured I was. I see I've done a few things wrong on the research front. But happy to learn what I've done wrong.
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simon cogan
United Kingdom
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Looking at your first adventure, the Autons can't rebel agains their masters (I think you had an unknown factor (e111)?) as they are not Minions.
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Brian Stock
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I thought the Nestene consciousness was actually the main threat and the autotons were its minions. I got rebellion on e111. You'll have to excuse me as I'm not really a Doctor Who buff, though I've seen a few episodes.
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