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Subject: Eon'ing your Mayfair - esp. flares? rss

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Has anyone tried to play your Mayfair edition utilizing Eon/FFG rules? In particular I'm talking about flares not being one-shot. But Mayfair tweaked stuff and I'd be unsure how that would work out. I'm not in a position to be able to pick up the FFG edition for many moons.
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Joe Gameplay

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I haven't actually tried it but I've gone through all flares in both Eon and Mayfair versions for comparison. A lot of the Eon flares are simply lame when used once. For Wild Flares that's okay, since everyone has an equal shot at using them (other than the player with that matching power). But for Super Flares it's unbalanced, since every player's own Super Flare should be similarly balanced with those of others. Still, the old game is playable with discarding flares, if you aren't that worried about the play balance.

One of the few disappointments in the changes is the Wild Filch. In Eon, he could cheat by taking extra tokens or cards, and he didn't have to reveal the flare until caught. It's fun, but if Mayfair had kept that rule, it'd seem unfair that one Wild Flare could be re-used when others have to be discarded.

Just FYI, much as I love my Eon original, I think Mayfair did a bang-up job of improving it without losing the feel of the game. They actually improved my favorite board game, making it balanced and fixing anything that bogged down. The only actual losses were 3 of the unique planet hexes, which were replaced with new ones -- I suppose because some of the new powers were too similar to the 3 unique systems. But it's not a deal-breaker, in my opinion.
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Mi Myma
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Why is there no Word Games Forum or Subdomain?
There should be a Word Games Subdomain, or at least a Word Games Forum!
I agree that Mayfair improved a lot of things in CE, but I think you've got it backwards what the OP is asking.

You can't really use the Eon flare rules with the Mayfair flares because you'd run into the opposite problem - they're way too powerful if you can use them over and over.
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Wade Nelson
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Ken Cox answered this question in the CE newsgroup back in 1992, and afaik it's still the best response:


My two Lucre on the Flares discussion. The Mayfair one-shots
are OK, but I prefer the Eon rules -- mostly because multiple-use
Flares allow more effects, like Eon's Wild Filch. And in general
I agree with Nick Sauer: "First they said the Flares were too
powerful, so they made them one-shot. Then they said that made
some of them too weak, so they made them more powerful." And
Larry Brackney: "Now all we have is a bunch of strange Edicts."
(Paraphrases on both, but the sentiment is right.)

On the question of using Mayfair Flares as multiple-use, I've
gone through the set and pulled out the following Flares as
definite changes. I hope the reasons are obvious....

Wild Loser: Make both sides in challenge lose.
-- "Use once and discard."

Super Mind: Make player announce what card he will play next.
-- "Use once per challenge." (I know some people play
Eon Flares as if they all said this, but it isn't in
the rules.)

Wild Pentaform: Discard your power, draw two more at random
and keep one.
-- "Use once per challenge."

Super Terrorist: Plant three more bombs.
-- "Use once and discard." Or use Eon's version, plant
one more bomb at the start of each of your turns.

Wild Vacuum: Send four tokens to Warp.
-- "Use once and discard."

Super Vampire: Enslave all tokens in challenge, no matter which
side wins.
-- "Use once and discard."

Wild Void: Remove a planet and tokens on it from the game.
-- "Use once and discard," or even better "Discard before
use." See below for more comments on this abomination.

These may need to be changed:

Wild Chronos: After losing as offensive player, immediately
challenge the same planet again.
-- "If you lose a second time, your turn ends?" Although
you could just let him keep going until he wins or runs
out of Challenge cards.

Wild Filch: Steal Edict or Flare as it is played, putting it
in your own hand.
-- "Use once and discard?" You could leave it as is; after
all, the other players don't HAVE to play Edicts and
Flares. Or you could use a different Wild Filch, I
know a really good one....

Super Filch: Use power in any challenge, filching any player's
Challenge card.
-- "Use once and discard?" I can't decide what the result
of leaving this alone would be. True, he can get a
huge hand of Challenge cards, but that's not entirely
good; once he runs low on Edicts, Kickers, Flares, etc.
he'll find it difficult to get more.

Wild Magnet: Force all other tokens off a planet where you have
a base.
-- "Use once and discard?" Otherwise he's sort of the
Filth, except no one will ally with him offensively.

Wild Subversive: After winning a challenge as the offensive
player, throw your allies' tokens into the Warp.
-- "Use once and discard?" But after he uses it once,
he won't HAVE offensive allies anymore.

Super Will: Examine all other hands before deciding where to
-- "Examine one other hand" as per Eon? Mayfair's
version is much stronger than Eon's, but might not
be overly powerful.

Some of the others sound bad, but on reflection will probably
work without changes. One example:

Super Assassin: As offensive player, assassinate three tokens.
-- He only uses it on his challenges, so there's lots of
time between uses to get it out of his hand. Certainly
no worse than Eon's Super, where he swapped one of his
tokens from the Warp for the assassinated token, in
all likelihood getting a free base.

A final comment:
I used to think that I hated Eon's Wild Plant (if another player
wins and you have a base in their system, you win instead), but
now I realize that what I was feeling was only mild dislike.
HATE is what I feel for the Mayfair Wild Void. Wipe a whole
planet out of the game? Not only that, but it's a "play at any
time" card and someone didn't consider all the consequences.
Next time you get it, Wild Void the defensive planet out from
under the Cone -- after cards are played but before they are
revealed is an excellent time. Now, how do you resolve the
challenge? The argument will almost certainly end the game.
(I don't remember if this problem was covered in Encounter 2.2,
aka "Cosmic Errata". If not, I suggest changing the Wild Void's
timing icon to "between challenges".)

Ken Cox

Google Groups Link:!search/mayfair...
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