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Subject: Please help with ASL valuation! rss

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Sam Gullman
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What is a fair price for the following collection? I'm thinking of buying it, but i'm fairly new so i have no clue how much i will have to give
it's all in fairly good condition.

Rulebook v.1
Maps 1-45

Modules - OOB
Beyond Valor v.1
Paratrooper v.1
Yanks v.1
Partisan v.1
West of Alamein v.1
The Last Hurrah v.1
Hollow Legions v.1
Code of Bushido v.1
Gung Ho v.1
Croix de Guerre v.1
Doomed Battalions v.1

Modules - Historic
Red Barricades
Kampfgruppe Peiper I
Kampfgruppe Peiper II

ASL Annual
93B (Gavuto-Tananbogo historical module)

Modules - misc
Deluxe ASL 1
Deluxe ASL 2

Modules - not from Avalon Hill eller MMP
Tarawa (version 1)
Soldiers of negus v.1
Cemetery Hill v.1 och v.2
Baraque de Fraiture
God Save The King + 4.0 errata och karta

Magasin, Scenariopack, Etc
Action Pack 1
Paddington bears 96-pack
PanzerLeader + scenarios
Critical Hit 1
Critical Hit 2
Critical Hit 3 (v.1)
Critical Hit 4 (v.1)
Critical Hit eastern fron special
Special edition Tanks!
Backblast 1
Backblast 2
ASL News 28
ASL News 29
ASL News 30
ASL News 31
Scrounging ASL News
Tips for ASL tankers
Time on Target 1
Time on Target 2,
Time on Target 3, rare vehicles
Leatherneck 1
Schwerpunkt 1
Operations of SS pz 102 in Normandy
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Justin Hoffman
United States
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Rulebook v1: $20
Maps 1-45--I believe only 42 and 43 of this run are notable as they are the rare Action Pack 1 maps; the rest are available in the modules below and are included in the cited price. 42-43 can command anywhere from $40-$80 for the pair.

BV1: $40ish
Para: $15-20
Yanks: $30-$40
Partisan: $10
WoA: $125-150
LastH: $15-20
Hollow Legions: $75ish
CoB: $125-150
GH: $40-60
CdG: $40-60
Doomed Bat: $100-$125 [reprint is on the way though]

Red Barricades: $70-$125 [prices have been all over on this recently]
KgP I: $75-$100 [used to be $50ish but it's run up recently]
KgP II: $100-$200 [again, kind of all over the place but $150 is a safe bet; unpunched will go higher]

ASL Annuals
I've seen as low as $20 and as high as $75 for each save 97, which regularly goes for $75-100.

DASL 1 (SoF) and DASL 2 (HH) generally fall in the $30-60 range with SoF being the pricier of the two. I've seen SoF go $75-100 but I think that's more of an outlier

Blood Reef Tarawa: The boxed MMP version goes $90ish; not sure what the original HoB edition commands
Soldiers of the Negus: $75 isn't unheard of (I think I paid $65 for mine last year)
GStK: I haven't seen this one up for sale in a while. I think one went for $90 a few months ago but don't quote me on that

Other non-MMP/AH modules listed are around $20 [and most are still in print]

The misc category:
Time on Target #1: $50-75
ToT #2: $75-$150 (if complete w/counters)
ToT #3: $100-$200 (if complete w/counters; prices on this have gone as low as $85 and as high as almost $300 in the 18 months. I'd consider $125 to be a safe bet]

Action Pack #1: As mentioned above, the maps are the value here: $50-90 (I paid ~$60 for the 2 maps from this set; the scenarios were available for d/l from MMP for quite a while and may still be.)

The rest of the magazines are, I believe, in the $5-$15 range save perhaps that Tips for Tankers, which recently sold for ~$35 or $40.

That's a nice collection if complete.
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Stephen Stewart
United States
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It's sooo Hot out here...
Look to pay in the range of $800-$1200 for the collection.
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Sam Gullman
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Thanks a lot for the help guys, i will consider buying this lot. If i don't get into the game i can always sell it off to someone who needs it better i guess
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