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After seeing the thread for the rummy contest, I began thinking about a game I could make to enter it. I had a few brain storms, so as an experiment I tried writing rules for the idea that I had as a way of organzing my thoughts. So I currently have rules for a game that does not really exist, so I have obviously not play tested this

My question is, do you think if this idea is pursued could it be a fun game? If so, what might need to added or changed to make it work? I look forward to your opinions.

About the Game
You are a ninja dueling against another ninja. This contest involves subterfuge and trying to know one's opponent. The object of the game is to deplete the opponent's life bar to win a match round. The first to win two match rounds wins the game.

Summary of Game Play
There are three types of cards used in this game. Technique cards, Concealment cards, and Ninjitsu cards. Much of the game is played like traditional rummy with players playing melds to attempt and do damage to their opponent and lay offs to block their opponent's attacks. Concealment cards and Ninjitsu cards add different strategic elements. After each hand the damage done by attacks is calculated and applied. If neither play is defeated then a new hand is played with out the life bars being reset. If a player is defeated then life bars are reset for the beginning of a new match round.

36Technique Cards
6 Concealment cards
10 Ninjitsu Cards
1 Game board
2 Life Markers

Setup and Deal
1. Players place the game board between them. Note it has five attack locations on the board for players to play technique cards and two life bars in the center of the board.

2. Put the two life markers on the 11 for both players' life bars.

3. Choose a dealer randomly and deal 10 cards to each player. Place the rest of the cards to the side of the game board to form the draw deck and flip the top card over to begin the discard pile. The top card is the only card that should be visible in the discard pile and players are not allowed to look through the discard pile.

The Turn
Starting with the player opposite of the dealer each player completes the following steps
1. DRAW (mandatory)
2. PLAY(optional)
3. DISCARD (Mandatory)

Each step is described in detail below

Draw (mandatory)
Draw 1 card from teh top of the draw deck or take the top card from the discard pile. Put this card into your hand.

Play (Optional)
Players can play techinque cards, Concelement cards, or Ninjitsu cards in any order:

Technique Cards
You may play technque cards in one of the attack locations on your side of the board. These cards may be played in melds or layoffs. A meld is three cards of the same number, so if you have a meld in your hand you may play it at one of the attack locations. When you play a meld you must play it FACEDOWN so that the numeric value of the cards played are hidden.

You can play technique cards by themsleves if they match a meld that is already played. This is called a layoff. You may play a layoff on your side of the board at any of the attack locations. Layoffs are also played FACE DOWN and are hidden. You may not play a layoff for a meld that has not been played. When the cards are revealed and it is found that a player laid off on an unplayed meld then that causes them to automatically lose the fight round.

Concelement cards are played like technqiue cards in melds or layoffs. However, during scoring a Concelement meld where cancel out the value of the highest meld played by the opponent at the same attack location. Concelment cards played as a layoff are treated as technique layoffs when damage is calcualted.

You may play only one Ninjitsu card per turn. This card allows a player to do one of two things.
1. Turn a meld played by an opponent FACE UP.
2. Search through the discard deck and take one card of your choice.

When you are done doing the action you have chosen, put the Ninjitsu card in the discard pile, This is not the discard that ends your turn.

Discard (mandatory)
After you have played all the cards you want, you must discard any one card face up on the top of the discard pile. This ends your turn.

Ending a Hand
Play continues back and forth until the hand ends. A hand ends when a player discards their last card. The hand is then scored by calculating damage

Calculating Damage
If a player has cards left in their hand, they may cause damage. Every two cards that a player has left in their hand causes them to lose one life.

All Face down cards are revealed. Starting with attack location #1 the damage is calucated in the following way: Players add up the number on the melds they played at that location. For example, if player one plays a meld 1s and 2s, then their total attack value at that location is 3. Which ever player has the highest attack value at the attack location wins the attack, and does damage. Remember, that a meld of Concelement cards cancels Each location does the damage listed (2,3,4,5,6).

layoffs played at a location can reduce damage. Each layoff played at a location "blocks" one point of damage. For example, if a player had less points in melds at the five damage location. This means that they get five points of damage. However, this player also has three legal layoffs played at this location so the damage is reduced to two and their life bar is decreased by two.

If after calculating damage neither player has their life reduced to zero then the current match round is still active and a new hand is played.

If during calculating damage any player has their life reduced to zero, then the match round ends with the surviving player getting the win for the match round. Both players have their life reset to 11 and a new hand is delt to begin a new match round.

The game ends when one player successfully wins the match by winning two rouds.
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Jonathan Warren
United Kingdom
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"Elves are very good at board games, and I'm NOT an elf!"
I would say that if you want to enter the contest, just submit your design idea. The closing date is not until December, and so that gives you a bit of time to playtest, design the deck and perfect the rules.
Although I am not grabbed by the theme (different themes appeal to different people), this idea could be a good one. It has something different, which is one of the rules of the competition. Give it a go.

I also have an idea that I am currently working on for the Rummy contest, inspired by the great entries, but I have got stuck on a way to implement a mechanic of the idea. My design has something different already, so it will probably be entered, but I am trying to find that extra something which will add to the gameplay. Eventually, I will just ask and collaborate with someone who can help me solve my problem here on the Geek
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