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Subject: Power of the races rss

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Claus Kuderna
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Shapeshifter: At the beginning of the game you draw a second race. You are allowed to play this power as long as you are behind the other player on the score track. Than you draw a new race und play this power until you are again in the last position. During the whole game you are still a Shapeshifter,but your power can change.

Orc: The formular with which your opponents calculate how much cards they can draw is changed. They draw 1 + 1 if they have 1 or 2 armies in combat and 1 + 2 if they have 3 or more armies in combat. (Except for Druids and Knights, they draw 2 + (1 or 2)). They must also put 1 card under their stack.

Druid: At the beginning of each combat round they draw cards with the following formular: 2 (instead of 1) + see above (1, 2 or 3). Then your opponent shows his hand after he has put one card under his stack. Than you choose 2 of your cards and put them under your stack and show your hand too.

Faerie: Your Shilds not only ignores 1 strike from your opponent and additonially reflects them (they count as a strike for you).

Goblin: You draw twice as much cards as you have armies in the battle, but only the first three are counted. In other words if you have 3 or more armies in the battle you draw 6 cards. (Except against the orcs, than you draw 4 cards if you have 3 or more armies, otherwise you draw 1) One of these cards you goes as usual under your stack. Your doublestrikes counts as citystrike (you can kill max. 1 Army/card).

Withches: After resolving a combat round you can exchange one played fighting card with your oppontent permanently. You can use this ability only one time per playing round.

Elves: If you are under attack, you get a first strike. Take cards with the normal rules and calculate your strikes (Shields are counted as a Miss), remove the killed armies from the attaker. Than the normal fight begins.

Dwarves: In each combat ignore the first strike against you.

Knights: You draw 2 (instead of 1) card + see above (1,2 or 3). Than you choose 1 card which you put under your stack and discard one card.

Giants: Your Citystrikes kills 2 armies if they are not in a city and your Doublestrikes kills 2 armies even if they are in a city.

Clerics: Once per combat you can cancel the result from a combat round for you or your opponent. These cards are discarded. The same number of cards are drawn from the top of that players card stack.

Bards: You always draw and play your cards first. Once per combat you can give the effect of one card your opponent. He must use your "gift". If you use this power he draws one card less than normal, because he still has your gift (or none if he is only allowed to have one army in combat), and you get additionally the top card of your stack for this fight.

I know that this is complicated to understand because you don´t know the game. To give you an idea about the mumber of armies involved in combat.
The most fights have only from 1 to 3 armies/per side in combat but there are also fights with appr. 8 armies/side and these are mostly the important fights.

I hope you get an interesting idea about the power of the races.
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