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Subject: 1st Session: The two Battles of Akragas rss

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Bill Vee
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Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.
I love this game and just started playing!

Game #1. Battle of Akragas.
Marginal Syracusan Victory (5-4)

As we were familiarizing ourselves with the various fiddly bits of the game, there were a lot of tentative strikes and stop-and-go maneuvring across the board. One mistake we made was putting down blocks for Auxilia where there should have been Light Infantry. No biggie, live and learn. The more significant error of omission was forgetting to evade (including mandatory Leader evades when the hosting unit was wiped out).
Regardless of the stop-and-go nature and the errors it was still a fun time. The cinematic music (the God of War II and 300 movie soundtracks) definitely set the right mood.

Game #2. Battle of Akragas rematch.
Decisive Syracusan Victory (5-1)
- Carthaginian Flags lost: 1xChariot, 1xAuxilia, 1xHeavy Infantry, 1xMedium Infantry, 1xLeader (Himilco)
- Syracusan Flags lost: 1xHeavy Infantry

The Syracusan archers advanced and rained arrows down at the Carthaginian Heavy Chariots, taking the red unit down in 2 turns.
The Syracusan's had a great run of card draws. The Syracusan general was able to create a line of foot troops 3 sections wide. And THEN played two consecutive "Line Command" cards, advancing their forces on all fronts, then decimated the units on the Carthaginian's right-hand side.

The desperate Carthaginian general finally prods his forces in the center in a half-hearted advance and launches a volley of scattered missile fire at the incoming Syracusan wall of heavy infantry. This last ditch attempt yielded poor results for poor Himilco.(Oh if he knew what was to come next...)

Himilco and his auxilia unit finds themselves within striking range of the Syracusan Archer Unit in the center. The Syracusan general plays 'Darken the Skies', taking down Himilco in the the first round of arrow-fire and thus winning a victory for the tyrants!

Awesome game, and it definitely whet the appetite for more... it's too bad it's getting late. And it's a school/work night.

Pic #1 shows the final state of the battle. (Carthaginian's on the bottom, Syracusan's on top).

Pic #2 shows a close up of the middle of the battlefield. (Syracusan's on the bottom and Carthaginian's sans Commander in Chief on top).

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