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Subject: D-Day review notes and summary rss

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Lawrence Gamehappy
United States
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Battle Summary : Event Axis and Allies D-Day

This event took place at Game Palace by private invitation. None of
the players had any experience with A&A D-Day Players made random
draw for assignments as follows: British : Tim Americans :
Sam Germany : Lawrence
Game duration four hours

The notes are a bit cryptic and brief my apologies.

The game used basic "order cards" for a first playing experience
game for all players. The game commenced with the airborne
paratroops drop on Pont L' Abbe France. Nazi controlled zones were
crushed by the Allies easily. 6 attempts at Naval Bombardment of
Block houses at Utah and Sword beaches hit only one box on Utah
beach. This would prove to be the norm for allied naval accuracy
all game!!!!

Allies placed all fighters in Reinforcement zones for Rennes and
Rouen entry points hoping to score double hits on German movements.

Allied bombers miss block house at MonteBourg but hit at Raineville

Utah Beach Nazi boxes hit target on the beach. Omaha proves to be a
bloody event for the U.S. No US units remained. British fail on
Juno and sword beaches no Brit units survive invasion one

Reinforcement notes:
U.S. = 5 Units
UK = 5 Units
Germans = 5 units Rennes 7 units Rouen

Turn 2

Naval bombard succeeds at Juno Beach block house destruction

Fighter support moved to beach Areas of British Dozole and Granville
2 each

US succeed at landing at Utah beach !!!! Meeting up with paratroop

5 Axis tanks move to Sword beach the long way round aircraft on the
way to Caen. Caen invaded by 8 British units vs. 3 German. 2
British vs. 1 German survive. Caen falls to the British on German
counter attack. Omaha U.S. onslaught repelled by Germans.

Cherbourg German player peppers units throughout countryside for long
US battle

Reinforcement notes:
U.S. = 11 Units
UK = 10 Units
Germans = 9 units Rennes 6 units Rouen

Turn 3

Naval Bombardment scores beach houses at Omaha and Barflour beaches

Three remaining British planes hover over the 5 Nazi panzers at
Sword beach waiting for the kill.
Allied bombers hit on tank at Omaha beach 3 remaining US planes
cover St Lo's rear reinforcement zones.
British infantry move out of Caen to slow Nazi advance. A 0 vs. 0
exchange at Gold beach
Germans move tanks on Caen losing two panzers to aircraft! Ensuing
battle for Caen leaves 2 British vs. 1 Panzer.

Reinforcement notes :
U.S. = 4 Units
UK = 7 Units
Germans = 8 units Rennes 7 units Rouen

Turn 4
Naval bombard fails all attempts

I British fighter lost at Caen’s to AA fire
Allied bombing wins a Cherbourg fails elsewhere. All German units
at Omaha Beach destroyed.

Germany make critical gamble mistake attacking allied units in
Cherbourg Peninsula and attacks Utah beach 1 US Unit survives. The
Road to Cherbourg is open

Reinforcement notes :
U.S. = 10 Units
UK = 0 Units
Germans = 9 units Rennes 7 units Rouen

Turn 6

Naval Bombardment wins one Block house at Cherbourg

US attacks Cherbourg which holds with one German unit Vs. 5 US
No Axis attacks. Moves to surround Caen and Reinforce surrounding
St Lo.

Reinforcement notes : All units expended all players

Turn 7

Naval Extravaganza!! The introduction of the secret 'Norden'
Bombsite in allied battleships results in the complete destruction
of all Block houses that remain in German occupied France.

Allied attack on Cherbourg fails!!!
@ German units surrounding Caen attack Caen to attempt to lock down
Brit units in Caen Engagement one German survives.

Allied Bombers with 'target rule' privilege destroy two Nazi AA
guns east of St Lo.

Turn 9

8 Nazi units in surrounding Northern St Lo. Annihilated. Attack on
St. Lo by Allies fails. 3 Panzers Hold St Lo. Allies fail the
game by not controlling three cities of Caen, Cherbourg, and St Lo.
For one full turn uncontested of German units.

Game Critique

This was a most interesting game. It had many strengths. I will

The Pro's

The process of unit reinforce was mandated by game mechanics, Gone
was the old Axis and Allies basic game concept of conquering
territories for the purpose of IPC gain. Gone was the choice of
purchasing units of various types. D Day had all units pre created
an introduced by rolling dice to control quantizes of
re0nforcement. This made the game faster and allowed players to
concentrate on tactics.

The game combat conditions were more like the old Avalon hill game
mechanics. Gone is the A&A basic edition `Roll all the dice until
somebody is completely wiped out stuff'. D Days' mechanics were
more realistic. Both sides were allowed only one shot per turn per
contested space. Both units occupied spaces at the end of the turn,
comprising a `contested zone" No retreating of either side was

The Con's

It was obvious to game victory conditions that the Germans had only
to play a defensive game to win. Just drag out the play length and
put even one German unit in any city by turn ten to win.
This was a little too easy and made the German play a little less
interesting. I don't think that the Time factor had any relevance
to historical perspective. The introduction of a German Victory
condition could solve this issue.

The game board graphics were a bit bland and boring. Most games I
enjoy have a game board so saturated with color and detail it seems
worth it just to put it on the wall as a poster. The oceans and
country sides of blue and green were muted possibly to contrast the
game pieces. But there was no such bland design in A&A basic game
boards. The Allies had the use of Naval Bombardment yet ships were
not permanently printed on the game board or made into plastic
pieces. Ships were an almost a forgotten asset in the game.

The game phases were controlled by playing Cards. We abandoned the
cards on turn two when an 8x10 paper, printed out from Board game
geek of the turn sequence was more efficient. The board also had a
printed `Coaster" on the board to place the cards. This was just
wasted game board space better used by the game countries.

In the end I give this 7 of 10 stars!! It has many good points and
is different enough from previous versions of axis and allies that it
can be considered a completely different game. I recommend buying
the game, Unlike the A &A Europe and Pacific game!!!! But that is
another article!!!

If you enjoyed ther review please do a thumbs up reccommendation or help me with one geek gold so I can get a image avaitar and feel like a real boy! alla gipetto!

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Tim Earl
United States
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Thanks for the reminder Lawrence. I was just considering trying this again as a break from Memoir 44 and Fortress America.

I completely forgot that we abandoned the cards in favor of a reference sheet. I'll have to track that down...
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