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Subject: Granpa just didn´t get this one! rss

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tim Tim TIm TIM TIMMY!!
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So my friend got really really sick and went into the hospital while his Dad was here. So we got to host him and my friends 7 year old son, Rapha. Rapha wanted to play a game after dinner and I tried to steer him towards Kayak Chaos, but Rapha wanted WaterWorks instead and I had no problem thinking it would be easy to teach my wife and Don Juan, the Grandfather - age 75 still a very sharp cookie and so so interesting as he is ex-CIA ( just great stories I tell you, and as a stoner it is really funny to host him at the house ).

So I explain the rules and think I do a fairly good job of it, but my wife and Don Juan had a whole lot of questions through out the game. Rapha got to go first and he had great cards to start with. Don Juan had crappy cards and had 3 cap cards and 2 leaks so he started by playing a leak on my wife, K. K threw a leak on me but I had the card to cover it ( Fix it ). Rapha had a bunch of choices and was laying his pipeline down and making all kinds of noise, Grandpa plays a leak on me and now has four cap cards and says he is just picking the same cards. Karen lays a card on herself and I lay a leak on Don Juan, Rapha is all smiles as he lays his 3rd good pipe. Now Don Juan wants to put a cap on me to end my pipeline, but I explain that is not allowed as it will close my line off and that can only be played when a T-joint is laid down and can only be played to close one side of it, he just shakes his head and decides to trade one of his capes in, only to get another cap - he starts mumbling and I explain that I stacked the deck to screw him over, but he did not really get my joke.

Rapha is doing great and is half way to the 10 pipelines he needs to win and could not be happier as we where all a ways behind. Don Juan had a leak and I explained he should use one of his wrenches to fix it, but he wanted to trade a card in, and of course you guessed it, yet another cap for a cap and he is getting frustrated. I had explained it would be better to play a leaky cap on K´s T pipe ( I laid a leaky T on her ) because it would get rid of his card, hurt the other player, and he would draw another one, but he would not listen to me. I just laughed and thought it was funny. I needed to slow Rapha down so I played a leaky elbow on him that went the wrong way and would make him have to wrap back around for the finish. Karen was gaining on him and I caught up with him. I played defensive against K to try and give Rapha a little leeway hoping he would win it, but he just could not get the cards he needed. K took the lead and I put on a leaky pipe on Rapha that sent him back the way he needed to go and he was not happy till I reminded him that he could use one of his wrenches, he threw the wrench down and was all smiles again. Him and K where tied at 8 cards, I had 7, and Poor Don Juan was still at 4. So I have crappy cards and can not help myself but for fun throw a leaky T on K thinging to slow her down. Rapha gets his 9th card and K caps her T, which is very lucky because I would have thrown a leaky cap on the wrong side of the T for her to be abel to get an easy win. Rapha does not have the card he needs to win and makes a trade. Don Juan for the 3rd time tries to play a cap to end one of our lines only to be told for the 3rd time he is not allowed to do that and he rolls his eyes. Karen then fixes her leaky T with a wrench and I am up to 8 pipelines and was Hoping Rapha could pull of the win, he still did not have the card needed so K took the win on her next turn.

Don Juan, Rapha, and I played a 2nd game and I still had to explain a lot of things to Don Juan and thought it was easier teaching the 7 year old then the 75 year old. I think tonight if we play something it, it will have to be Kayak Chaos!

Game On´
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