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Subject: Thursday night battle - Sept 17 rss

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Map: Malodorr Swamp (SotM and Fortress official Hasbro scenario)

The winning condition of this map as the defender is to have NO enemy troops inside the castle at the end of a round after round 5 (or kill off all opposing enemies) and the attackers either have to kill off all defenders, or have TWICE as many units as the defenders inside the castle walls.

We played two draft games. The first one I was defending the castle with 800 points.

Microcorps x2 (200)
Charos (410)
10th x2 (560)
Cyprien (710)
Raelin (790)
Isamu (800)

I did not play a very good game with this team. Charos was one of my last picks taken to counter Q9 and Nilf. He ended up blocking Raelin's power from 1/3 of my castle When he left the castle it was to take on Q9 who was prepared to take a few disengagement swipes. I went this direction because Atlaga was on the other side of the castle boosting some Minions.

All of my Microcorps ended up failing their Stealth Armor rolls. The 10th tumbled quickly. Cyprien fell to Atlaga's Witherwood before causing any wounds on anyone. At this point I had no COMPLETE squads left, an enemy dragon perched on extreme height on my castle walls, and my dragon was trying to chase down Q9. So instead of dragging it out I conceded in an attempt to get a second game in for the evening.

The next game I was one of the attackers against a castle full of orc archers, swog riders, Braxis, Krug, and Raelin.

I had: Atlaga, Protectors x1, Cyprien, Marro Druge x3.

First round Braxis swooped up to fill in the last two remaining spaces on the wall, missing my partner's minion and my Protector with acid breath. The protectors swooped over the wall and the first one (from the one spot that provides a little bit of height) rolled 4 skulls against Raelin. She whifs her defence, so the next protector rolls 7 dice and kills her off. I think the third one killed an orc. Next order marker Atlaga Whitherwoods Braxis with a 19, I think.

The orcs and swog (and Krug) combination were a good decision for this map. Krug ended up leaving the castle, killing off my partner's Q9 and KSamurai while the archers rained death from above. My partner at one point had nothing left but 1 minion and an undropped AE. The Druge swampwalked into the castle a few times and took down a few swog riders and orcs with somewhat lucky rolls.

it was the AE that won the day. With Cyprien bouncing around the castle, cleaning up some remaining 10th (who ended up skewering him with a couple of good rolls) the AE dropped. Lining the walls, they ended up taking out the remaining 10th (after losing one member of their team to a final, stubborn 10th). This left Krug sitting right outside the open door and Isamu in the middle of the courtyard. With three AE, 1 minion on the upper tower and one protector in the middle of the tower, the defender was unable to prevent us from having more than double the number of troops in the castle and we won by the skin of our teeth. Outside the castle was just 2 druge left (who were sitting on swamp, ready to swapwalk into the castle if necessary).

It was a surprisingly close game, considering that the defender lost 290 important points in the first round. The bonding orcs and swogs did very well on this map. Considering that my friend and I own a combined 6 squads of orc archers and 4 swog riders, (340 points), adding Krug (460) and even Mimring (610) would have left 190 points to complete a strong bonding army that could fill up pretty much every open space on the castle walls.

My partner and my mistakes were taking one of the common Kyrie squads we'd picked (me protectors, him minions) so once we'd lost one it became less optimal to use them.
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