Sebastopol (Ballarat)
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Scenario 13/112: 28th Tank Attack, Part 2 – Note to Self – Do not take the path of most resistance.

June 25, 1941. This scenario continues the failed night attack on the 23rd. The Russian 28th spent the 24th immobile due to lack of fuel due to a delay of supplies courtesy of the German air forces. The following morning the battle against the German 11th Infantry continued…

The first part of the battle (which is Scenario 9) can be viewed here: How not to deploy tanks

The main objectives:
1. Inflict casualties on the Enemy (16 steps).
2. Limit the German advance towards the east (No Germans on the eastern board)

1. Inflict casualties on the Enemy (35 steps).
2. Advance towards the east (15+ units on the eastern board)

The Germans would have an uphill battle ploughing through the Russian armour while taking minimal losses with only 1 platoon of StuGIIIB and 4 batteries of 37mm AT Guns. They have a maximum of 6 hours to achieve their objectives.

Special Rules
1. Soviet leaders may not spot for artillery or mortars
2. Soviet tanks ordered to move may only do so if d6=1,2,3 (lack of fuel)

Note: Score will be denoted by (x-y), where x=German casualties, y=Russian casualties.

Note: In the pictures the colour variation between the two sides is sometimes hard to distinguish. This fortunately isn’t a problem during play. I suggest if you are having difficulties determining who is who using colour, you look at the symbol (eagle, star).

Initial Set-up. Germans on the left (West)


Morning dawns and the StuGIIIB races towards the bridge and encounters 4 platoons of BT-7 coming from the east.


StuGIIIB gets in first fire reducing one of the Russian platoons. Heavily armoured the return volleys have no effect (0-2)

Russian armour and infantry flood in from the east and the German artillery begins to pound against the Russian foot.


As the Russians continue their advance towards the town, the Germans flood the bridge and over the minor river.

German artillery eliminates a broken Russian platoon (0-4).


Even though vastly superior, the protection of the town guards the Russian armour and the German StuGIIIB misses again.

German infantry charge the town and half a platoon is lost (1-4).


In a fateful turn of events, the StuGIIIB is reduced by a volley from some BT-7s! (2-4)

More German infantry are lost approaching the town (3-4)

Play note: It was at this point that I thought that perhaps the Germans should have possibly approached this battle from a much different angle. They should have veered their forces north and south, avoiding the town and pressuring the east map. On the same note, the Russians should have dug-in most of their armour and infantry against such a manoeuvre and not just charged everyone into the town. I felt like starting this scenario over at this stage, but with 112 to get through in this module alone, I carried on.


German forces begin to flank the town to the south using the woods. (3-5)


Russians lose half an infantry platoon to German Artillery. German AT Gun battery is destroyed by Russian artillery. (4-6)


Germans continue to press in the woods (4-7), but their advance is more or less stagnated.


Russian mortars spotted in the northeast woods draw the attention of the German artillery.

The two sides trade off casualties in town and in the woods (6-9)


Fighting outside the town gets intense. A Russian HMG is reduced while a Lieutenant is cut down with his Infantry platoon trying to flee (6-12).

The Russians respond with direct fire eliminating a German INF platoon (8-12).

A Russian Mortar is hit by German regimental artillery. (8-13)


The German Col. organises an assault versus the Russian armour. Half an HMG platoon is lost, but a 37mm AT Gun hits its target and leaves a BT-7 smoking in ruins. (9-15)

A German HMG company moves around the unprotected north of the city.


A German HMG platoon is reduced by rifle fire (10-15) as the German AT Gun celebration is cut short as they are demoralised and flee under a barrage of Russian artillery (11-15).

German artillery hits a Russian platoon (11-16)

Play note: At the halfway point and the Germans are almost at their 16 step limit. With too many losses, it looks impossible to get 15 units onto the eastern board and unlikely to inflict 35 steps against the Soviets as they have too little firepower remaining. Russian victory.


Demoralised, the Germans call off the advance and retreat to regroup as the 28th Tank Division fortifies themselves in the town.

Please refer to the Play notes above and give me your thoughts.

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