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Subject: Gettin'-Jighm-with-it review rss

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Jighm Brown
United States
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I picked this game up at a Goodwill store. The box was in great shape and it had a theme that I enjoy - fantasy, dragons. The components looked great on the box bottom. When I opened the game, it was in unplayed shape. Hmmm.

*Gameboard - The gameboard is a quad-fold and pretty large when opened up. It looks very good. However, the words on the path spaces are very difficult to read, both in font and contrast to the background color. Each player sits next to a sword image of the color of his choice. There is a hole on the hilt of that sword that gets punched out before you first play the game which is used to hold your dragon crystals during a challenge. It only holds about 9 crystals without spill-over, which is important because the crystals are round and roll all over the place if they escape you.
*Dragon Crystals - These are small blue egg-shaped gemstones that resemble the egg in the movie. They are difficult to handle, too. I had to use little cups for each player to hold them in.
*Cards - These are pretty good in quality and talk about various parts of the movie. They cause players to move on the gameboard and/or gain or lose crystals.
*Pawns - These are very cool. Each is shaped as a sword with a colored gemstone on its hilt matching the color of the player.
*Dice - There are 3 dice in the game - a blue-gray d6 movement die, a red d10 strength die numbered 00 to 90, and a green d20 magic die numbered 1 to 20. The red and green dice are used in challenges and a challenge is nothing more than two players rolling and the higher roller winning.
*Bag - A nice-looking bag to hold the crystals. The quality doesn't seem very good on it, though.

Game Play:
You roll the 6-sided die and move that many spaces. The rules don't say that you can't share a space with another player. If you land on a space with words, you follow the instructions based on what the space says. There're spaces allowing you to take an extra turn. There're spaces allowing you to steal crystals from a player of your choice. There're spaces allowing you to challenge another player to a duel of strength or magic to win crystals. Some spaces make you stop and draw a crystal. There are times when the path splits, causing you to choose which way to go. Some make you draw a card. The game is almost totally based on luck of the roll and the draw. The only real strategies involved are in deciding which path to choose on each fork in the path, who to target for effects, and how many crystals to challenge with. Whoever ends up with the most crystals at the end of the game wins. No rules for deciding ties. (We had one.)

Given all of this, the game wasn't really all that bad to play. I won't pull it out on a regular basis, but I won't turn down a game of it either. It plays better with 3 or 4 players. Just don't expect a strategyfest. Just roll, move, follow instructions.

Thanks for reading.
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