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Subject: More classes than you can shake your wand at. rss

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Chris & Nova Henson
United States
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I haven't even played enough to see all the official classes in action yet. But if only I had discovered this game earlier, maybe. But anyways, some have, and I guess this article is really for them.

There are really only what I would consider 60 different possible classes for this game (assuming you stick with the 5/2, 4/4 and 3/6 stat blocks). Of the 60, there's no way I could justify a vast majority of them (such as a class that uses the 1. Fortress, 2. Forest Camp and has stats of 3 strength & 6 willpower, or anyone whose primary guild is the magic tower and have the 5/2 stat block). So that leaves us with only 20 classes that have completely unique guild combinations, 10 of which are represented in the game, and 10 of which aren't. Coincidentally, the ten that arent already represented are just mirrors of the 10 that are, such as 1. Magic Tower 2. Fortress instead of 1. Fortress 2. Magic Tower (Spellblade). So what that means is 40 out of the 60 classes are really going to just be respecs of the original 20 unique classes.

And so I have decided to focus on these 10 classes, again because 10 are already included with the game. Whats important to me really is the guild combinations, the actual stats could, for the most part, easily slide to 4/4 or from 4/4 to something else. IMO The Paladin should really be 5/2, for instance,

So OMG if you are still reading this, here they are:

Assassin (or Ninja)
Fortress/Thieves Guild
Str 5 Will 2

Thieves Guild/Magic Tower
Str 3 Will 6

Str 4 Will 4

Monastery/Forest Camp
Str 3 Will 6

Fortress/Forest Camp
Str 5 Will 2

Thieves Guild/Monastery
Str 3 Will 5
This was the hardest combination to justify for me, and also the hardest to name. Other names that I thought of would definitely not have been considered politically correct. So I chose Noble as the name to sort of represent a corrupted politician who is mostly concerned with self-advancement and therefore tries to manipulate their political power through religion (monastery) and corrupt funding (thieves guild).

Forest Camp/Thieves Guild
Str 4 Will 4

Forest Camp/Magic Tower
Str 3 Will 6

Magic Tower/Fortress
Str 4 Will 4
In my mind the quintessential fantasy character.

Magic Tower/Monastery
Str 3 Will 6
Every fantasy game has to have a Wizard right!

BTW, just like the original characters, no points were given here for originality (name-wise) and so I think they are fitting.

In addition to the ten "new" classes above, I did a couple that were simply respecs. Of those, here are my favorite three:

Thieves Guild/Fortress
Str 4 Will 4
This Ninja is more inline with the AD&D interpretation of a Ninja as a subclass of thief.

Forest Camp/Monastery
Str 5 Will 2
A druid who violently defends her natural surroundings.

Str 5 Will 2
Basically what I thought the Paladin should be like.
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Slev Sleddeddan
United Kingdom
Victoria Park
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What part of "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn" don't you understand?
Don't you open that trapdoor!
Small error in your maths that you correct the hard way, is in the guild combinations. You start with permutations, then remove the like permutations.

There are 12 guild combinations, all of which are represented in the game with one of the three possible stat blocks.

You thus have 24 characters, though you do mention the more over-powered stat block/guild combos, I believe that this is why each "class" receives the stat block it does.

Thus if one guild is magic base and one strength based, you receive a middling 4/4, so neither is an advantage nor a weakness. Jack of all trades, master of none.

Meanwhile, those characters relying entirely on Strength have the 5/2 to compensate for their weakness elsewhere and the pure magic uses have 3/6 to compensate for their weakness.

As a result the classes you can create will be at a different level of power to the others, and in two categories:

Overpowered: Those with the high stat/guild combos who you have dismissed.
Underpowered: The one's who's stats are completely at odds with their skills who will have very tough a time of it.

Either of these is fine, but they will likely mix poorly with the original characters.
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