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Someone else (sorry - can't remember who) had the awesome idea of a drawbridge in one of their custom maps. Basically, controlling a lever added a piece of corridor that connect two halves of the map together. If you didn't control the lever, you couldn't cross to the exit point.

I thought this was a fantastic idea and said at the time that I intended to nick it for one of my own maps. Then I realised - why not put it into an existing map that needs a little "help?"

So - Mission VIII:

I have to admit, there is a very strong chance the marines can win this mission by giving the object to the librarian and running like fun until he gets out. The rest of the squad is superfluous to requirements. To resolve this, my original suggestion was simply to replace the crossroads in the centre of the map with t-junctions, forcing the librarian to take a longer route with more corners involved. This actually works fine, but I wanted to get all the marines a bit more involved so thought the drawbridge idea would work well.

(Sorry, no map, so you will have to glance at the mission book if you don't know what I'm talking about...)

In the centre of the map is the area I call the "maze." There are two crossroads side by side, the a 3-square corridor, and then another crossroad. To use the drawbridge variant, that 3-square corridor becomes the bridge, so at the beginning of the game it isn't there. You can't shoot across the gap, and the gap blocks LOS. (Imagine the drawbridge is raised, creating a barrier that can't be seen through.)

There are two levers for the drawbridge, and both have to be activated for the bridge to appear. There is one lever in the red corner room (top left of map) and one in the green corner room (lower left of map). The levers are the CENTRE space of each room.

You can play that these are switches that only the marine can use, and they are activated using two APs, but I like the idea of them being pressure pads. They are only active as long as a model (any model) is standing on them. If at any point, there is no model on that space, then the bridge raises, and anyone on it dies.

So that's it - the team can either split into three (two going for each lever, leaving the librarian to run the gauntlet across the drawbridge), or the team can try to make it to the end of the map by avoiding the bridge completely (either walking by at least two spawn points if they go around the very edge, or dawdling for longer navigating the corners in the "maze"). Either way, a straight up dash to victory is no longer as likely.

Needs more testing, but it seemed quite fun to me...

Happy gaming.
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