June Hwang Wah
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This is the second installment of the replay I posted some time earlier.

Turn 7:

On my part, mounting losses meant that I could no longer defend everything I needed to while denying the road network to the Germans. As I still held Nouville and Magaret, I figured that as long as I kept the eastern line intact, the bulk of the German forces could be held in check. I opted to give up control of most of the road network, thereby allowing the Germans from Areas B and G free access. A few companies will be scattered around the main VP routes to force the Germans to attack,and use up valuable time.

The infantry companies from 26 VG finally overwhelmed the paratroopers I left in the woods south of Route C. I learned that while individual 101AB companies are stronger than VGs, they can be quickly overwhelmed in point defences. And while in the woods, they are vulnerable to mortar attacks.

On Turn 8, a swirling battle erupted in the woods to the east of Senonchamps. KG Kunkel's attacks left it in a vulnerable position, and I took the opportunity to try and kill some panzers. My armour pushed into the gaps between German units. Unfortunately, a 3-1 attacked whiffed, and I got several of my last armour units stuck where they cannot exploit back into defence positions. Terence, with an evil gleam in his eyes launched a counterattacked, which should have worked, but also stalled on a "2" dr. But his attacks were better covered, and my riptose only bagged 2 units.

In the north, Terence finally successfully flanked my positions, and I was forced to abandon the defences at Nouville and pulled back to Foy. I was hanging on by my fingernails to the northern route.

On Turn 10, Patton's reinforcements finally arrived. I had hoped to have them a turn early, but it was not to be. Terence had positioned the few VG he had in the south well, and there was no way I could roadmarch them anywhere useful. But I noticed that with normal and exploitation movement, I could get them into positions where they could block subsequent German attacks. I therefore pushed several units from Bastogne onto the VP routes, and then have units from BG Abrams babysit them. On their own, they would have been overwhelmed in an instant, but with the tanks standing guard, Terence could not get in his attacks in 1 turn. At that point, Terence conceded the game.


This was our first complete game. I believe it was closer that it looked. What costed Terence the game was his failure to completely destroy the American forces at Longvilly. This casued the subsequent bottleneck that delayed the German reinforcements. I was also very lucky with the artillery and airstrike rolls. I believe I was below average only on 1 turn in both areas throughout the game. Towards the end of the game, I was vey low on units on the board. I guess the American player, while looking at the hoard of reinforcements on Turn 2 needs to remember that his casualties will mount, and there are not many reinforcements to replace them.

Overall,we like the game. The rules are based on Gamers SCS. The road and lack of supply rules make for an unusually fluid game. The low stacking was a plus point. Most times, there was only 1 unit per hex, and one can have a good view of the position at a glance. One little anamoly of the stacking rules was that two depleted units stacked in a hex was stronger than a single full-strength unit.

A suggestion regarding the airstrike rules. We felt that airstrikes were too powerful. They could hit any unit on the board, and if the unit was in woods, adds a -1 to the attack. Airstrikes should be allowed without spotters against German units only in the open. Having them strike at deploying units hiding in woods seems too powerful and ahistorical.
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