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Subject: Custom Wooden Game Board: 2-3-6-Player rss

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jason wendling
United States
Santa Clara
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Hello all-

I wasn't totally sure where to post this. It is kinda a variant, kinda general - so let me know if you think I should move it.


I've made a custom game board for M44. I've also been working on a few rules variants for the board:

2 player death match
3 player death match
6 player death match
6 player team match

Rules to be posed tomorrow...

The board is constructed of pine wood rails, a pine base, and hundreds of dowel rods. It took about 20 hours to complete. It has been pained with a textured paint to give it the feel of terrain. There are desert and winter sections as well as the standard grass.

and... It's up for sale. It includes 6 sealed decks from DoW that include the Air Sortie/Power cards ($40 value) and a sealed copy of the Mediterranean Theater expansion ($25 value). The expansion is included so one can paint or bleach the figures white to represent the French.

I think this one is worth about $75 plus shipping of $35 (it is big). Anyone interested?

A few notes... I worked hard on it but it is not perfect. It is hand-made so expect some rough edges, messy caulk spots, and such. Some of the spots for the terrain tiles don't fit perfectly and may need to be tweaked. Don't buy it if that'll bother you. Obviously, due to the shipping hassle, I can't take a return - so be sure you want it before you buy.

More pictures:

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Jim O'Neill (Established 1949)
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jasonwendling wrote:
...The expansion is included so one can paint or bleach the figures white to represent the French.

Nah, just give them white flags.

Est. 1949

Seriously though, that looks great.
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jason wendling
United States
Santa Clara
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The rules...

Memoir ‘44
World at War Rules

This variant rule set for Memoir ’44 provides for a balanced battle between multiple factions on the same map. Armies and terrain for each faction are constructed and placed in designated zones. Additional buffer terrain elements are added at random. Battles are fought for domination of capitals or for victory points to determine the winner.

Individual or Team Play Scenarios
Depending on the number of players, select one of the following scenarios.

2-Player - Victory condition: 12 metals and one opposing capital; Points:

A massive battle between two equal forces can be waged by one player representing the Axis and one representing the Allies. This scenario represents historical alliances.

3-Player, Small - Victory condition: 6 metals or one capital; Points:

Three of the six sections are used for this battle - Germany, UK, and Japan. This scenario portrays an alternate reality where Japan attacks Germany and the UK rather than the US.

3-Player, Large - Victory condition: 8 metals and one capital; Points:

All of the sections are used. In this scenario, the Russians form an allegiance with Japan and a three-factor war is started for total world domination.

6-Player - Victory condition: 6 metals or two capitals; Points:

All sections are used with no allegiances. Each country fights for domination of the map.

Combat Rule Changes
In addition to the standard Memoir ’44 combat rules three additions are made.

Bold Units - Units with at least adjacent friendly ground unit to the rear become bold and may ignore the first flag rolled against them. This effect stacks with other flag-ignoring rules.

Strong Units - Units with at least two adjacent friendly ground units fight with one additional die.

Total Miss - If a player is unable to fire with any units on his turn or misses with all shots, he may choose to draw two command cards, reveal them both, and keep one at the end of his turn.

Card Rule Changes
In place of the normal section card restrictions in Memoir ’44, players use cards without restriction to movement. Replace the term “All” with “4” on section cards.

Terrain and Movement Rules
Terrain rules from the standard Memoir 44 remain unchanged. However, two unique sections are added to this rules variant. Each of the six sides of the board is split into eight starting spaces in front of each player with a single hex between sides. In front of the eight spaces, players also use the row of seven spaces; and, in front of this row is a row of six hex spaces. This represents the boundary of home territory. The three center spaces of the seven row can be used for a home base. The player may choose one of these hexes to be his capital city.

Movement is conducted with the standard Memoir ’44 rules with one exception. While in one’s home territory, the player can move his units twice their maximum speed and not attack. This bonus applies to all units that begin or end movement within the home territory. This bonus does not apply to retreats.

Army Building and Terrain Placement
Each player is allocated points for his army and terrain based on the scenario used. Players split the point total between army and terrain purchases prior to making any selections. Players use points until all are exhausted in tandem.

Once all armies and terrain have been purchased and placed on the game board, buffer terrain is placed. Players take turns rolling a d8 and placing terrain in the unmarked territory between countries according to the following steps:

1. Roll d8, count inward from the edge to select the target space.
2. Roll a battle die and place the designated terrain
Flag, Star: Hill
Grenade, Tank: Forrest
Infantry: Town
3. Each player rolls twice for the left buffer and once for the right buffer
(If the same section is rolled in step 1, re-roll)

Point values for terrain are reflected on the following player aids.

Capital Occupation
A capital is considered occupied when an opposing unit is able to remain placed in the capital through the end of the owning player’s turn. A player may regain control of his capital. Victory conditions are only made when all conditions are maintained at the same time. A player may not win by occupation on his own turn unless he occupied the capital at the start of his turn.

Turn Order
Players roll for starting player. Players rotate clockwise in play order. Counter attacks may be played against any opponents that attacked after the current player’s turn.

Each player begins with 4 cards. He may choose to play one or two cards on his turn. At the end of his turn, he may draw one replacement (unless designated by a card or Total Miss). Each player retains his own discard pile.

Victory is declared by a player who collects the necessary number of metals and/or retains occupation of an opposing player’s capital for at least one full turn.

Teams share victories in team battles.

Unit Costs

Cost Unit Movement Strength
7 Infantry (4) 0-1, 2 NB 3-2-1
8 Elite Forces (4) 0-2 3-2-1
9 Tank (3) 0-3 3-3-3
9 Artillery (2) 0, 1 NB 3-3-2-2-1-1
8 *Special * *
10 Airplane (1) 1-4 See below

*Special Units; maximum of one per player
Country Unit Movement Strength / Ability
Germany Sniper (1) 0-2 2-2-2-1-1-1
UK Spy (1) 0-4 Remove, then place an infantry unit and fight
France Resistance (4) 0-1, 2 NB 3-2-1, Retreat 0-3
Russia Ironclad Tanks (2) 0-2, 3 NB 3-3-3, Enemy must re-roll to confirm hits (Grenade or tank confirm hit)
America Marines (3) 0-2 2-2-2, Ignore first flag
Japan Bonsai (1) 0-3 4, then remove the unit
Use a badge to represent these units from the appropriate supply.

Use the standard air rules. Players must use an airplane from his country.

Cost Terrain Vs Infantry Vs Tank LoS Stop Air Check
5 Hill -1 -1 Block Yes 1
3 River/Lake/Marsh Impassible
6 Forest -1 -2 Block Yes 2
6 Town -1 -2 Block Yes 2
2 Airfield No 1
4 Supply Depot -1 -1 Block No 1
6 Field Hospital -1 -2 Block Yes 2
3 Gully/Crater/Trench -1 -2 No

(this shows up better in Word or Pages...)
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Trevor May
United States
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Hey, what are the dimensions of this board? Also, how long are the walls of the board? Is it split into two sections? I really like this and might consider buying it.
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