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Traveller Werewolf - more games planned
Still have werewolf games in sign-up.
Court of the Faerie Queen

The faeries (aos sí) have a crisis in their court. Ainé the old queen is stepping down due to corruption in the realms of the faerie. The faeries will elect a new Queen, and then she will lead them to restore nature to its true balance.

The Tuatha Dé Danan (People of the goddess danu) are divided into Light and Dark. The aes sídhe (Light) court has been convened to address the corruption of nature, but unfortunately members of the sluagh sídhe (dark) court have infiltrated the proceedings.


There are two teams, the dark faeries (wolves) want to corrupt the lands, and the light faeries (village) want to heal the land. There are five special light roles and 6 dark roles and 8 villager (light) roles. Each non-villager player will get a cover faerie role to play.

Sluagh Sídhe (Dark Court)

Cailleach Bheur (Old Woman of Beare) [Sea]
Machae iníon Ernmas (Macha) [Otherworld]
Gan Ceann (Dullahan) Green Knight [Land]
Direach Ghlinn Eitidh (Fachen) Dwarf of Glen Etive [Forest]
Badb Catha (Vulture/Battle Crow) [Air]
The Morrígan (Morrígu) Phantom Queen aka Nemain

Each of the Sluagh has powers appropriate for their background, each Faerie can use their powers to hasten the corruption of the lands or on other Faerie.

Aes Sídhe (Light Court)

Cliodhna (Queen of the Banshees) [Otherworld]
Danu (Mother Goddess) [Land]
Ghillie Dhu (dark haired lad) [Forest]
Manannán mac Lir (Mannin son of the sea) [Sea]
Mug Ruith (Slave of the Wheel) [Air]

Each of the above have powers appropriate for their background which they can use against the Sluagh or to heal the land.

The remaining 8 are villagers and will be given a role from the list of cover roles below and also minor powers associated with their role.

Some of the Si have items to assist them in their goals.


The game has sé (6) main areas; the Sidhe (Court), and cúig(5) relams: Air, Sea, Land, Forest and Otherworld.
The realms are connected to each other by the "Mists between the worlds". Each day the players will have trí (3) moves which will allow them to move between the realms and take special Faerie actions using the physics system. Players may be observed or followed in their movements.

Each of the realms has a corruption level from Healed, Healthy, Good, Poor, Dying, and Dead. There are underlying numeric values for each of these levels where Dead is 0 and Healed is 313, but those values will not be publicly available. The areas start the game at Poor(125) and are changed by the actions of the players. Once an area reaches Dead the Dark Faeries get one point and that realm cannot be affected by the players any more, similarly once a realm reaches Healed the Light Faeries get a point and that area is immune to player effects. The team with the most points wins the game.

Lynch and Night Kill

On Là aon (D1), the players will be voting for a new rìgain (queen) of the Sidhe. The Queen will reign until a realm dies, at which point they are deposed and a new queen will have to be chosen. Those days that there is a queen, the vote will present candidates for expulsion from the court, the queen must choose one or more players who have at least 25% of the current voting strength (19 at the start so anyone with 19*0.25=4.75 five votes or more) if there are no candidates the queen can chose any one person to banish or to re-instate. Banished players cannot vote, may not enter the court (which limits their movements only to adjacent realms), and reduces their effectiveness in dealing with the corruption. Banished players may be re-instated, or are all restored when the queen steps down. The current (descriptive) state of each realm will be maintained on the first page.

There is no Night Kill, however the Dark Faeries will jointly chose a realm to introduce a new pathogen into, which will dramatically reduce the health of that realm. More so if one of them are physically present in that realm.

The Faeries also have the ability to physically attack each other, which is the only way that a player can be removed from the game. The opportunities are limited and may only result in a wound.


As mentioned the faeries will be attempting to heal/corrupt the realms. Depending on where a player is and who they are will depend on the effectiveness of their actions. Some faeries have a realm in brackets after their role (above) this is their affinity.

At court: Each Faerie will divide their 10 points evenly to each realm (points are still spent in closed realms)
In a realm: Each Faerie spends all their points in the realm and gets a 50% bonus.
Faeries with affinity: Points are doubled in their realm (instead of 50% bonus), even if they are at court, if they are in a different realm their realm still gets 2 points.
The lead sister of the Morrígu has 20 points and the queen can add 2/4 points to any region.
Each realm also has one or two actions (e.g. leaving a faerie in place of a human child) that can be performed as part of movement to contribute a few points

There are a number of items which will enable combat and/or defend against combat, also owning certain items will give a few points towards/against the current corruption in a realm. Some examples of items are:

Four Treasures:
Coire Dagadae (Dagda's Cauldron)
Slea Bua (Spear of Lugh)
Lia Fail (Stone of Fal)
Claiomh Solais (Sword of the Sun)

The Fairy Host

Abartach: (performer of feats)
Bébinn: (beautiful woman)
Boann: (white cow)
Bodb Derg: (red crow)
Brigid: a woman of poetry
Caer Ibormeith (swan)
Creidhne (goldsmith of the Tuatha De)
Dagda: (All-Father)
Dian Cecht: (healing)
Étaín: (sun goddess)
Flidais: (beautiful hair)
Fand: (Pearl of Beauty)
Fionn mac Cumhaill: (Finn McCool)
Goibniu: (Smith of the Tuatha De)
Lí Ban: (Otherworldly woman)
Luchtaine: (Carpenter of the Tuatha De)
Niamh Chinn Óir (Niamh "Bright" of the Golden Hair)
Ogma (Champion of the Tuatha De)
Óengus: (god of love)
Plor na mBan (Flower of Women)
Tuireann (Thunder God)
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Traveller Werewolf - more games planned
Still have werewolf games in sign-up.
Each of the environments can be either healed or corrupted each turn by each faerie, regardless of their location, some faeries have an affinity for a particular area and their effects are enhanced, effects are also enhanced if the faerie is in the location they are working on.
The faeries know that there are members of the sluagh sídhe in their midst, but due to the capricious nature of faeries they are not certain whom. Each turn there will be a vote, to remove a faerie from the court, the queen can over-rule the vote. Being removed from the court is not killed, but their effectiveness is reduced, and so is their movement. Faeries can also be restored to the court by the queen. Only the faeries at court can vote, but cassie is not smart enough for this. Also all movement is controlled by night orders, but the faeries location is public knowledge. Also a player may issue a follow order, this may not be conditional.

Each area is rated in the corruption level with both a descriptive and numerical value:

Corrupted: 0
Contaminated: 1-30
Debased: 31-66
Tainted: 67-108
Aldultered: 109-156
Healed: 157+

All areas start the game at Debased (48).

Each round the current level will be announced to everyone. Some faeries have the ability to retrieve the exact numbers of the corruption. The evil faeries also have the ability to each night introduce a new pathogen to an area reducing it one complete level. (e.g. from Tainted to Debased) Such changes will leave the area at the highest value possible (e.g. 66). This action takes place after all individual faerie healing has been done.

Because of the nature of faeries they cannot move about easily, having to return to the otherworld before moving from say the sea to the forest. Faeries, however may move directly from one to the other if they are still members of the court.

If an area is Healed or Corrupted, then the appropriate side gets 1 victory point, and no further actions can occur in that area. Corruption of an area will result in a non-confidence vote against the Queen (meaning that the faeries have a choice next day of no lynch or the Queen only). The side with the most victory points when the last area is closed wins the game.

Evil Faeries

Caillagh ny Groamagh: Affinity for water.

The Morrígan: No Affinity.

Niamh Chinn Óir: Affinity for Otherworld

Dullahan: Affinity for Land.

Direach Ghlinn Eitidh (Fachen): Affinity for Forest.

Badb: Affinity for Air.

Good Faeries

Cliodhna: Affinity for the Otherworld

Danu: Affinity for the Land.

Ghillie Dhu: Affinity for the Forest

Manannán mac Lir: Affinity to The Sea

Mug Ruith: Affinity to the Air.

Remainder of the goods (8) are not publically named (to avoid an all-reveal breaking the game), each villager and evil player (cover role) will be given a name from the following list:

Abartach, Áine, Bébinn, Boann, Dagda, Étaín, Flidais, Fand, Macha, Óengus, Plor na mBan

There are also a number of "Items" which are Servants of the Principal faeries, and can be dispatched to affect an area when the faerie is busy in court, of course they will not be as effective as the main faerie.

Role Details:

"Evil" Faeries

Cailleach Bheur (Caillagh ny Groamagh): Affinity for water.
A divine hag, a creatrix, and possibly an ancestral deity or deified ancestor. The word simply means 'old woman' in modern Scottish Gaelic. The Cailleach is seen as a seasonal deity or spirit, ruling the winter months between Samhainn and Bealltainn

The Morrígan (Phantom Queen): No Affinity.
She is associated with sovereignty, prophecy, war, and death on the battlefield. She sometimes appears in the form of a crow, flying above the warriors, and in the Ulster cycle she also takes the form of an eel, a wolf, and a cow. She is generally considered a war deity comparable with the Germanic Valkyries, although her association with cattle also suggests a role connected with fertility, wealth, and the land.

Macha, daughter of Ernmas (Sister of Morrigan/Anann and Badb) goddess of war (Mesrad Machae - Mast (acorn crop) of Macha - head of men that have been slaughtered. [Affinity for Otherworld?] presumed goddess of ancient Ireland, associated with war, horses, sovereignty

Dullahan (Green Knight): Affinity for Land.
It is headless, usually seen riding a headless black horse and carrying his head under one arm. The head's eyes are massive and constantly dart about like flies, while the mouth is constantly in a hideous grin that touches both sides of the head. The flesh of the head is said to have the color and consistency of moldy cheese. The dullahan's whip is actually a human corpse's spine, and the wagons they sometimes use are made of similarly funereal objects (e.g. candles in skulls to light the way, the spokes of the wheels made from thigh bones, the wagon's covering made from a worm-chewn pall). When the dullahan stops riding, it is where a person is due to die. The dullahan calls out their name, at which point they immediately perish.

Direach Ghlinn Eitidh (Dwarf of Glen Etive) Fachen: Affinity for Forest
a creature with only half a body in Scottish and Scots-Irish folklore. Supposedly its appearance, which includes a mane of black feathers tufted at the top and a very wide mouth, is so frightening that it induces heart attacks. It can destroy an orchard with a chain in its strong, singular, withered arm, in a single night..

Badb (Vulture): Affinity for Air
a goddess of war who took the form of a crow, and was thus sometimes known as Badb Catha (battle crow). She often caused confusion among soldiers to move the tide of battle to her favored side.

Good Faeries

Cliodhna: (Queen of the Banshees)
Affinity for the Otherworld
Clíodhna is a goddess of love and beauty. She is said to have three brightly coloured birds who eat apples from an otherworldly tree and whose sweet song heals the sick.

Danu: Affinity for the Land.
Danu is the mother goddess of the Tuatha Dé Danann (The peoples of the goddess Danu). Though primarily seen as an ancestral figure, some Victorian sources also associate her with the Land.

Ghillie Dhu: Affinity for the Forest
a guardian spirit of the trees. He is kind to children, but generally wild and shy. Said to be dark haired, he is described as clothed in leaves and moss

Manannán mac Lir: Affinity to The Sea
god of the sea, although he is the son of Lir, who also holds that position. He is often seen as a psychopomp, and considered to have strong connections to the Otherworld islands of the dead, as well as to weather and the mists between the worlds. (Manannan - Isle of Man, Mac - Son, Lir - Lear/Sea)

Mug Ruith (Slave of the Wheel): Affinity to the Air.
a powerful blind druid of Munster who lived on Valentia Island, County Kerry. He could grow to enormous size, and his breath caused storms and turned men to stone. He wore a hornless bull-hide and a bird mask, and flew in a machine called the roth rámach, the "oared wheel". He had an ox-driven chariot in which night was as bright as day, a star-speckled black shield with a silver rim, and a stone which could turn into a poisonous eel when thrown in water.

Remainder of the goods (8) are not named (to avoid an all-reveal breaking the game), but will be given a name when revealed from the following list:

Abartach: (performer of feats)
Aengus: (God of love, youth and poetic inpiration)
Áine: is an Irish goddess of love, summer, wealth and sovereignty. She is associated with the sun and midsummer, and is sometimes represented by a red mare
Bébinn: (beautiful woman) a goddess associated with birth and the sister of the river-goddess, Boann.
Boann: (white cow) goddess of the River Boyne. Her lover is the Dagda, by whom she had her son, Óengus. In order to hide their affair, the Dagda made the sun stand still for nine months; therefore, Aengus was conceived, gestated and born in one day.
Brigid: a woman of poetry, and she was a woman of healing along with that, and a woman of smith's work, and it was she first made the whistle for calling one to another through the night. And the one side of her face was ugly, but the other side was very comely
Creidhne - goldsmith of the Tuatha De
Dagda: (All-Father)
Dian Cecht: was the God of healing to the Irish people.
Étaín: heroine of Tochmarc Étaíne
Flidais (beautiful hair): She is a shape-shifter
Fand is an early Irish sea goddess, later described as a "Queen of the Fairies". Her name is variously translated as "Pearl of Beauty" or "A Tear". She is seen as the most beautiful of goddesses, associated with the Other World islands of pleasure, youth and women.
Fionn mac Cumhaill (Finn McCool) he and the Fianna
Glashtyn: Creature.
Goibniu: Smith of the Tuatha De.
Luchtaine: Carpenter of the Tuatha De
Niamh Chinn Óir (Niamh "Bright" of the Golden Hair): daughter of Manannán mac Lir mother of Plor na mBan. one of the Queens of Tir na nÓg (Land of Youth)
Ogma (Champion of the Tuatha De)
Óengus: god of love, youth and poetic inspiration. He was said to have four birds symbolizing kisses flying about his head (whence, it is believed, the xxxx's symbolizing kisses at the end of lovers' letters come from
Plor na mBan (Flower of Women) Daughter of Niamh

Bean Sídhe (Banshee): usually seen as an omen of death and a messenger from the Otherworld.
Asrai · Banshee · Biróg · Boggart · Bogle · Brownie · Caoineag · Clurichaun · Domovoi · Dryad · Drow · Duergar · Dwarf · Each uisge · Elf · Erlking · Fairy Queen · Faun · Glaistig · Goblin · Gnome · Gremlin · Haltija · Heinzelmännchen · Hödekin · Hobgoblin · Huldra · Imp · Klabautermann · Kelpie · Kobold · Lares · Leprechaun · Lorelei · Mermaid · Morgen · Naiad · Nain Rouge · Nix · Nymph · Ogres · Ondine · Pixie (Joan the Wad) · Psotnik · Púca · Puck/Robin Goodfellow · Radande · Redcap · Rusalka · Sânziană · Selkie · Spriggan · Sprite · Squasc · Sylph · Tomte · Troll · Vila · Vodyanoy · Water sprite · Wight · Xana · Zână
Samhain marked the end of the harvest, the end of the "lighter half" of the year and beginning of the "darker half"


Need to have 5 areas to make the victory guaranteed for one side or the other. Using the physics engine each player is given two moves, those with access to the otherworld can move through (death for those that break the rule), otherwise one needs to move around. Each of the areas can also have sub-choices indicating actions to gain extra strength. E.g. go on a hunt (collects people together for a collective bonus). Exchange a goblin for a child, steal a human, search for an artifact...

Four Treasures:
Coire Dagdae: Dagda's Cauldron (bottomless food)
Slea Bua: Spear of Lugh (Cast always hit its mark and returned - tip had to be kept in water to keep it from igniting)
Lia Fail: Stone of Fal (Stone of destiny - identify and rejuvenate king of Ireland)
Claiomh Solais: Sword of Light of Nuada (Glowing bright torch - no one ever escaped from it once it was drawn)

Manannan - magic goblet of truth, ship without sails, cloak of mists (invis), flaming helmet, sword (Fragarach) Gave 4 items to lugh (Manannan's coat - cannot be wounded, breastplate - same,, helmet and sword - no one recovered from wound)

Fairy Cavalcade (Wild Hunt) - Led by Fionn
Tangling of Hair of sleepers
stealing small items
leading travellers astray
Fairy Kidnapping (Sudden death)
Consumption - forcing young people to dance at revels every night
Riding domestic animals - paralysis or mysterious illnesses
Fairy children left in place of stolen human babies.
Plant fairy tree -
drown somone.

3 moves per day
Faerie Court links to each mists between the worlds (one way) and to the Deep Mists
Each area (Forest, Land, Sea, Air, Otherworld) links to its mists between the worlds, if the person is a member of the court they can go directly to deep mists.
Each mist between the world location has a simple move to one of the areas one way link to any of three action areas and a link to two other mists between the worlds.
Action areas (linked to area) have one way link to their area
Deep Mists - Linked to court, One way to all action areas, One way to each mist between the worlds

Area -> LMist -> Limited Action -> Appropriate Area
Area -> LMist -> LMist -> Limited Area
Area -> CMist -> Action -> Appropriate Area
Court -> CMist -> Action -> Appropriate Area
Area -> Court
Area -> CMist -> Any Lmist -> Limited Area

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Traveller Werewolf - more games planned
Still have werewolf games in sign-up.
Empirically Werewolves innnn Spaaaace

(Can still be done with tasks and a fantasy setting).

The core worlds of the Human Empire have been exporting their misfits to the frontier for decades, setting up colonies on far flung worlds and taxing them to recover their set-up cost and also buying their raw materials and food at cheap rates "due to market economies".

With their representation at the Alliance of Human Worlds, small due to their limited population, not being able to make any headway into improving their position in the Empire, the outworlders have now had enough. The core worlds have un-matched manufacturing facilities, while the outworlds have just two smaller shipyards amongst the worlds that support their side of the conflict. However the vast majority of the fleet personnel come from the outworlds, the core world dewellers happy in their near-idyllic homes have no reason to volunteer for dangerous off-world duties. Still many of the officers are from the core worlds and have been preparing for increased tensions.

The game consists of the struggles of the command crew of a single spaceship when the word of the outworlder rebellion breaks out, and mutiny develops with the crew.
(Task based - single side wolves are sympathetic officers) or (task based - multiple sides wolves are sympathetic officers/loyal troops)

Humans have been in space for several millenia, factions have come and gone, the worlds generally colonized from one ethnic or cultural group have seen very little internal conflict, but animosities between the worlds and failed trade arrangements, economic or resource inequalities have had them joining various different factions over the years. The known worlds are divided up into two groups the Egalitarian Collective and the Democratic Union. A few worlds remain independent, either too tough or too worthless to bother with, and a few worlds have formed the Sagittarius Hegemony. Over the past few decades sanctioned pirates and trade wards have increased tensions between the Collective and the Union. A recent pirate raid on a private yacht of the Union's President has been traced back to a Collective contract, and now war is about to break out between the empires.

Each team will run the military of an entire empire to end once and for all the tyranny of the opposing side.
(Task based - two sides wolves are spies placed in the military structure)

The Unified Worlds of Humanity have never encountered any world with indigenous life more advanced than apes. The empire has had many internal conflicts over the years, and even some splinter groups, but none of them have lasted long, and no external empire has lasted; all ending in resource or internal exhaustion eventually. Over many hundreds of years the empire has expanded to its current size of 48 worlds and colonies. Scouts venture out into the depths of space, but colonization is a slow process. One sector of space, always difficult to explore, has recently seen an unusual number of scout losses, this last month one scout managed to return in a damaged ship with reports of an alien race with advanced star ships on the move.

Players represent the leaders of the Unified Worlds - wolves are pod-controlled people secretly taken over by the aliens, or players represent ship commanders of the Unified Worlds Space Force. Task force B is given the mission of finding a route to create a flank attack on the incoming alien fleet while the main force blunts their attack. Using the physics engine they must move through the imperfectly charted sector and explore and engage the unknown force, the task force may need to split up to explore multiple routes to reach their targets in acceptable time - wolves are the same pod people.

The officers and crew of the frontier cruiser "Children of the March"*. The crew numbers 815 (160 in suspended animation), of these 88 are officers. 150 troops and 162 flight.
The Children of the March is an Azhanti High Lightning Class Frontier Cruiser 60,000 tonnes. (The ship has a volume of 810,000 cubic meters and masses 775,596 tonnes is 410m long, 60m wide and 33 m high - compare to USS Nimiz 332m x 40-76m x ~35m high (plus 21m superstructure) or about 611,000 cubic meters weighs 106,300 tonnes carriers 85-90 planes/helicopters and has 190Mw Nuclear Plant - Children has 60 space fighters (which each have a 186Mw Fusion Plant) and 10 auxiliary craft, the power plant generates over 1,000,000 MW (1TW) of power. To compare in 2006 the earth consumed 15.8 TW (combined oil, gas, coal, hydro, nuclear, wind) 1/4 of this power is used to power the primary beam weapon of the ship or the equivalent of 500 lightning bolts but "only" 60 Tonnes TNT equivalent.

*Children of the March (Fl-6355 later CF-6355) was unusual primarily for its method of financing. The boost to the subsector economy created by the award of construction contracts was important enough to make all areas of the Imperium vie for the privilege. Because the Rim War was taking place on the other side of the Imperium, the Spinward Marches had little chance of receiving a contract.
The Duke of Regina, speaking for the Marches, proposed that the Marches fund one additional ship from its own resources, on the condition that the Marches receive the contract to produce a portion of the total run. The school children of the worlds within the Marches contributed from their lunch money, at a quarter credit each, for the ultimate funding of one ship, and it was named Children of the March in their honour (47BCr).
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Traveller Werewolf - more games planned
Still have werewolf games in sign-up.
Marooned in the Jungle of Evil

Mayday. Mayday. This is November Five Five Niner Three. I have lost an engine in a storm near 0°22′S 160° W We are going down. Requesting assistance. Mayday. Mayday.

In this game you have just crashed your seaplane on an uninhabited jungle island in the middle of the pacific. Luckily the damage is not significant, and the Engineer believes that it can be repaired, and you have sufficient fuel. You just need time to do the work, and some supplies to see you through the ordeal. Of course it isn't that easy.

The lynch is modified from normal werewolf games. There are public roles. There are five objectives that need to be resolved for the win, they can be sabotaged or fixed permanently - which ever team gets three first wins.

The five objectives need to be fixed to a level of "Permanently repaired" to count for good victory or "Destroyed" to count for evil victory. The levels are: Permanently Repaired, Repaired, Patched, Broken, Damaged, and Destroyed. Each objective starts as "Broken".
Objective 1: Left Engine - water damage needs to be cleaned.
Objective 2: Right Engine - Failed - needs repair
Objective 3: Bent propellers - Needs fire
Objective 4: Broken Pontoons - replace with jungle wood
Objective 5: Control surfaces - replace with wood or scavenged parts
One of the engines must be Permanently repaired for good to win.

Night 0 On crashing during the storm a number of people must volunteer to help with the initial tasks, finding shelter, securing the plane, etc. These people will be given the items (see below). One will also be selected at random to be the Makluk halus and then must select five other people to be on team evil. There is no conversion only N0 team selection.

Captain The captain is a public role. They have a handgun and can enforce policy. Any player can be captain, regardless of evil or good. When there is no captain (as in D1) the normal lynch is replaced by an election for captain.
If the captain is the LHLV lynch leader then depending on the percent of total voters they have an optional brutal on one of their voters.
Should the captain receive less than 50% of the total votes then they are to be locked up, however if they decide to brutal someone then they also die. If the captain receives 50% or more of the total votes then they are actually lynched.
An election will also occur if a objective has been completely lost.
At dusk there is no player killed as part of the lynch. Instead the captain chose any player with at least 25% of the total votes to be locked up as a night action. If the voting is split so that no player has 25% of the total vote, the captain can release someone locked up, execute someone locked up or declare no-lynch. Someone escaped to the jungle can also be "released".
The captain must also appoint one (or more) Guards, if someone is locked up.

Guard The guard is responsible for keeping any prisoners in check. If they issue any order as a night action then they are not guarding well and each prisoner can choose to escape to the jungle if they wish.

Team Good

There are 13 members of team good five have a bonus on a particular Objective.
Maid - has a bonus on Objective 1.
Mechanic - has a bonus on Objective 2.
Plumber - has a bonus on Objective 3.
Carpenter - has a bonus on Objective 4.
Co-Pilot - has a bonus on Objective 5.

Engineer - the engineer has been injured in the crash and cannot add his talent to any area, however each night he is told the underlying value of each area of repair which varies between 0 and 313, where broken is 125.

The other players are: Athlete, Bricklayer, Clerk, Geologist, Lawyer, Optometrist, Reporter, Salesperson, Statistician, Steward, Teacher, Trucker, and Veterinarian.

Team Evil

There are 6 members of team evil. The first member is makluk halus, who is chosen from the first people to enter the jungle, N0 the makluk halus will choose 5 other members to join the evil team (accomplices), each accomplice will be given a number and they will have a bonus on the objective of the same number.

Makluk halus the prime evil will have final choice on which area to mystically sabotage. If the makluk is escaped to the jungle they can still negatively effect all objectives at full strength.

Special Rules
Each night a player must chose where they are participating in the repair of the sea plane. Choosing "Supplies" means that they are tending to the fire, collecting resources (food, wood, sap, etc.), or generally helping with things. A player can also chose to "Rest" (which includes guarding) and will remove a wound. Finally they can choose to directly help with an objective 1,2,3,4 or 5. Locked-up players are automatically "Detained", and escaped to the jungle players are automatically "Escaped".

Depending on the action points will be added to each objective, only when a boundary is crossed will the results be revealed in the thread, but the engineer will always know the point totals.

Each member of team good has +10 points. Each of the 5 evil accomplices has -10 points, the Makluk Halus has -20 points. Being the Captain will grant a bonus 10 points.

A player choosing "Supplies" will add 1/5 of their points to each objective.
A player choosing "Rest" will add no points to any objective.
A player choosing "Objective X" will add all of their points to that one objective only plus a bonus 50% (see special rules below).
A player "Detained" add no points to any objective
A player "Escaped" can choose to add 40% of their points to any objective.

The Five accomplices and Five specialist goods have special rules.
First they always contribute a minimum of 2 points to their objective while alive.
Any points added to their objective (per the point rules) are doubled, however the bonus 50% is never doubled.

Special Objective Rules: If a player has chosen an Objective they have a further decision to make: Concentrate on the task (gain 2 bonus points), Keep an eye on others (lose 2 points), attack another player (give a wound to a player - lose 50% points). Each wound reduces the strength (points) of a player by 4 points, on losing all points a player is dead.

Each dawn the choice of a person is revealed. Also anyone "Keeping an eye on others" will be privately informed if any player has wounded another.

There are a few items which will also help add points to a objective or help defend/attack other players. These are unknown and pass to a random player if that player is detained or killed.
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Traveller Werewolf - more games planned
Still have werewolf games in sign-up.
City of Ember II

This is the second of three increasing difficulty games bases around fallout shelters. Like the Vault in the Fallout Game series, or the broken down city in City of Ember (movie/book).

As background here are some excerpts from the book (see also Some background and Previous game):

The city of Ember was built as a last refuge for the human race. Two hundred years later, the great lamps that light the city are beginning to flicker. When Lina finds part of an ancient message, she''s sure it holds a secret that will save the city. She and her friend Doon must decipher the message before the lights go out on Ember forever!

It is always night in the city of Ember. But there is no moon, no stars. The only light during the regular twelve hours of "day" comes from floodlamps that cast a yellowish glow over the streets of the city. Beyond are the pitch-black Unknown Regions, which no one has ever explored because an understanding of fire and electricity has been lost, and with it the idea of a Moveable Light. "Besides," they tell each other, "there is nowhere but here" Among the many other things the people of Ember have forgotten is their past and a direction for their future. For 250 years they have lived pleasantly, because there has been plenty of everything in the vast storerooms. But now there are more and more empty shelves--and more and more times when the lights flicker and go out, leaving them in terrifying blackness for long minutes. What will happen when the generator finally fails?

Twelve-year-old Doon Harrow and Lina Mayfleet seem to be the only people who are worried. They have just been assigned their life jobs--Lina as a messenger, which leads her to knowledge of some unsettling secrets, and Doon as a Pipeworker, repairing the plumbing in the tunnels under the city where a river roars through the darkness. But when Lina finds a very old paper with enigmatic "Instructions for Egress," they use the advantages of their jobs to begin to puzzle out the frightening and dangerous way to the city of light of which Lina has dreamed.

This game, though retaining many elements of the movie/book deviates somewhat. Deviations from the movie/book are represented in italics.

Children when they are 12 and done school are given a trade by selection out of a bag, without regard to interest or ability and then go on to apprentice in that field. Every player will have a public job (see jobs) as well as a private role/name (see roles)

The city of Ember has a number of technologies that it is dependent on for survival. The four primary are: Power, Water, Food, and Air/Filtration. Each of these are their own departments, and have an manager who sits on the city council. Other members of the council come from notable departments: Infrastructure, Communications and Medical.

Each of the above departments have a skill (see skills) associated with them, and each player has both a primary (job) skill and a secondary (interest) skill, the players are better at their primary skill than their secondary one.

The councillors elect a Mayor of the city of Ember who is responsible for dealing with the big issues of the city, and fortunately for the game it is a time of a lot of big issues (see Crises).

Oh yes, this is a game of Werewolf, so there are a group of people who are not playing nicely with the rest of the City. They have been hoarding food and supplies, and are either nihilistic or are hoping by reducing the population to just them will allow the last of the resources to last their lifetime. "...it's all going to be gone soon anyway, why not live as well as we can right now?"


This is a game of two teams, there is no conversion, full reveal on death, some varied VCs.

Team Werewolf
4 Wolves who are selfish and want to enjoy the last the city has.
The wolves share a chat but do not have a normal NK.

Team Village
1 Mason pair. They allow for alternate victory conditions.
1 Seer. Variable strength depending on other character actions.
1 Bodyguard.
16 villagers.
Everyone has actions they can perform.


Every player can perform one action per day/night cycle. If for some reason they need to use a skill, they may do so without penalty if it is their primary skill, but have to give up their action to perform a task with their secondary skill. Furthermore use of a skill (in particular a secondary skill) may not succeed (see skill check)

Night Kill Action (wolves only)
The NK action comes in two forms. Violent or technological.
A violent NK is just finding a person alone and killing them with whatever instrument is at hand. However the city is a small place,
and a violent NK action has a chance of being witnessed by a villager (10% per villager depending on their action). If the wolf chooses one of Doon or Lina as the target it will automatically fail and the wolf will likely be identified (The other of Doon/Lina will have an 80% chance of identifying in addition to the villager totals). A witnessed murderer gains five permanent lynching votes and a mayor who releases one gains two.
As the city is a dangerous place, it is possible to arrange an "accident" for a player. This is the technological NK action. The wolf has to make a skill check (q.v.) if the target has the skill then they can perform a skill check to avoid the accident. In either case the thread will be informed of the accident.

Sabotage Action (wolves)
Create an extra crisis, this requires a skill check appropriate to the type of crisis.

Search Action (anyone)
The player is searching the city for something interesting, the player will find something, but it may not be useful. Some examples are: Food item (negate food crisis penalty), cough syrup (avoid coughing sickness).

Sing Action (anyone)
The believers sing loudly and cheerfully "What they believed in she didn't know, but it must make them happy -- they were always smiling". "Soon, Soon, coming soon", "Happy, happy day!" - for each singer the seer will get a fraction of a view.

Stand in Line Action (anyone)
(credit to murph/Tombstone). Everyone has to stand in line to get their supplies, if they take a fourth action after their last stand in line, it will fail 50% on top of any other penalties, the chance increases 50% for each additional action. All players are assumed to have stood in line D0. A missing order will default to be this action.

Visit another player Action (Open Chat - anyone)
A player can open a chat with any other player for the duration of the cycle. The city is a gossipy place and the existence of 1/3 of these chats will be posted in the thread. The mason and wolf chats can also be reported (as the players are seen together), but are at only 1/10 chance.

Send message by messenger action (anyone)
The first action is free (unless the city is suffering from no free actions), a second message requires the use of an action. There are no telephones in Ember, messengers run either verbal or, far less common, written messages for 20 cents. As there are normally a hundred messages per day only something really unusual will be reported, note that any player who has a messenger job will receive the complete text of all their messages. As there are 10 messengers in the town that is 10% of all the messages.
Note: Encryption of any sort is not allowed, as the people of Ember do not know of this technology. This includes word substitution.

Search for the exit action (Doon and Lina mainly)
Anyone can search for the exit, but without the instructions for egress their chance is zero. For the purposes of this game the exit can be in one of Power, Waterworks, Filtration, or Stores (must be selected as part of the order). The instructions for egress have been damaged, and help from a person knowledgeable in the department, such as the manager, is needed. (see victory)

Use secondary skill for crisis action (anyone)
Use of primary skill does not require this action. One can only act on crisis that the mayor has designated (see crises). If the city is under the effect of no free actions, then this is needed to use a primary skill and secondary skills cannot be used.

Other actions (Special)
Certain characters may have additional actions which are not described here.


Each day there is a vote by all the players. Each councillors vote counts as two, however the mayor does not vote. No lynch is an option.
The effect of the vote depends on who the "lynch" leader (target) is.
If the target is the mayor there is no lynch, unless there is an unresolved crisis (q.v.). With an unresolved crises the mayor is replaced (he takes back his council seat) and next day the council will elect a new mayor (this will leave no-one to resolve the next days crisis).
If the target is a councillor they are reduced to a villager and another person from the village who has the appropriate job is promoted to the council, if there is no-one the position remains vacant until/unless the mayor is changed. (if voted out, one cannot re-gain the position until the mayor is replaced).
If the target is a villager, then they are arrested for suspicion of being suspicious and placed in jail. The mayor may decide to exile anyone in jail out to the unknown regions, no-one has ever returned from there, the mayor may release them as well, however if they are immediately re-lynched this counts as a non-confidence against the mayor.
In addition to the normal votes the councillors may call for a non-confidence vote in the mayor if there is an unresolved crisis and three or more councillors call for this vote. In this case the councillors will vote for a new mayor in modchat (who can be the same) ties go to the challenger if the incumbent mayor is up.
(The people of Ember are not bloodthirsty maniacs, so a traditional werewolf lynching is not possible)

Each day there will be two crises a power crisis and another crisis that is randomly determined (could also be power) plus any sabotage crises.
At dusk the department manager of the random crisis is told of the impending crisis. They can attempt to resolve it themselves or pass the information along to the mayor (if there is a person currently in that position). If they attempt (they and every player in the department makes a skill check) and fail to resolve the crisis they cannot vote that night or next day, the crisis also immediately becomes an unresolved crisis and the negative effects start immediately. Or they can pass it to the mayor (which requires notification through message or meeting).
At dawn the mayor will be informed of the power crisis, any sabotage crisis and possibly the random crisis which they need to have resolved.
The mayor can chose any two of these to announce to the city, which are added to any previous unresolved crises, and players can chose to act on them. Any crises that are not solved become unresolved crises and have a negative effect on the city starting at dusk.
Each successful skill check will revert one level of a crisis, note that use of a primary skill is free and secondary requires an action.

If the crisis is not adverted then the following ramifications take place*:

First unresolved crisis:
Power - No voting, No free actions, Limited posting.
Air - Game over (All Loose)
Water - All non-wolf votes 3/4 strength, non-wolves get no free actions.
Food - All non-wolf votes Half strength, non-wolves get no free actions.
Commo - Lynch and dawn is random, limited posting, chat limits.
Medical - 1 extra (random) NK due to coughing sickness
Infra - 1 random person looses vote and another their action.

A second unresolved crisis (before the first is addressed):
Commo/Medical/Infra - same as first
Power - Game Over (minor evil win)
Food/water - All non-wolf votes quartered/Halved (A third unresolved Food crises and the game is over with wolf victory)
(There is an underground river through the city, so water is never gone, just very difficult to get if there is a crisis)

*Some crises will not affect members of that group as much as others. For example water works workers will not be affected on water crises, medical workers are immune to the coughing sickness.

The following are the jobs in the city of ember:

Job Reports to Skill
Guard Mayor n/a
Electrician Power Councillor Power
Electrician's helper Power Councillor Power
Engineer Power Councillor Power
Fan Worker Air Councillor HVAC
Mold Scraper Air Councillor HVAC
Filter Cleaner Air Councillor HVAC
Pipeworker Pipeworks Director Plumbing
Greenhouse Worker Head of Stores Supply
Storekeeper Head of Stores Supply
Supply Depot Clerk Head of Stores Supply
Doctor Medical Chief Medicine
Midwife/Nurse Medical Chief Medicine
Building Crew Infrastructure Mgr. Repair
Trash Sifter Infrastructure Mgr. Repair
Cleaner Infrastructure Mgr. Repair

Note there will only ever be 5 active councillors, as the mayor occupies one of these spots.

Everyone's job is open at the start of the game, their role is not however. The following are the roles in the game:

Wolves(Cole, Looper Windly, Redge Stabmark, Lizzie Bisco): There are four wolves, they have access to a resource stockpile and are immune to water and food crisis effects. They share a chat.

Doon Harrow and Lina Mayfleet: Masons (eventually); they have the "Instructions for egress", they however may need to show the Instructions to each of the power/air/pipeworks and stores councillors (The mayor may be substituted for one of these) and then search for the exit. They do not have a chat at the game start. (see Victory)

Sul: Bodyguard, can protect any player from any NK, but not on subsequent nights. If the protect succeeds the wolf is identified (to Sul) 80% chance.

Allis Fleery: Seer, can issue a seer action to view a player for corrupt/not corrupt (wolf), if there is less than 3 people with the singing action the result is not corrupt, if sufficient people sing, the seer may get multiple views.

Any other player has no special powers:
Barton Snode, Clary Laine, Sade Merrall, Arbin Swinn, Loris Harrow, Granny, Poppy, Miss Thorn, Mrs. Polster, Mrs. Sample, Felinia Tower, Mr. Boaz, Mrs. Murdo, Natty Prine, Ravenet Parsons, Lister Munk, Arlin Froll, Edward Pocket, Myla Bone, Farlo Batten, Nammy Proggs, Vindy Chance, Orly Gordson, Annisette Lafronde. (23 can give cover roles)

Note: Doon, Lina, and Lizzie are all recent graduates and as such do not have a primary skill, only a secondary one which is likely unrelated to their job.

Skills are at one of three levels, none, secondary and primary. From time to time a skill check is required. If the check is against the primary there is an 80% chance of success, if it is against the secondary skill it is 40% chance of success.

An example. Looper wants a part of an old building to fall on Mrs. Murdo. If he is in infrastructure (primary) he has an 80% chance of setting it off (40% if secondary, otherwise 0%), Mrs. Murdo is a storekeeper, so she only has a 40% chance of avoiding (noticing the bad wall) if that is her secondary skill, otherwise she will be killed by the "accident".


The last (real) hope of the city are Doon and Lina who have the key to the exit of the city but in order to do so they need help. Good wins by eliminating the four wolves, or by finding that exit. (See Exit below)

All wolves win by achieving parity with the goods without an air crisis loss. If the game ends with a food crisis loss then all the living wolves win. If the game ends in a power crisis loss then the most senior wolf mayor/councillor will be the sole winner.

The exit from the city to the post-nuclear war world is described in the "Instructions for Egress". At the start of the game either Doon or Lina will have the box where the instructions are held. The box will open on N1, N2 or N3. As soon as it opens a chat will be set up between the two. After the box opens the instructions are found to be damaged (slightly different from the story). These instructions will show a way which is found in one of: The waterworks, Generator, Air Ducts, or Storerooms (predetermined at game start).

Doon or Lina must show the instructions to various people to have a possibility of finding the exit (they make a copy so the death/imprisonment of one of the pair does not impede the mission). When they issue a "Visit another player Action" and tell the other person who they are and "show" them the instructions they gain access to that section of the city where they work and help at deciphering the message. (The mayor may be substituted for any location). A "Search for the exit action" has no chance of success unless they have access to the area required. The team starts with a 10% chance of understanding the instructions, and each person they show increases the chance by 10%. If someone has a successful search, but are searching in the wrong location, the correct location will be revealed to them. An evil person who is shown the instructions can also perform the "Search for the exit action" they have a flat 20% chance of finding the exit.

Finding the exit
When the exit is found there are two actions regardless of who finds it.
First choice is to immediately take the exit. This leads to an individual win for whomever selects it, if Doon or Lina find it and escape immediately they can try to send a message back to the city which has a 30% chance of success which would give a good victory. A person who finds the exit and uses it does not stop any other team from victory.
The second choice is to go back and tell everyone about the exit. This results in a good victory unless the mayor is evil. If sul is alive/active Doon and Lina and Poppy escape the mayor, get individual victories and have a chance to send a message back as above, if sul is not alive they are imprisoned and the game continues.

Mayor announces crises that can be worked on
Issue orders
Decide to participate in crisis
Call for non-confidence (Councillors only - if under effect of crisis)
Lynch is resolved
Mayor is suspended (optional)
Crisis are resolved (or not)
Crisis effects are announced (and last until next dusk)
Manager told of new random crisis
More time to issue orders, councillors vote for mayor (optional)
Jailed people are exiled/released (optional)
Managers resolve random crisis (optional)
-Extra unresolved crisis effects announced.
-Failure of manager crisis announced
Actions: NK Action, Search, Visit, Message, Sing, Exit, Sabotage
Seer view(s)
Mayor informed of impending crises
Accidents announced
Gossips announced
New Mayor is announced (optional)

--If all four evils get on council, there can be difficulty in lynching.

--Extra stuff not to be posted (how to determine starting characters)

Each player is randomly assigned a Job from the Job list as a secondary Job (which will be represented as the skill from the job). They are then randomly assigned a second job (which can be a repeat) as a primary Job. Each player is now assigned a team (evil/good) if they are evil they are assigned a third skill from the (Power/Air/Water/Food) primary group, at random, but without duplicates. Lastly one person from each group (at random) will be promoted to Councilor people with duplicate positions will be selected in priority.

Example player roleset for 19 players:

1st pick 2nd pick
1 Teacher Power Worker
2 Fan Worker Messenger
3 Power Worker Clerk
4 Clerk Power Worker
5 Reporter Fan Worker
6 Messenger Messenger
7 Guard Repairer
8 Teacher Power Worker
9 Reporter Nurse
10 Doctor Power Worker
11 Power Worker Repairer
12 Nurse Singer
13 Waterworks Filter Cleaner
14 Storekeeper Mold Scraper
15 Greenhouse Repairer
16 Nurse Waterworks
17 Power Worker Artist
Player Role Skill Secondary Tertiary Night Action
18 Villager (Doon) Mason n/a Seek Advice
19 Villager (Lina) Mason n/a Seek Advice
1 Power Councilor Power Time Food Night Kill
2 Villager (Messanger) Commo Air
3 Food Councilor Food Power
4 Villager (Power Work) Power Food
5 Villager (Fan Worker) Air Commo
6 Commo Councilor Commo Commo Air Night Kill
7 Villager (Repairer) Infra Time
8 Villager (Power Work) Power Time
9 Medical Councilor Medical Commo
10 Villager (Power Work) Power Medical Water Night Kill
11 Villager (Repairer) Infra Power
12 Villager (Singer) Medical Medical
13 Villager (Filter Cle) Air Water
14 Air Councilor Air Food
15 Infra Councilor Infra Food
16 Water Councilor Water Medical
17 Villager (Artist) Commo Power

So the Power councilor will be chosen from players (1),4,8,10. Then the Air Councilor from players 5,13,(14). The Water Councilor is 16 as the only one. Same for the Food Councilor. As there are two messangers and one Artist the Commo Councilor is chosen from the messengers 2,(6).
Note that the poor players 6 and 12 have no secondary skill, but player 6 on team evil is given a tertiary skill.
Also note that while 3 players have Time as a secondary Skill, there is no Time Councilor.

Book Characters:
Barton Snode - Assisstant Guard not in on the wolves plan
Clary - Greenhouse manager
Sadge Merrall - went to the unknown regions and returned
Captain Fleery - captain of messengers
Arbin Swinn - Callay Street Vegetable Market
Redge Stabmark - Chief Guard
Loris Harrow - Doon's Father - Small items shop
Granny and Poppy
Miss Thorn - Teacher
Mrs. Polster - Teacher
Mrs. Sample - The Mender
Dr. Felinia Tower - Doctor
Song Master
Mr. Boaz - ?
Mrs. Murdo - Sold paper and pencils before they became scarce
Natty Prine - Retired?
Ravenet Parsons - Retired?
Lister Munk - Pipeworks Director
Arlin Froll - Pipeworks
Edward Pocket - Librarian
Myla Bone - Clerk
Farlo Batten - Head of Storerooms (Evil?)
Nammy Proggs - old woman

Note that air is not included in the book, but should be filtered in such an environment.
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Cassandra Project
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This post is where the player list will be updated as players sign up using Cassandra. http://www.thecassandraproject.org/jeremy/werewolf/game/4476...
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Dan Corrin
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Traveller Werewolf - more games planned
Still have werewolf games in sign-up.
Chose your own role

Based on perfect 11 (or some other set). Based on a contest/points etc everyone will select their favorite role. The issue is that if the players know the order that they are and if their first choice is not available they know the roles of the previous player.


Given the interesting seer reveal in Dracula (snaak), it would be interesting to see twin roles for everything. Seer, Sorc, Hunter, Priest, Bodyguard, mason?

Threads for cancelled games
Psychic Fair
Duelling Wolves
City of Ember II
Hijacking of the Bendor Queen

General Rules:

4PM Dusk, 6PM deadline for night orders (actual dawn may occur later)
Votes with a timestamp of 4:01 PM or later will not be counted
Game will run weekdays only
LHLV tie-breaker.
Random negative N0 views.
Limited reveal on death.
No conversion, no items, no hidden roles, no hidden powers
Conditional orders are ok. Please use mod chat.
No Lynch and No Kill orders are acceptable


As in any game where there is a new configuration of roles, game balance is not guaranteed, but I have tried my best to make it so. Please suggest changes before the game begins if you see an imbalance.
Participation is important, no posts and/or no voting may get you replaced
No order results in no action. Exceptions may be made for replacements.
Let me know if you are going to be unavailable for more than a day.
Conditional votes can be made, (if you are away), they will be announced well before lynch
If cassie or BGG is down, particularly near lynch the game day will be delayed/postponed.
Use red tags (r-curly bracket) to post a question to get a response from the mod.
Avoid editing posts. Describe the edit if it is necessary.
No deletion of posts.
Posting is not restricted at any time
Except for the lynch leader who should not reveal any information after the lynch deadline.
Dead players must use zombie tags and not reveal any information in their posts.
I will post No Lynch or No Kill if there is no action, if there is nothing from me other than Dawn/Dusk that means I am still calculating the results.
In answering your questions, I will conform to your assumptions, answering does not validate your assumptions. e.g. asking "Can the wolf jmilum do x", may get the response: "Yes". Meaning that x is possible for the wolf, who you are assuming is jmilum.
If anyone makes a post which is based on a misunderstanding of the rules. I will try to correct this, as failure to understand the rules is a failure of mine to explain them properly. The poster should not be penalized for that.
This is a game, the goal is to have fun. Personal insults should be avoided.
Please thumb posts that you find amusing or insightful, this should not necessarily be considered endorsement of that player's position.
I should not have to state no cheating, which includes but is not limited to:
Private messages, small/hidden/white fonts, pre-arranged (before the game) signals/deals, codes, copying mod chats etc.
If I wanted people to see your modchat I would have added them. If I wanted you to communicate outside of the thread/chats I would have provided a mechanism.
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Dan Corrin
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Traveller Werewolf - more games planned
Still have werewolf games in sign-up.

Location based game where the "wolves" are split between a standard bio-terrorist and a player who is sympathetic to the bio-terrorist.
The game will be a non-elimination game, where the players will optionally vote to arrest a player, which will stop them from participating until they are released.

Pandemic with a werewolf Twist.

You are CDC agents trying to treat a breakout of several virulent diseases simultaneously.

While fighting the disease you realize that there is something wrong, infection is spreading in the wake of one of the players, another seems to be doing a very poor job, there is evidence of someone deliberately spreading the disease. Can you eliminate the diseases and find the bio-terrorist?

Role set:
Team Bio-Terrorist
A Rogue CDC agent - will control the bio-terrorist as well as their own player.
An infected CDC agent (not self-aware). Who will spread infection where ever the go.
Bio-terrorist sympathizer - self-aware agent aux Bio-terrorist can not spread disease.

Team CDC:
9? CDC agents (number may be revised)
CDC director can view for rogue agent - each night selects two agents, the team of one of them will be revealed, this will always be the CDC team member if available..

Every player will have a proper role as a CDC agent with special abilities, the role of the Rogue and infected agent will not be detectable.

Each day the players can vote to send an agent to the office, where they will be unable to move for three turns (but may still vote/discuss).

Victory: CDC team wins if both active bio-terrorist agents are at home office and no virus cubes are on the board.
Bio-Terrorist team wins if the world breaks out in disease.

Mechanics: The game will be played using the cassandra physics system. Every x hours the players can move to a new location, each player will have up to 3 moves per day. Each player can hold (3? Cubes) which will be removed from the game in the night phase. The bio terrorist will be handled by an anonymous account which will be moved according to the rogue agent (if he is not at the office). There will be cure objects for each disease in the game as well, if all objects for a particular disease are brought to the same research station that disease will be "cured".
Once the diseases break out air travel is restricted, so movement between continents can only be done from a CDC office. There will be very limited air movement. Likely the map will not be known prior to the game starting.
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Dan Corrin
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Traveller Werewolf - more games planned
Still have werewolf games in sign-up.
Alchemy Game

In this game the players are part of a school of magic. Their job is to find the recipe for an important potion.

Each of the cauldrons can prepare one set of potions per day, potions have a limited shelf life depending on the formula, from 1 to 10 days.

The number of cauldrons will depend on the number of players. Each cauldron has a Stirrer (Igor), Procurer (Ygor), and a Storekeeper (Eyegor). There is also a researcher and two students to conduct the tests and/or help the Fritzes (a group of Igors).

Each researcher has a set of formula that form a base for various potions, and some ideas from previous experiments.

One of the researchers is evil, and is working on an evil potion. He has followers who he has seeded on the other researchers teams. His role is to sabotage the other players. The team who develops their potion first wins.

An example of making a potion:
A recipe calls for bat wings. The alchemist has a clue that a Natalide bat would be best. Ygor goes out to find a bat and has a choice of a Vesper Bat, Horseshoe bat and a Funnel-eared bat. He brings back whichever one he condsiders best and delivers it to his Eyegor. Eyegor might know that the horseshoe bat is a Rhinolophoidea, not the Funnel-eared bat that was best. In any case he would cut off the wing and give it to Igor. Putting the rest in a bottle labeled however he wants in the storeroom, all teams use the same storeroom, so there is opportunity to cut down on searching or keeping things secret.
Once the potion was finished (dusk), it could be tested on a plant, lab animal, or person (or more than one) during the night phase. With results returned at dawn.
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Dan Corrin
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Traveller Werewolf - more games planned
Still have werewolf games in sign-up.
Games with a twist

A series of games that have a twist.

The first game the twist is very minor (FTP)

The second game is larger (police)

The jungle reverberated with the sounds of the storm as it continued on its way out over the ocean. Flashes of lighting illuminated the tops of the trees, still gyrating with the diminished winds that had earlier lashed at them. Far below the canopies, on the jungle floor there were still parts that were almost dry. Damp. Damp and very dark.
The storm had woken a creature, something very much at home in the darkness. Something that would have been better left undisturbed.
The creature stirred reaching out for its pets, but finding nothing remembered that they were dead. The local people had learned long ago never to come to this part of the islands. The people, the Malay, had a name for him. A name that he liked. "Fine One" or Makhluk halus. He thought he was very fine, and as for the one, he was the only one of his kind that he knew of. He was reluctant to leave his home, only severe hunger would get him to do that, and though weakened for having not eaten in such a long time, he was still a long way from starvation.
It was strange for a storm to wake him, he brooded, and then he picked up on the sense. Was it smell, or sound? Smell. He hadn't smelled that for a long time, the last time it had come from a boat, not the long low wooden boats of the islanders, no it had been made of metal. But metal didn't smell, it was the thick pungent smell... He thought for a while for the word.... Oil that was it, the smell of oil. That could only mean that there were people here who did not know of him. That could only be good. He reached out his senses again and encountered many on the beach, near the smell of oil. He also smelled blood and death.

"Mayday. Mayday. This is November Five Five Niner Three. I have lost an engine in a storm near 0°22′S 160° W We are going down. Requesting assistance. Mayday. Mayday." those were the last words of Captain Clarence thought the mechanic as he looked at the now lifeless body that had been removed from the plane. "We should bury the Captain" he wheezed. He was lucky he had not died as well in the landing at the height of the storm, in fact he was the only serious injury with his arm broken in at least two places, and at least as many ribs as well. "The storm looks like it is moving on, but it is still raining, and we need some sort of shelter". Shelter would be good, it wouldn't get too cold at night, but some of the passengers are in shock, and a fire would be good for many reasons, perhaps a boat or plane would pass by. "Wood - we need dry wood for a fire".

Moving through the darkness the Makhluk halus left the depths of the jungle and headed towards the intruders. He had strength, still, strength enough to take over one of them for sure. He dared hope that none of them knew the defenses to his powers, if they didn't then he would be able to affect more than the one that he could take over. One would last him for many rainy seasons, 5 or 10 or more would last him for ever so much more. He must stop these ones from leaving, like the last boat people managed to do. He would work to destroy their boat, first, before he started feeding. That way as they grew weak from the torments that he would be inflicting on them, they would all be able to be made into pets. His for oh so many seasons. On reaching the edge of the woods he saw the object, it wasn't a boat after all. He knew nothing of that thing on his beach, but that didn't worry him, his new pet would have that knowledge...

When Clarence brought the plane down they had hit something, one of the pontoons had been sheared completely off and the hull had huge gaping holes in it. Who knew where the cargo would be, likely at the bottom of the ocean unless it could float. "Food - someone should check for any fruit in the jungle - but don't go too far in, some of the fauna could also be hungry". He didn't think he would be able to continue too much longer, the pain was starting to get to him, but the passengers came first, it was up to him, but he didn't think he could stay standing any longer, the co-pilot was new, this was his second flight for the company and the steward was busy trying to reassure the passengers. He didn't know who would be able to organize the work that needed to be done.
The plane didn't look too bad, at least in the moonlight it didn't look too bad. A lot of water had gotten in, but they were up on the beach, so that wasn't a problem, the hull could be patched, and the pontoons/wingtips replaced. One of the propellers had hit something, the beach perhaps? but it was metal and could be bent if heated. He couldn't smell much fuel, but there was likely an oil leak in one of the engines. A few days work perhaps and it might fly again...
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Dan Corrin
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Traveller Werewolf - more games planned
Still have werewolf games in sign-up.

Another deduction type game.

This game involves murder during a play? Each player is an actor...

Each Act/scene (day) each player changes the clothes in a limited manner

Each day one question can be answered about the wolves...
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