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Subject: Solo game playing the Witch rss

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Herman van Wietmarschen
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Optional rules in play:
Watchful natives
Ambush rules
Optional character rules

Starting location: Inn

Starting Spells:
Absorb essence, Broomstick, Remedy

Victory requirements:
2 points in Fame for 20 Fame
3 points in Notoriety for 60 Notoriety
plus 10 gold for starting gold

Find big monster to absorb and then kill lesser monsters for fame and notoriety.

Looking out from the Inn two clear roads into the realm lay before me. I decided to head west myself and send my familiar on towards the north, intending to locate a big monster to absorb. After breakfast I set out towards the ruins and hid myself between the rocks. As evening fell I noticed that the Lair was about and I smelled dragon. But first of all I had to summon my broomstick, a big help in escaping nasty situations.

The next day I decided to find the hidden path in the ruins to get to the Lair without going through the caves. My familiar sniffed around at the cliff, finding nothing of interest. Going through the hidden path I check out the borderland. I found the lost city, the statue is there with four monster lairs! In the evening the first of these showed up, a tremendous and two heavy armored trolls. Lucky that I am hidden for the heavy trolls.

I decide to head back to the ruins, leaving the trolls, and absorb the tremendous dragon there. A short hike back and resting a magic shit. Now I am all set to cast the absorb essence spell. On day 5 I enter the lair hidden to wait for evening to fall. When the dragon shows up I cast my spell and it is no more. I settle down to get used to my new dragon form, it feels great! Next day I comfortably rest and reactivate some black magic, needed to assume the dragon form when necessary.

The last day of the week my familiar discovers the shrine in the deep woods. I move back to the borderlands to kill the two heavy armored trolls. Assuming my dragon form with free black mana available on day 7, the trolls are dead meat in a moment, the first notoriety and fame comes in. Avoiding the tremendous troll I head back to the lair the next day. Maybe I can also find some loot. Two heavy serpents show up, a nice meal for after the searching. After this victory I used a day to rest and enchant some black magic.

At day 11 serious looting starts. I find Power boots, the Eye of the Moon and a Book of Lore. In high spirit I try to read the runes on the book, but get cursed with wither. Damned, all my spell casting abilities are blocked out with this curse. The only way to get rid of it is to visit the chapel, which is fortunately close to the ruins. It takes me two day to hike over to the chapel, but it got visitors, the patrol and the lancers. This evening I was very generous and bought them all drinks to stay friendly. I even had to give away 5 notoriety to keep them in check. But then the next morning the curse was lifted and I was breathing a lot easier. Move out from the chapel and rest somewhat. The next day I prepared some black magic, getting ready to move out again.

At day 17 I was in the lair gain, finding shoes of stealth, and waiting for some monsters to show up. Four days of stalking around the lair but nothing showed up. Getting tired of this I decided to move over to the cliff. Finally a tremendous giant heads over to me, my next victim. Next day a tremendous spider shows up, also very nice. One day later a giant heads over to pick a fight with me. The final day of the month I have the pleasure to kill three giant bats who flew over to my clearing, not suspecting my hidden dragon form.

The month was ended with 84 fame and 115 notoriety, a great victory for the witch!
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Marko Horvat
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Transitive and inversely well-founded frames spell FUN!
Scary, huh?
Wietmarschen wrote:
As evening fell I noticed that the Lair was about and I smelled dragon.

I decide to head back to the ruins, leaving the trolls, and absorb the tremendous dragon there. A short hike back and resting a magic shit.

Looks to me like you had your revenge on the wrong dragon!

Great session report, by the way.
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