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Subject: Morning in America rss

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Charles F.
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Note: My Soviet opponent, Randy, is responsible for this detailed report of a TS wargameroom league game. Note that the US got an extra 3 influence as happens to be the default practice in league games.

T1: USSR Nasser/US Mid East Score
US starts with 4 each in Italy and WGermany and 3 in Iran. When Nasser negates Mid East Score for a push Defectors is used to coup Italy. The US gets 1 VP but a 6 is rolled and Italy reduced to (0,0). A move into France is thwarted by De Gaulle and the US/Japan Pact is used to gain Italy and Spain, and the USSR score 5 for European Domination.
However the US control of Japan is used to equally thwart the Korean War and take SKorea. De-Stalinization is used to move into Asia inviting a Coup attempt which rolls a 6 with Fidel. The US is 1 Mil Ops short.
USSR up 5.

T2: US Purge/USSR Decolonization
The USSR uses Decol to soften up Thailand and the China Card for the Coup but Purge and a 1 allow the US to regain control. In retrospect this leads to a chain of events that are probably the turning point. Duck and Cover is cashed for 3 US VP and Suez Crisis and Marshall Plan are sacrificed for the fight in Asia which gives US control of India. A successful Indo-Paki War adds Pakistan and 2 VP and then Asia is Scored for 9 US. Space Nazis give the USSR 2.
US up 7.

T3: USSR Socialists/US Asia Score
The back-to-back Asia Scores put the US up 16. Iran is couped and then the US fumbles when failure in Jordan gives the USSR 2 VP for Victory in an Arab-Israeli war and Mid East Scores 3 US. The US moves into Colombia and Saharan States late and the US is 2 Mil Ops short.
US up 9.

T4: USSR Brezhnev Doctrine/US Junta
The Americans stake out Brazil but the coup in Cuba has no result except a Defcon 2 shield. Battles for control in South America and Africa give the US 1 VP for Africa while SALT is used by the USSR to recover Junta and move into Argentina but the coup in Brazil fails. The US also gets 1 VP for Camp David and 1 for throwing Decolonization into space while the USSR cashes Europe for another 5.
US up 7.

T5: USSR Brush War/US Missile Envy
Missile Envy nets Shuttle Diplomacy while first the Brush War fails in Brazil and then the Coup reduces it to (0,0) and the US immediately reclaim it. After Argentina is secured South America is a push for 0 VP. OPEC scores 2 and Grain Sales in Space give the USSR 2 more. US Puppets in Nicaragua and Haiti fail to dislodge Fidel and Haiti is immediately overthrown in the "Pond of Pigs" incident, however Colonial Rearguards and the Voice of America undermine Soviet positions from Africa to Asia.
US up 3.

T6: US Defectors/USSR Liberation Theology
When Theology fails Mexico is taken by Coup instead. The US coups big into Guatemala while the USSR does the same into Nicaragua. Indo-Paki War is played for US Ops and scores 2 USSR VP for Flower Power. Alliance for Progress and Nixon both add 2 each for the US while SE Asia is played for 0. The US escapes Quagmire in 1 roll. JohnPaul II is played late to undermine Poland.
US up 5.

T7: US Purge/USSR Muslim Revolution.
Iraq and Egypt are drowned in the Islamic wave. The USSR moves to regain Poland while the US takes the opportunity to play We Will Bury You even though the Soviets will get 3 VP. A Bear Trap lasts one roll but Mexico is realigned out meanwhile. A USSR attempt to return the favor in Argentina results in all Soviet influence being dismissed. "Ask Not..." is Spaced and the The Headline Ability achieved. Central America is a push but the US is 2 Mil Ops short.
VP at 0.

T8: US Brush War/USSR Missile Envy
The T5 Headlines are reversed but this time the US succeeds brilliantly in Italy for 1 VP (but 2 USSR for Flower-Power) while the USSR receives Glasnost and 2 VP for a net 3 VP lead. Iron Lady gives 1 US back and prompts the USSR to fail again in an Argentinian realignment with an Uruguayan Junta. With Shuttle Diplomacy in effect the USSR elects to give the US 10 VP for Asia first so that the Mid East can be scored for 1. Even more ominous Chernobyl blackens Europe with a glowing smudge and Poland is toppled by the counter-traitor Ames, forcing a last card play of Europe Score for 6 more US VP.
US up 13.

T9: US Five Year Plan/USSR Star Wars (?)
A misclick while trying to decide between Pershing II or Reformer results in Star Wars being clicked (for NE at least!). The Five Year Plan results in Pershing being discarded and a possible Soviet push to reclaim Europe foiled. The US scores 1 for Africa and 2 for Kitchen Debates (19-9 Battlegrounds and a pokin'!). Solidarity pushes Poland to (10,4).
US up 16.

KAL 007 nets 2 VP while OPEC nets 0 as North Sea Oil was played previously. Sad. The USSR reduces the chance of Auto Victory with a 3 VP Arms Race reducing the US lead to 15. A final realignment attempt in Argentina did not give USSR control but it also didn't eliminate the USSR either. But a US combo of East European Unrest and Tear Down the Wall secured EGermany and Control of Europe.
As the US would equally have won by Final Scoring with Domination in Asia and Central America and pushes everywhere else, we used the final play to test the program. My final two cards were Grain Sales and South America Score. I played Grain Sales in the 7th round so that the Event would draw the Score card. The program correctly warned me first that I was holding a Score Card and then that I was playing Grain Sales at Defcon 2 (inviting a coup loss) and so when the US returned the Score to my hand I correctly lost the game in the held Card phase. So no bug there.

Congrats to Charles. It looks like I was making a comeback in the mid-turns but too many US events were overloading my hand and when Europe turned I had nothing to compensate for Asia which scored 28 US during the game. The twin scourges of Popery and Nuclear Mishap helped limit Europe to only 4 USSR net. The dramatic fall of the Berlin Wall just put paid to a bankrupt ideology.
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