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Subject: Solo game playing the Pilgrim rss

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Herman van Wietmarschen
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Optional rules in play:
Watchful natives
Ambush rules
Optional character rules

Starting location: Inn

Starting Spells:

Victory requirements:
1 great treasure
2 points in Fame for 20 Fame
2 points in Notoriety for 40 Notoriety
plus 10 gold for starting gold

Hire one of the Patrol at the Chapel and together find treasure and monsters to kill.

I was lucky to be able to hire one of the order on the first day of the month. This improved my chances for survival considerably, having only a staff to defend myself. In high spirits we set out together to find some adventure. We first crossed the mountains were we heard sounds that could mean Bats. After a short discussion we decided to move on to the Cliff and try our luck there. Entering the cliff we noticed that the Altar was about with a Demon protecting it.

We slowly approached the Altar site hidden, my exorcise spell ready for the demon. Alerted and hidden we entered the clearing waiting for evening to fall. A giant joined the demon for the fight that ensued, which didn't last long. I cast exorcise before the demon could even draw a breath and the order slew the Giant in a single blow the first round. The first victory points were ours and still three more weeks to go!

Time to find out what the altar got in store for us. Hidden we searched for the site, we didn't find it the first day. In the evening a giant prowled into the clearing, too bad for him. Next day we found the altar. That evening the first giant bat arrived which was easy meat for the order. Me staying hidden behind a tree. Next day we found the eye of the moon. That evening two bats arrived of which the order slew one. The other eluded our blows and remained in the clearing with us. This made me think about what to do next. I had a few days left with the hired order. I already collected enough fame and notoriety for a victory but lacked the one great treasure I needed to find. The altar was down to 3 treasures, difficult to find. In the end I decided to use the next 20 days to move on and find another treasure site to loot.

Entering the ruins the next morning we discovered the Lost Castle with the Pool and the Shrine, excellent! A moment later we spotted two heavy armored trolls sitting on the pool, maybe less excellent. What about sneaking around the Pool to the Shrine via the hidden path? Let's go! We didn't find the path right away and took a day to prepare my magic for when the winged demon would show up. All this we did in hiding because of the two trolls who decided to come over from the Pool to our clearing anyway that night. While I stayed hidden behind some rocks the order took care of these himself. Next day we searched some more for the path, again no luck there. That night we got busy with no less than 12 goblins. Great luck that I was hidden while I let the order kill as many as possible in his second last day in my hire. He got three of the swift bastards before the combat was over.

All of these goblins meant a change of plans, moving on to the borderland. I did just that and noticed that the hoard was near but in a cave. I had to go through this cave anyway so there we went, hidden. The tremendous flying dragon showed up which is way to fast for me. The term of my order ended just there but I fled on through the borderlands alone, still looking for that one great treasure.

I went to the deep woods but no treasure site there. Then on to the ledges and there it is, the Lair. A good site with lots of treasures and slow monsters. Only spiders might prove a nuisance. I arrived at the clearing of the Liar still abandoned. That evening a dragon apparently noticed something amiss and returned from it's hunting. I decided to hide and search anyway and run for it if he found me out. I followed the dragon to the Lair. Next day I found the seven league boots and the battle bracelets. The day after the beast pipes fell into my lap. Day 23 I searched but no luck after which a giant showed up.

I could still run from these two so I decided to loot further. Finally the sacred statue was discovered and I would be victorious if I could get away with it beneath the nose of the dragon and the giant. That evening a spider turned up, but I was hidden and running before he knew what happened. At day 25 I found myself in the Pine woods counting my victory.

The month was ended with 1 great treasure, 40 fame and 62 notoriety.
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George Haberberger
United States
New York
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Good writeup, I have to start my solo Pilgrim, finally getting a win with the Magician (there's little that will menace a Magician who's absorbed a Tremendous Flying Dragon).
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