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Subject: Yudenich Disgraced, Allenby Disgraced rss

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Philip Thomas
United Kingdom
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This was an ACTS/Cyberboard game between myself and Ahmet. Ahmet was playing the Central Powers . This was the 23rd full game of Pursuit of Glory campaign scenario with another player that I have finished.

Yudenich Disgraced, Allenby Disgraced

Fall 1914

I opened with my standard alternative opening, playing Project Alexandria for Ops, occupying Abadan, Ahwaz and Amara, fulfilling my MO and setting up for Secret Treaty with the Russians. I also moved the troops in Tiflis up to the front line. Ahmet redeployed troops to Malazgirt, Sannaiayat and Nasirya . I played Secret Treaty, taking Teheran, Hamadan and Qum and reaching Kashan with the Cossacks. He played Jihad, placing the Kurds, Laz and Marsh Arabs in addition to the Bakhtiari who had appeared earlier.

I played Blockade. He redeployed troops to Van, Sulemaniye and Korprukoy. I played Churchill prevails, but the Royal Navy struck a mine outside Kum Kale, failing to destroy a single fort. He formed III Corps in Van and attacked Ardahan. Anzac Reinforcements arrived in Abadan. He played for RPs and I played Russo-British Assault for War Status only. He moved troops up to Gaza and Erzincan.

Winter 1915

MOs were RU for both sides. TU Max RPs on 22.

I played Kitchener. He played Pan-Turkism, attacking Amara and moving up to the Suez Canal. I redeployed troops from India and Baluchistan to Egypt. He played Liberate Suez, attacking Ismailia and Amara and taking Amara. Russian Reinforcements were followed by German Military Mission and Sphere of Influence.

He redeployed troops to Amara and I played for RPs (Pugnacity and Tenacity). He attacked Ahwaz and Sollum (with the Senussi) taking Ahwaz. I organized II Turkistani Corps in Batum and attacked Bayburt. He attacked Seneh, with a division and lost it after Severe Weather.

Spring 1915

MOs were British Empire x2 (1 of them Enver) and TU, Max TU RPs 22.

I began by attacking Jifjaffa, destroying the Turks but not advancing. Ahmet filled the gap with Djemal. The Gallipoli Invasion landed on Lemnos, prompting the Turks to move closer to Gallipoli. Romania joined the Allies and 6 Turkish divisions joined the Cps.

I played for RPs (Project Alexandria) and was hit with the Bull’s Eye Directive attacking Ardahan, Oltu and Khoy, with the German airforce assisting at Ardahan. The Turks only advanced at Khoy, but that was enough to attack Tabriz. Murray Took Command, and we both played for RPs (Enver-Falkenhayn Summit, Enver Goes East). The Turks attacked at Ahwaz and Ardahan, taking Ardahan.

Summer 1915

MOs were RU and TU. Max TU RPs 20.

Lawrence attacked Ardahan and the Turks counter-attacked at Oltu and Tabriz, taking both. I hastily redeployed Russians to Azerbaijan. More Turkish troops moved into Tabriz and Ardahan and the Arab Revolt broke out, taking No Prisoners and the Hejaz. He redeployed troops to Medina and Hesa and a German division from the Reserve to Galicia. I removed the Abadan beach-head and played for RPs (Russian Winter Offensive).

The Germans moved up to the Romanian border and the Senussi took Sollum with No Prisoners. I played Egyptian Coup and the Germans drove the Romanians from Craiova. I fixed a hole in my Russian lines kindly pointed out by Ahmet and attacked Isfahan, destroying the Bakhtiari. Ahmet besieged Batum and destroyed the fort at Bucharest, capturing the Romanian capital. Batum fell during the Siege phase.

Fall 1915

Meso/Persia and British Empire (Enver) and TU MOs, TU Max RPs on 20
Grand Duke to Tiflis preceded German Intrigues in Persia, Asquith/Lloyd George Coalition, German Subs in the Med, and the Salonika Invasion which landed on Lemnos. The Germans attacked Ploesti, I played for RPs (Armenian Uprising) and Enver returned to Constantinople. I attacked Khoy, he captured Urmia and Akhalkain. I attacked Batum, Bayazit and the Persian Uprising in Qum, taking Batum and Qum. He played for RPs (Goeben).

Winter 1916

Meso/Persia and TU MOs. TU Max RPs on 17.

I began by redeploying Russians to Kashan, Sarikamis and Batum. The Turks consolidated their grip on the Russian border and moved a division to Burujird via Shushter. Russian Reinforcements arrived, followed by Parvus to Berlin. The Russian Winter Offensive attacked Ardahan, Oltu and Khoy while the Marines landed at Trabzon. At Oltu Ataturk defeated the attackers, leading to the disgrace of Yudenich, and the Turks held on to all three spaces. The Turks redeployed to Giresun and Gumushane and another German division left the Reserve for the Balkans.

2 Russian divisions left the Reserve for Trabzon. Ahmet played for RPs (Verdun) and we both made 1 Ops moves, I occupying Isfahan and he taking Cernavoda. I played for RPs (Turkish War Weariness) and he captured Constanta but was defeated at Suj Bulak. Trabzon fell in the Siege phase and I declared Romanian Collapse as the Romanians were about to be placed OOS anyway.

Spring 1916

None and TU MOs TU Max RPs on 14.

Indian Army Reinforcements arrived, Tigris Corps landing on Lemnos, and Bulgaria entered the war. Kitchener’s Invasion landed on the Jaffa Beach-head. The Turks pulled back from the Canal to Jaffa. I attacked Jaffa and Ardahan, taking Ardahan. Turkish Reinforcements arrived with TU-A XVIII Corps forming at Jaffa.

Lloyd George took Command and the Germans took Belgrade. The British landed in Thermalikos bay and another attack on Suj Bulak was repulsed. I entrenched on the Jaffa beach-head, took Athens (bringing the Greeks into the war against me) and recaptured Tabriz (evacuated by the Turks earlier). He played for RPs (Persian Push)

Summer 1916

British Empire and TU MOs, TU max RPs on 12.

I attacked Jaffa with Royal Flying Corps and Gurkhas, Ahmet responded with German High Command and Reserves to the Front. The latter preserved most of his troops, but I still go ashore. He attacked Skopje, I entrenched at Jaffa and moved a Corps to Trabzon. Mission to Afghanistan brought Kurds to Van and I attacked and seized Malazgirt.

He played for RPs (Yildirim Offensive). I attacked Mus, Gaza and Gumushane, destroying the fort at Gaza. He attacked Skopje and formed XIV Corps at Mus. I played for RPs (Project Alexandria). He attacked Nis and the Armenian Uprising broke out, the Irregulars going to Diyarbarkir. He finished with a 1 Ops attack on Suj Bulak, losing a division and opening a hole at Ruwandis.

Autumn 1916

British Empire and TU MOs, TU Max RPs on 8.

I captured Mosul and Urmia without a fight and Van with one. I also moved the Anzac Camel to Gaza. He redeployed troops to Nazibin and Ras-ul-Ain. I occupied Bitlis, passing through Diyarbarkir and Mardin with the Russian Cavalry. He captured Skopje and moved troops up to Harput. I played for RPs (D’Esperey) and he attacked Nis and Veles, opening the Bulgarian Railroad.

I played Allenby, who appeared in Jaffa. He played Berlin-Baghdad Railroad. I attacked Mus and moved troops off the Jaffa Beach-head to Gaza. Ataturk kept Mus for the Turks and Ahmet played for RPs (Jihad Supremacy). I attacked Mus, Nablus, Beersheba and Haifa, taking all except Nablus. Ahmet formed VIII Corps in Hesa and XII Corps in Damascus, missing his MO. Serbia collapsed at the end of the turn.

Winter 1917

Egypt and RU MOs. TU Max RPs on 5.

Arab Desertion began the turn, then the Germans took Bolgrad. Indian Reinforcements arrived, 2 special divisions in Salonika and 2 Cavalry divisions in Haifa. Turkish Corps moved to Harput and Megiddo and we both played for RPs (Greece, Yildirim).

I attacked Jerusalem and Ahmet captured Ploesti and removed an Uprising Marker form Harput. I attacked Jerusalem, and Jafar Pasha lead the Cps away from it before defecting to me. The Corps in Megiddo moved to Amman. I organized BR XX Corps in Jerusalem and moved the Russians forward to Diyarbarkir and Mus. Ahmet built XV Corps in and attacked and captured Mosul.

Spring 1917

None and TU MOs, TU Max RPs on 2

3 Russian infantry divisions arrived in Central Asia and the 2 Caucasian Corps appeared in Erzerum and Harput. I attacked Harput and moved Russians into Eastern Persia. The Army of Islam appeared, attacking Mus, and I used Jafar Pasha to withdraw to Bitlis. The Russians attacked Mosul but were held off by Pasha I. XVI Corps formed in Erzincan and the Turks attacked Diyarbarkir.

I played for RPs (Haversack Ruse) and the Turks attacked Diyarbarkir again, capturing it. I redeployed Russians to Cizre and Saqqiz. The Turks liberated Mardin and strengthened their hold on Diyarbarkir. I attacked Qum and Mosul, but failed to take either. Ahmet played for RPs (Unrestricted Submarine Warfare) and the Russian Revolution began.

Summer 1917

Meso/Persia and TU MOs, TU Max RPs on 0.

I organized FAO 1 on Lemnos and advanced to Nablus from Jaffa. The Turks entrenched at Mosul, moved to Megiddo and a Corps built at Kayseri occupied Adana. I attacked Megiddo, which held, and Turks redeployed from Caucasia to Syria. I played for RPs (D’Esperey) and Turkish Arab reinforcements arrived, adding a trench to Megiddo, followed by Dunsterforce and Talaat Pasha.

I landed at Cape Helles and Besika Bay and attacked Megiddo. He moved troops to Seddul Bahr and Kum Kale and Megiddo. I attacked Seddul Bahr and Kum Kale, advancing to besiege the latter. Fresh Recruits arrived to succour the Turks in the Gallipoli submap and the turn ended with the fall of Kum Kale and me losing a VP for missed MO.

Autumn 1917

Meso-Persia MO, TU Max RPs on 0.

I attacked Seddul Bahr and Amman, taking Amman. More Turkish troops entered the Gallipoli submap and Syria, and Turkish War Weariness took hold. Turkish Reinforcements, the Left Wing Group going to Damascus, were followed by Balfour Declaration. Ahmet played for RPs (Jihad Offensive) and I attacked Ahwaz and Megiddo, using Maude at Megiddo.

Sandstorms cancelled the attack on Ahwaz and Megiddo held out and was reinforced by further troops from Damascus. I attacked Ahwaz again. He redeployed troops to Ahwaz, Damascus and Ezine. I occupied Dera and Hesa and organized XXI Corps in Alexandria and he played for RPs (Enver-Falkenhayn Summit).

Winter 1918

Egypt MO, TU Max RPs on 0

I attacked Damascus, playing March and Countermarch to bring some Anzac Cavalry into the battle. The Turks fled to Homs and I advanced to Riyaq, cutting of the Turkish forces in Beirut and Megiddo. Turkish forces gathered in Hama. I attacked Homs but did not advance and the Turks reoccupied it entrenched at Seddul Bahr. I moved 2 more Corps up to Riyaq and organized IN 2nd Corps on Lemnos. The Turks entrenched at Homs and we both played for Rps (Greece, Yildirim Offensive).

Dunsterforce captured Shushter and I attacked Maan and Homs, Allenby being defeated by Ataturk at Homs. The CPs redeployed troops to Monastir, Sofia and Homs. I redeployed British troops to Shushter and then Dunsterforce out to Baku, and Ahmet played for RPs (Gorlice-Tarnow). The Russian Revolution completed its cycle with the Georgian Protectorate in Batum and Transcaucasians in Tiflis, Erevan, Kars, Trabzon and Van. I kept a Russian Cavalry division in Hamadan.

Spring 1918

No MO, TU Max RPs on 0.

I redeployed Indian Cavalry divisions to Mianeh and Astara and 2 British divisions from Syria to the Reserve. The Turks captured Trabzon and moved into Russia. We both played for RPs (D’Esperey, Verdun). I attacked Ahwaz and the Turks attacked and captured Van and Erevan. I besieged Maan and attacked Homs and Ahwaz.

Allenby was disgraced at Homs, but I captured Ahwaz. The Turks redeployed to Homs and Amara. I also redeployed, occupying Isfahan, moving Maude to Riyaq and putting more Syrian divisions into the Reserve. The Turks attacked and took Kars. I besieged Medina and attacked Amara unsuccessfully. The Turks moved to surround Tiflis and Medina fell in the siege phase.

Summer 1918

Egypt MO, TU Max RPs on 0.

I attacked Homs using Haversack Ruse (The ghost of Allenby advising Maude?), and forced the Turks back to Aleppo, where they swiftly entrenched while capturing Tabriz and Urmia. I redeployed troops to Mianeh and Baku and the Turks attacked and took Nalif-Eli. We both played for Rps (Project Alexandria, British War Weariness) and I failed to entrench Kum Kale. An Turkish attack on Kum Kale was repulsed and the British managed to entrench there this time, also besieging Fao.

The Turks attacked Tiflis unsuccessfully and Indian Reinforcements arrived, 3rd Corps going to Southern Persia. A second Turkish attack on Tiflis failed with all attacking units reduced, and the turn ended with the fall of Maan. At this point me and Ahmet agreed to end the game on the assumption that he would take Tiflis and Baku in the final turn and I would take Basra. That put the final score after armistice adjustments on 8, and Allied victory of Endurance.


The early Turkish gains on the Russian front, helped by a strong Bull’s Eye Directive, faded before they could trigger the Revolution- which was more the fault of late Parvus than either player’s strategy. Sucessful landings at Trabzon and Jaffa brought Allied success in the midgame, but Ahmet was able to force the Revolution only one turn late nonetheless. However, by then he had already burned through his Turkish RPs, (partly because of a Turn 7 Bulgaria- I have never played a game in which the CPs have won after a Turn 7 Bulgaria) so that Turkish War Weariness proved debilitating. Still he managed to contain both a late landing at Gallipoli and the Allied forces in Syria, confining the Allies to a Victory of Endurance.
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Ahmet Ilpars
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Notes from the CP side.

In the game I have received every critical card at the latest possible moment. Especially late arrival of Parvus to Berlin and Bulgaria hurt me.

IMO, British assault only at Syria front was a mistake. If he also had advanced in Mezopotamia he would probably got an Autovictory. VP count was at 3 at some point.

Without Bulgarian entrance, and successful Russian advance, I burned all my TU RP's very early.

It was a very unusual game in the end.
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juerg haeberli
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Two games ago as the CP I got a 1915 Indian revolution and got to 19 VPs.....but then Parvus didnt show up until turn 6 and Bulgaria finally showed in turn 7. Luckyly I managed to defeat Serbia and my opponent conceded in turn 10.
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Philip Thomas
United Kingdom
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Thankyou. Normally the problem with Bulgaria Turn 7 is not defeating Serbia (Although it often takes longer than it would have on Turn 3), nor even that it hurts your RP position, but that you will be entering Total War 2 turns or more behind the Allies. So the Allied get their "must play" Total War events out of the deck before you.
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