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Subject: Baltar and his women. rss

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Wim D
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This is my first session report ever, and English is not my first language. Feedback would be appreciated.

We got together last Friday to play a game of battlestar Galactica with the Pegasus expansion. We all have played our share of games with the base game, but I was the only player at the table who already discovered Pegasus. After explaining the changes to the game with this expansion, we choose not to use the New Caprica ending, and fly to Kobol.

Then, we rolled for starting player and selected characters.

In playing order:
Jamie : Admiral Cain
Tom : Ellen Tigh
Nathalie (my wife) : Dee
Wim (me) : Kat
Peter : President Baltar
Bart : Starbuck

Here we have president Baltar and a bunch of women. Only Cylon Leader Caprica Six is really missing in the lot, but I guess no Cylon Leader was chosen since no one wanted to be outside the group for all discussions and decision making. After all, we are still discovering the big guns and other flashy stuff on the Pegasus. A unanimous vote decided to use the sympathetic Cylon instead of the regular sympathizer.

Peter chose Baltar, just because he wanted to increase his chances to be a Cylon from the start. He had never been a Cylon from the start. His only personal experiences with cylonry are 1 sympathizer going evil and 1 Cylon card handed to him at distance 6. Therefore he has been taking Baltar for the last 5 or 6 games.

Off we go: the first jump cycle was rather uneventful, since Dee danced the civilians away from the initial raider setup. Apart from using the Pegasus guns, almost no combat occurred and the crises were rather easy. We actually gained 1 morale (to 11), which was immediately lost with a food to riots, but that food was gained back through succeeding the next crisis. Admiral Cain started to complain about some - in her opinion - "sub-optimal" plays by both Kat (launching from the wrong tube) and Baltar (repairing a location we didn’t need at the time). She quickly learned that complaining while things were going this well only resulted in her getting suspicious looks from the other players.
Jump distance 2 for 2 units of fuel. Only fuel was no longer on the initial value. Admiral’s quarters were damaged.

The second jump track started out exactly in the same way: hardly any resources were lost, and there was not a single tin can in space. I wanted to test Baltar, who I suspected a little, by giving him an Executive Order, giving him 3 actions in a row. If he were Cylon, 3 actions in a row would be a dream to do harm, reveal and immediately have his own turn. By doing this while it was calm, I gave the humans the chance to cancel out all damages he would do, and it would give us 1 known Cylon. He simply consulted the quorum, so I trusted him a little bit more.
An activation of the engine room with treachery cards by Ellen brought us to the -1 square, but the crisis was an attack. Getting the attacks just before jumping is exactly where the humans want them. Dee regrouped the civilian ships from the attack during her turn and then drew her own crisis - another attack appeared: the raiding party with the FTL-failure setting us back to -3.
While people started to discuss whether it was necessary to fight those Cylons or if we would jump away before they do any harm, I received my skill cards, headed to the FTL and discarded the 5 strength piloting card I just received to jump us out of there like a real hotshot, without any population loss.
Jump distance 2 for 1 fuel and 1 morale. We only lost 3 fuel, 1 food and 1 morale and still had a damaged admirals quarters as the sleeper phase kicked in.

So far, only Baltar had been acting a little bit suspicious, but we weren’t sure if Peter was just playing the part of Baltar - Peter plays a lot of role-playing games - or if he just wanted to act like a Cylon - because he never really got to be one - or if he actually got what he wished for since he first started playing this game.
In any case, if there had been a pre-sleeper Cylon, he was alone and hadn’t gotten many opportunities to hinder humanity’s streak of luck.
Loyalty cards were dealt out. I got the sympathetic Cylon card. I handed my "you are not a Cylon"-card to Baltar - what is one more loyalty to a man like Baltar - and headed for the resurrection ship.
My agenda was to help Cylons win, while salvaging the human equipment (2 or fewer galactica locations are damaged).
My turn ended without a crisis card, since I had left for the Cylon locations.

The third jump cycle:
The group agreed that Baltar would repair the admiral’s quarters, because we would probably need it soon. Starbuck launched and scouted. Cain, still on the Pegasus since the start of the game, didn’t know what to do in her turn: without any Cylons flying, there wasn’t much to do on Pegasus, so Baltar proposed he’d be Executive Ordered to his quarters to Consult the Quorum some more. Cain obliged, and Baltar played an arrest order on Starbuck, and revealed. When he wanted to turn over his loyalty card, he looked at two of his 4 cards and hesitated. Then he turned over the card that allowed him to brig Dee. Everyone was sure he had a second Cylon card. Resolving his reveal, he handed his unrevealed loyalty cards to Ellen Tigh, with the words: "you’re up next, you know what to do". But first it was time for Cain’s crisis: the new president - former vice president Ellen Tigh - got the choice between assassinating the admiral and discarding and drawing treachery. Cain left the Pegasus through the airlock without any oxygen supply and Zarek joined the fleet. Could our ex-convict help his human friends leave the brig? Without any cards for 5 more turns, this would be difficult. Ellen decided against revealing on her turn, since 2 brigged people and an empty-handed Zarek were no real threat. Instead she worked the Quorum on Colonial One, trying to convince them of arresting Zarek too. Dee failed a brig escape, and I, Cylon Sympathetic Kat, infiltrated the admiral’s quarters to prevent Zarek from using it. Cylon Baltar activated Caprica, and Starbuck tried a brig escape, which succeeded thanks to Dee being a fast learner, throwing in 3 extra tactics skills. Dee helping Starbuck out of jail: that is something that only happens when Apollo is not around. The fleet jumped 3 distance, putting a Cylon ambush on the board.

Jump cycle 4:
Finally there was some more fighting in space, but by the time the turn got back to Starbuck she activated FTL, rolling an 8. Population was still at 12!
We jumped 1 more distance, and the humans were ready for the final jump cycle. All resources were still good enough, though fuel was at 3 and Morale had taken some serious hits. Dee still sat in jail.

Final jump cycle:
The crisis on Starbuck’s turn was a Cylon virus: The fail effect made Starbuck go to sickbay and added a boarding party heading for those oxygen valves.
The next few turns, the fleets seemed to forget about preparing for jump, as well as shooting the boarding party, the boarding party didn’t move though, so it seemed like they might make it back to earth before oxygen got cut off. Ellen convinced the quorum to brig Starbuck - again. I returned to the resurrection ship, and convinced Cylon Baltar to advance the boarding party on his turn. With only two people running free on Galactica, they were not advancing fast on the jump track, so we had a chance of bringing the boarding party home before they reached the jump -3 square. On Zarek’s turn, the boarding party advanced to the middle of the track: two more to go. Ellen consulted the quorum to execute prisoner Starbuck, which dropped morale to 2 and Dee couldn’t stand to be all alone in the brig any longer so she ended herself. Commander Adama returned to replace Dee, and Roslin replaced Starbuck. The plan was that Adama should give an order to Roslin to use her abilities to act like the true skilled politician she is, in order to fish for an authorization to use brutal force on the boarding party. Ellen’s crisis advanced the boarding party to the one but last space. The cartwheels-for-brains were holding their hand on the switch.
On the start of Adama’s turn, Ellen whispered in his ear that his plan would fail, since she alone held all the power to convince the quorum to authorize brutal force. Adama deviated from the plan and headed for the Armory: he shot at the boarding party, with some strategic planning, but still failed to hit. His crisis advanced the jump track to -3.
Since the new sympathetic Cylon no longer lacks the ability to activate the Cylon fleet, the game ended on my turn.

Population: 12 (or 11 ? did they loose 1 to a crisis?)
Morale: 2
Food: 3
Fuel: 3
Damage: the airlock
Distance: 8
Jump Track: -3
Boarding Party: humans loose

Peter finally got what he whished for: he was a Cylon from the start. I suppose he’d never expected to get even more than he wished for: he had two "you are a Cylon"-cards from the start of the game.

We all had great fun, and the game was really close. One die roll practically determined winning or losing.
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Jason Beck
United States
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Sounds like it was a fun game, and your English was fine =)
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