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Subject: A Yeti looks back at... FEARSOME FLOORS rss

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Joe Kundlak
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Racing to the exit... Check!
Fun and Fun again!... Check!
Monster avoidance uncertain... Check!
Tons of replayability... Check!

Why did I sit at this game...
I found it in the truest of sense only a few weeks ago - exactly when it landed on (where you can play it online in turns, so not live). I immediately looked up the rules, which are quite straightforward and even a non-geek can learn the game lightning fast, and tried a few training games. Now I regularly play it with any given number of players

How does a Yeti play this...
The whole game is about getting your four Friends (each player has a thematic "group" of them - for instance the characters form the Addams Family, the Highschool boys etc.) from the lower right corner of a large room to the upper left corner. But alas! There is a monster, which starts at the upper left corner and wants to eat you all!

Each of your four Friends has a different movement rate per Turn and on top of that he has TWO of these values - on each side a different one. They both give the sum of 7, so practically in two Turns you may move each of them up to 7 spaces.

I say you MAY, because you can also stop sooner, or don't move at all. As you ever wish (whether for strategic reasons, or when you cannot move at all, because of a blocking path).

There are obstacles placed on the board, whether randomly (with some limiting rules), or at the beginning of the play. The basic set is two pools of blood (where you can slide over them in one move) and then stone blocks, that block the view of the Monster. Then there are advanced things like teleports, transparent walls etc.

When all players have moved all their Friends in a Round (a series of Turns), the Monster starts moving. It has certain Move cards, which state a number of moves it can make in that Round and also for some of them the number of People it can eat, before it stops. For instance you draw the "Move 20 and eat two people" card and then the Monster moves, until it either crosses 20 spaces, or it eats two People.

Its movement is the funny thing, becasue it is sometimes quite unpredictable (ok, with time you can quite "see" where the Monster will go, but the following player may screw that up a bit). The Monster always looks in three directions (left, straight, right) and if it does not see any living enemy, it moves forward. But if it sees anyone, it turns to the closest Friend and continues onward. If it sees anyone closer after that, it turns that way. And so on and so forth.

The sneaky thing is also the fact, that the monster can exit the Room and reappear at the corresponding space on the other side. Therefore it can effectively move up to twice the width of the room in one go! No one is safe enough then

The first player to move as many Friends out of the Room as possible, is the winner. When there are ties, there is a mechanic to solve that as well. The game ends either if all players make it to the exit before the Monster has its final turn, or when the Move deck of the Monster gets to the last card for the second time.

Wrapping the cover-paper up...

This game for me is tons of fun! I like Robo Rally, where you also plan your movements, but more indirectly. Here you can watch the Monster eat you opponents, if you plan for it, or be amazed as to how it could swallow three of your Friends in one go?!?

Replayability is quite limitless, because you can always move differently, place the obstacles differently and even use the advanced obstacles.

I give this game a great 9, as I would play it everytime I can and with quite anyone I meet. Recommended by 98 dead Members of 100 from the Addams family graveyard!
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