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On sunday 25th of october, when daylight had shifted one hour, 18 players gathered in the Outpost Gamestore in Ghent (Belgium). Nobody
was able to open the frontdoor of the Outpost, untill a young lady
with more force and door-karma showed us how to do that. The Dragon
that got contested is the one one top of the belfry of Ghent.
- no vampires where contested
- only one deck played parity shift
- players from Belgium, the Netherlands and France
- no time outs

The final round:
Axel (Assamites)
Ruben (tor!, social charm & psyche! w. guns)
Antoine (Brujah! with Hector and Armin Brenner)
Bart (Lasombra, politics with Gratiano)
Jeroen (Ishtarri vote)

Ruben was ousted after one hour, half an hour later Bart and Axel shared his fate.
Minutes before Axel is ousted Jeroen says : "I'm still a dead man
walking, but I like that position"
The first turn of the end duel Antoine said to Jeroen : "You're
getting meaner when you're fearful"

This was a fun experience for a first time tournament organiser. I'm
looking forward to organise more


Winning Deck by Jeroen van Oort
By Jeroen van Oort
Roughly based on a deck that was called Bannana Republic (I guess).
A typical presence-obfuscate vote deck, but this time with Ishtarri.
Once you have an Ayo out you dont discard for two or three turns, so
make sure you do that in turn one and two if nessesary. Be ware the
deck starts slow. If you’re lucky you can play an enchant kindred as
your first action on ubende or undele and transfer one them out in
turn four. Use a minion tap on the second vampire, Ayo doesnt really
need one. In theory from turn five you can actually call and pass some

Crypt 12
4 Ayo Igoli (the obvious starplayer)
3 Undele (His special was and will be used a lot!)
3 Ubende
1 Mukhtar Bey (Never drawn him this tournamt)
1 Klaus Konrecht (It also never was seen in my inactive region, the
new Brujah justicar is probebly a better choise)

Library 90 cards
18 Master
7 Minion Tap
3 Dreams of the Sphinx
1 Glutton
1 Monestary of shadows (I love this card, its worth every pool)
1 Port Hunting Ground
1 Ancestor Spirit
1 Powerbase: Tshwane ( This card proved not to be too usefull, because
of the high dencity of laibon. Yes you heard it right.)
1 Sense Vibration
1 Information Highway
1 Perfectionist

14 Political actions
5 Kine resources Contested
3 Neonate Breach (a 4th one would do good, maybe remove the
Conservative Agitation)
1 Conservative Agitation
1 Ancilla Empowerment
1 Anarchist Uprising
1 Disputed Territory (I had a lot of fun with this card
1 Hiding in the open
1 Banishment

8 Actions
1 Kduva´s Mask
1 Entrancement
6 Enchant Kindred

31 Action modifier and 1 Combo
2 Ishtarri Kholo
3 Uncontrolled inpulse
1 Strange Day
1 Forgotten Labyrinth
1 Lost in crowds
1 Swallowed by the night
1 Spying Mission
1 Cloak the gathering
1 Faceless Night
1 Into Thin Air
2 Scalpel Tongue
5 Forced March
4 Bewitchintg Oration
8 Voter Captivation

9 Combat
4 Majesty
1 Staredown
4 Rolling with the Punches

9 Reaction
5 Telepathic Misdirection
4 On the Qui Vive
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