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Subject: Clash of the Lords and Ladies, My First Session Report! rss

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Tim Nordin
United States
Eau Claire
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Last night we played an amusing 4 player game of Dominion: Intrigue. Since we only recently got Intrigue, and it has to fight for a place on the table with many of our other favorite games, we haven't played it so much that we know all the cards or the strategy. Furthermore, I gave up reading strategy articles on BGG to make playing the games face to face more challenging. As the only active BGG'er, knowing strategy really gives me an advantage, and one that for me made the games less fun. So we were all jumping in relatively blind to the game, which featured the Victory Dance set:

Great Hall

The players around the table were:
Me, first

The first two turns gave:
Tim: Silver, Ironworks
Jon: Great Hall, Bridge
Glorianne: Great Hall, Bridge
Terri: Great Hall, Masquerade

I cashed in on Ironworks for silvers and bridges for a while and was lucky enough in turn 4 to gain a gold by virtue of getting an extra copper from the Masquerade. I then alternated buying Nobles and gold. The others seemed enamored with the Harem and went that route when they finally made six coins.

Jon's strategy shifted from buying up provinces when he realized that his coin supply wasn't going to get him much more than 5 often to the Dutchy/Duke approach, which I made sure that everyone else noticed.

After he had gotten to 5 Dutchies and 2 Dukes, we all began piling on to rob him of the remaining Dutchies, which, due to the clogging in his hand, he never got another one of.

Glorianne got in trouble with too many actions without the Nobles to allow multiple extra actions and spent a lot of time laying down Great Halls and not picking up coins. She did buy up some dutchies to help slow down Jon, though.

Terri became a threat later as she was the only one paring down her coppers with the Masquerade and used several scouts to ensure promising draws, as well as bringing action/victory cards to her hand for use on the current turn. However, it took too long to set up and she was bound to fall short.

I used my early gold to buy more money and some Nobles. From there, I also used Terri's Masquerades to rid myself of Estates and then later bought some Great Halls to replace them. I was able to get three provinces early (at least, before any one else got some) then shifted my focus to putting down the Dukes. Even before the game ended - on my turn buying out the last Bridge- everyone agreed that the two landowners (my Nobles vs. Jon's Duke) were the favorites. So while Terri was a dark horse charging from the back, I ended the game too soon for her.

In the end, the game ran out of piles (Great Hall, Dutchy, Bridge) and we totaled up the scores:

Tim: 47
Jon: 39
Terri: 36
Glorianne: 31

I was fortunate that Jon's clogged hand prevented him from getting more Dukes/Dutchies and that everyone grabbed for them once they saw what Jon was up to. I also insisted that Nobles were better than the Harem since no other card gave double actions, though Terri (a regular Dominion-style madam this time) used the Harem three times for Province, Province, and Duke+Dutchy buys on three different turns.

All in all, it was a fun game hammering out new ideas with the new cards. Though I'm dying to get Seaside, I can probably wait until we've broken in all the Intrigue cards a bit, first.

Also, Everyone knows that only an Earl is a worse title than a Duke.

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United States
New Jersey
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I play at EPGS on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month and if you live in Eastern PA, Western NJ or Northern DE ... you should too!
Good for you in not reading up on strategy so the game stays competitive. I like that kind of sportsmanship. And nice session report.
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