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Not only did I make it to Tuesday meetup early, but DK (Degamer on BGG) was right on my heels. We had about 15-20 minutes before ‘real gaming’ started, so we mutually agreed that Gomorra had been way too quiet as of late. DK was sans decks, so I looked over my kit bag for some possible matchups:

Blackjack vs. Sweetrock bicycles
Sweetrock goon squad
Maze Rats mobility
Sioux shooter
Collegium shooter

With a relatively limited amount of time, I opted to reduce Doomtown to its simplest, most primal element-the classic shootout. Thus it was to be Collegium vs. Sioux. No real chess match here-Send Tioga Joe on the warpath vs. beef up PeevieXP and let ‘er rip.

Collegium: New Front (18/+3)-Dudes gain +1 influence for at least one ready gadget. Gain +1 VP for each opposing stud aced in a shootout w/ a ready gadget.

Prof. Susan Franklin (3/+1) one of the few dudes who makes GhostRock income
Alice Chamberlain (5/0) reduced GR cost of gadgets by 2
Gunther Hapworth (3/0) pay 1 GR for +3 stud bonus at controlled location-DEFENSE!
PeevieXP(7/0)-opponents suffer +2 casualties when losing shootout/when Peevie’s posse wins a shootoutround, gain 2 GR
Total cost-18
Influence: +3
Upkeep-+1 (makes money)-total income +4

Sioux Union (basic home) (18/+3)-instead of production, get 1 Spirit or Sioux Dude from the deck.

Wise CloudXP (4/1) Shaman (+3) in residence
Billy Iron Horse (5/0) boot to discard/draw up to 3 cards.
Seeking Fury (3/0) discard/draw 1 card. Coz card cycling/drawing is good.
Tioga Joe (6/0)-head enforcer
Total Cost: 18
Influence: +5
Upkeep: 1-total income +2

The first round was mostly getting everyone buffed n ready. I had the flamethrower (pay 1 GR for a +2 stud bonus), and with a deck built on 8/7 plus plenty of face cards, the pulls rarely failed. DK used the Sioux home ability to pull a Rain Dance so that Wise CloudXP could shake his MoneyMaker each round. This gave the Sioux a core income base of 6 GR/turn.

Next round found the Sioux dropping the Barber Shop (4/+1) and St. Martin’s Chapel (5/+1) bringing the Sioux income engine to +8/turn. Meanwhile, Alice made a Greased Lightning Pill (+3 bullets for a shootout). Combined with the Flamethrower, Peevie was a a +8 stud bonus, so he went off to put the lean on the Sioux. Abel Owens (5/0, +2 stud/+1 influence) decided to join the fun. Peevie made for the Barber’s Shop and Abel camped on the St. Martin’s Chapel-swinging the CP briefly to the Collegium. A pair of 0/+1 strikes, however, meant that the Sioux still had plenty of GR production.

Having procured a bow and arrow (pull vs. bullets + value of opposing dude to ace that dude), Tioga Joe slowly ambled first to the Town Square and then to the Barber’s Shop. Having won lowball/gamblin’ (for a change, Lowball HATES me), I had Peevie call out Tioga Joe. This squared off to be a 13 draw vs. 8 draw matchup and with both jokers still in my deck, I thought I could pull a five of a kind to off Tioga Joe (DK had a Death Head Joker and Regular Joker somewhere in his deck). Tioga Joe stood stoically by while PeeviXP first paid the GR to activate the flamethrower, and then the Greased Lightning Pill. Tioga Joe then played a “Caught With Yer Pants Down” to cancel any goods benefits and costing PeevieXP a bullet. So out a GR, the Greased Lightning Pill gets aced anyways, and Peevie is down to +2 stud. Ouch. Still, Peevie is way too dumb to know that he’s about to get hosed big-time, so the shootout was on. Both decks performed to spec with DK having Full House, Jacks over eights and I managed a Full House, eights over sevens. Tied ranks meant that Peevie was aced while Tioga Joe’s ability saved him.

Since Peevie had issued the callout, Tioga Joe now moved to the Town Square to pin down Abel Owens and stand between Abel and anything useful that Alice might invent. Like the Auto-incendiary Bullet for example (ace bullet to ace a dude). Tioga Joe then used a Stoker vs. Knicknevin to issue an unrefusable call-out to Abel Owens. Again, full house vs. full house meant the end of Abel. With the Sioux GR engine and the 4 card/turn cycle of Billy Iron Horse/Seeking fury, DK had plenty of dudes in reserve. Thus, the Collegium ceded Gomorra to the Sioux.


Both decks are modified four of a kind decks per
Eric Jome
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tips. I tend to build on three values to pretty much ensure a full house every time and also leave open the possibility of a straight flush or with jokers, five of a kind. Probably too dilute to be truly tournament worthy, but definitely fun to play. As the draw structures are similar (8, 7 core with multiples of usually 3 or 4 of each suit/value plus face cards), the matchup favored the Sioux with Tioga Joe’s ability (can’t be aced unless beaten by three ranks or better. This meant the Collegium would be looking for five of a kind or hoping for a crappy draw of two pair/three of a kind from the Sioux. Not an even match, but still made for a quick and bloody shootouts. Both decks have enough high values to make pulls (gadgets for Collegium, bow and arrow for Sioux) reliable, although the latter depends on the opposing value (e.g. works better on low value/bullet dudes)

These decks were designed as independent attempts at building shooter decks-plenty of bonuses, call-out cards, and enough support/deeds to keep the engine going. They were not designed to play against each other, especially since a similar draw structure would greatly favor the Sioux/Tioga Joe. I knew that going in, I just like the cool gadgets of the Collegium.

While not a broken card, Tioga Joe is clearly one of the strongest studs/shooters in the game, right up their with Black Jack for example. The Rain Dance/Home income combo provides plenty of fuel to power both dudes and deeds to back up Tioga Joe. This deck is plenty potent and I’ll probably keep it around pretty much as is.

The Collegium deck definitely needs more focus-better income generation and the ability to deploy dudes/deeds in addition to gadgets. I do like the steampunk hellzapoppin’ savoir faire of the Collegium, so I’ll be tweaking this deck some more. And I do like New Front’s emphasis on shootouts vs. the Turtle-prone original home (stay home and get CP for inventing stuff). So while the outcome was predictable, this was still a fun game to play and I look forward to more matchups with DK, especially since I have new cards to incorporate across all of my decks.

The decks are a hodgepodge of Cosine’s ideas and deck-builds from the Gamemeister site:


Nothing unique or truly special here, just modified by card availability (I have about 90% of the published set) and personal preference. Starting dudes/outfits as per above.

2-Robert Holmes
6-Barney Brash
7-Cain Regen
8-Chinese Ogre, Abel Owens, Fineas Von LandinghamXP2
9-Erik ZarkovXP
K-Oswald Hardinger

3-Massacre at High Noon
7-Attitude, Hot-Loaded Rounds, Run Outa Town, Between the Shoulder Blades
8-Kidnapping, Dead Man’s Hand, Jackalope Stampede, Pinned Down
9-Divided Loyalties, His Back Was To Me, Hat Gun

5-Sam’s General Store
7-Weaponsmith, Power Plant, Lyndon Station, Buster’s Gambling Hall,
8-Green-Eye Saloon, Miss Coutreau’s, Pony Express
9-Callahan’s Ditch, Rough and Tumble Saloon, Helga’s Wafflehaus

2-Bullet-Proof Vest
5-Auto-Incendiary Bullets (x2)
6-Gatling Pistol
7-Ghost Rock Cannon, Holy Wheel Gun,
8-Electrostatic Pump Gun, Radar, Flamethrower (x2), Greased Lightning Pill (x2), Rocket Boots
10-Infrared Spectacles
K-Rocket Pack, Zapper

3-Singing Feather
5-Feather in his Hair
7-Ghost of my Father, Strikes a Hawk, Silver Wolf
8-Pox Walker
Q-Tioga JoeXP, Little Mountain, Eagle RockXP2

2-Stoker vs. Knicknevin (x2),
3-Massacre at High Noon
7-Run Outta Town, Attitude,
8-Jackalope Stampede, Kidnapping, Quick Reload
10-Hostile Takeover, Get a Rope, Caught with yer Pants Down
Q-Raid, Tattoo, It’s Just You and Me, Defendin’ What’s Yours

4-Burial Ground
7-Buster’s Gambling Hall, Old Moon Saloon, St. Martin’s Chapel
10-The Barber’s Shop, The Alright Corral, Elijah’s Parish, Town Well
Q-Harlot’s Haven Strike, Thunder Gulch Strike

2-Bow and Arrow (x2)
3-Rain Dance (x2)
7-Pale Horse, Speed of the Wolf, Stallion (x2)
10-Breath of the Spirits, Unfinished Business
J-Horse Whispers
Q-Medicine (x2)

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