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Subject: ME Solo rss

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William Gaskill
United States
New Jersey
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..or I just got tired of waiting for Skeletordevil

Middle Earth Quest is an Adventure Game playable by 2-4 people.
unlike some Adventure Games it has an "Active"Villain player
(Sauron) & then 1-3 Hero's.This makes a Solo Game difficult as your not playing against a "System"

The Following Rules were developed to allow the Game to be played Solo.They follow the ME Quest Rulebook.All ME Quest Rules apply unless modified below:


As is but each side draws a Mission Card at random
& places it face down before them.It's NOT revealed until
the Game ends.

Roll on Hero Priority Table-This determines what Hero
attempts to do in the game. Roll6

1=Complete Quests(Starting & Advanced must be done first)
2=Destroy Plots
3=Kill Monsters
4=Destroy all influence locations over 3
5=Gather Favor
6=Stay untainted (remove corruption)*This is
a Secondary Priority roll again for 1st Priority
& reroll 6 result.

*Hero's lacking this Priority must roll d6 to remove
corruption on a roll of 5-6 besides the usual criteria.

Note 1- if Hero can't attempt to fulfill priority action
as The Priority doesn't exist on the Board.Reroll
at once on the above Table until you get a result
that can be fulfilled.The result now becomes
the new Hero Priority for the Game.

Note 2-Once the Hero has completed a Priority
(besides # 6)He rolls d6 on a roll of 1-4 he continues
the Current Priority (provide that Priority exists on the Board) on a Roll of 5-6 he Rolls on The Priority Table to choose a new one.Once the Hero has the #6 Secondary Priority it remains with him for the entire game.

Note 3-The Priority does not over ride choices that are
randomly chosen by dice.However the Hero may reroll
once only the choice die if it conflicts with his priority.
He must accept the 2nd roll.It also does not stop a
Hero from preforming another Priority if he has the
opportunity.(He lands on a Plot Location & Discards
a Plot ,etc-even though his Priority is Killing Monsters).

Note4-A Hero may always divert from a Priority to
go to an adjacent Location to pick up Favor,Remove Plots,Heal ,break an Influence Chain, complete a
Quest or consult with a Character -He do only once per Turn- See Note 5

Note 5-The Hero Priority means The Hero must
move to accomplish his Priority from where he is at
to the nearest Location where his Priority is Located.
He must use the Shortest chain of Locations to
do so measured by actual Location & NOT terrain.

Note 6-Starting the Game the only 2 Priority Choices
on the Board are #'s 1&2 Rolld6 Odd=1 Even=2


1.Hero Rally as is
2.Story Step as Is
3.Plot Step-Sauron can only play a Plot if Plot/Shadow Action
is in effect (See Action Step)
4.Event Step-As is
5.Action Step-Modify,now Sauron must roll a die to see which
type of Actions he can use. If Action rolled for is filled
assign the other 2 Action Areas Odd/Even & Roll d6.

1-2= Influence Actions
3-4=Shadow & Plot cards
5-6=Command Minions & Monsters

Note1- the Action Marker is always placed on the left most
vacant position in the chosen Action Area.

Note2-To check Shadow Pool possible Placement
of Influence Rolld6:


Note3-Sauron may not play a Shadow Card unless
he has the Shadow/Plot Action as a current Action.

Note4- when placing Monsters Sauron can always place
A Monster in any region that a hero is in or on a Plot ,
otherwise Roll d10 to randomize placement.
Sauron may chose exact Location within area to place the Monster.Placement of the Monster should be
the most advantageous for Sauron(protecting
Influence,blocking Hero's from Quests,etc.)

Remember all other ME Quest placement rules apply including the Black Serpent special rule.

Monster Placement Table

6=Brown Lands
8=Misty Mts
9=Grey Mts

Note3-Command Actions modifications:

-Sauron may always move a Minion or Monster
if that move would cause the Minion/Monster to
enter the same space as a Hero(Sauron's Choice
if he does not Roll on Command Table)

-Sauron may always Heal Minion

-.Command Table Roll d6

1-2=Move Minion
3-4=Place Monster
5-6=Move Monster

If Option rolled not available re roll until get usable
result.Remember Movement & Placement follow
ME Quest Rules

Note4-Remember the Actions are in effect until the
next Action Step rolls for new Actions.

Note4-Possible increased Shadow Activity.At the
Start of the Action Phase roll d6 on a roll of 5-6
Sauron gets to roll for a 3rd Action.

6.Hero Draw Step-as is but cards are drawn face down
& not revealed until Travel or Combat


Special-Roll on Hero Priority Table if needed
( Note in most cases Hero will roll on the Table
during his turn)

1.Rest Step-as is
2.Ambush Step -as is
3.Travel Step-modified as follows:

-Movement Limits-Hero may always move to an adjacent
Location(providing meets ME Quest Rules criteria) after
that for each additional move during turn roll d6:

5-6 =can't move anymore during turn.

Note1-Hero may look at Cards to determine Movement Icons
& if multiple choices randomly choose between cards

Note 2 - If Hero must expend cards that reduce his hand to 3 or
less cards he can't move.Exception he may move to enter
adjacent Haven or adjacent complete Quest /Remove Plot
Location if ME Quest criteria met.

Note 3-A Hero must always move unless under the
restrictions of above.However a Hero can stay &
explore the space he is in before he moves.A Hero
may also stay in a Haven he entered If he
conducts a Rest/Heal during the next Rest turn.

-Combat or Peril if Sauron has choice rolld6

Even =Peril

Note 1-If more than 1 Monster/Minion on Location
assign each a die & roll highest # fights

Note 2-If more than 1 Peril Card would qualify for use
assign each a die & roll highest # is used.

-Explore-as is

4.Encounter Step-if draw cards that qualify & which have
same # assign each a die & roll Lowest # is played.



-Cards are drawn face down & played from top down

-Heroes Agility Check to see if Hero uses some Agility
to draw extra cards roll d6:

1=1-2 Agility rounded down
2-3=2 Agility used
4-5=1/4 Agility rounded down used
6=1 Agility used

Note-if result rolled brings # to use to Zero then no
Agility is used.

Choices-where a Card or Counter offers choices assign each choice a die & roll,highest # is used.

Character Choices A Hero with a Horse or a Dwarf Hero who draws
a Horse must chose to take favor.A Hero that already has an item
the Character offers must take favor.


As is except now the Mission Cards are revealed as per
ME Quest Rules(basically both sides now find out the Victory
Conditions.This allows for tension as both sides do not know
the the exact criteria that wins the Game.

Note on Time:

For the purpose of making Session Reports the
following applies:

1.Each 2 Location Traveled = 1week*
2.To Rest =1 week
3.To Explore =1 week
5.Use Shire Reckoning for the months
and consider each month =5weeks

*If only 1 Location traveled to it counts as 1 week.

Shire Reckoning Calendar

Note the Single days are used for reference only

2 Yule (Dec.22)
Afteryule (Dec/Jan)
1 Lithe(June 21)
Mid Years Day(June 22)
Overlithe(in Leap year)
2 Lithe(June 23)
1 Yule( Dec 21)

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Rich Moore
United States
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So is basically every choice replaced by a random roll of the die? For both sides? Or do you automate one side (random roll) and play the other side (your choice)?
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William Gaskill
United States
New Jersey
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rcmoore4 wrote:
So is basically every choice replaced by a random roll of the die? For both sides? Or do you automate one side (random roll) and play the other side (your choice)?

The Sauron Side is a robot-the Hero side is a semi robot but you play
him/her.You could play the Hero per the regular rules but that overbalances the Game in the Hero's Favor thus some restrictions on the Hero's choices.

I've playtested this out & it works but you are of course in some
ways watching the Game play itself.I set this up as more of a
journey around ME than a play to win.

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Roger Knowles
United States
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If your waiting for Skeletor, don't hold your breath.I heard he's gone from BGG.Don't know any particulars,but I think he's gone.

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United States
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"Where are you from?" "Long story. The Pacific Ocean, I guess."
Too many dice in this variant. No go for me.
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Pelein de Cratia
Guayota City
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I like dice devil
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Eric ya
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great idea!
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Did someone try to play Sauron per the regular rules and the Heroes per William's variant?
I like dice 2 devil
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