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Subject: Description and Comments rss

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Andy Couch
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Wasn't sure if I was going to make this a real review or not. Decided to leave it as a set of comments.

We played this at Essen 09, here are my set of comments and a quick description of the game.

Basic Description
This is a dexterity strategy game. The basic idea is to maneuver your ship around the universe collecting goods and selling them for credits. The universe is made up of cardboard cutouts spread on a table. The table is the extent of the universe. It is not allowed to have a ship or cargo land on any of the elements, so they provide some obstacles.

The cargos are little plastic hockey-puck like chips. They have a freighter symbol on one side and a cargo (or police) on the other. They are flicked around the field with your fingers.

Movement is very slick IMO. There are movement cards which provide the measurements and are elongated diamonds that match your ship base exactly. You can either play an energy card from your hand or drift. By playing a card you can move a certain number of movement chips, lying them tip to tip and turning as allowed by the angle of the front of the chip (90 degree max per chip). Each card also has a number of symbols letting you place cargos into the space or move current ones.

You have a limited number of cards and can only refill at specific points on the board. These points are also where you sell your goods. Goods are acquired by maneuvering your ship on top of a cargo chip in the universe. Assuming it is not an asteroid or police, You keep the cargo. Damage (through mistaken flicks or asteroids) is either lost cargo or energy cards. A police marker means you need to return to a station and pay before gathering further.

The game goes until someone has bought a station and collected a number of credits above that. Stations can be bought and provide free refilling and a cut of the refilling costs from other players, so a real benefit. Refilling your energy cards forces you to dump any cards you currently hold and buy new ones at one credit per four points of energy. Market cards at each supply point shows prices for given goods.

Not my kind of game. Some quite interesting ideas, but the flicking and randomness bugs me. I had crafted a run of cargos to pick up away from the other players and the first chip was a police chip, which meant I got shafted and in the end had to drift home.

It was certainly an interesting idea. I can see how some groups would really jive with it. I like the movement and energy cards thing. The only other thing I will mention is about the components. The cardboard bits are nice, but the plastic ships seem fragile. The ships have stands, but we saw a number during the fair that were broken off. SO be ware.

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Peter Robinson
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I have to say the rules are not very clear, or were not translated very well to English.

For example, I can't tell how often merchant ships are added to the universe. The rules around this are very vague.
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