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Brian Train
British Columbia
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(a longer version of this originally appeared in Simulacrum magazine)

Europe at War

Designer: John Edwards
Publisher: Jedko Games, 1985

Players: 1-4
Playing time: 2-3 hours
Era: World War II
Scale: Grand Strategic (corps/army/fleet; 8 month turns? Continental scale map)


1 bookcase box with counter tray
1 4-page rulebook
3 8x22" mounted mapboards, featuring an area-movement map of Europe done in vivid green and eye-wounding yellow
282 die-cut counters, in varying sizes

Counter Manifest

USA (total 50)
16x troop (3x P), 1x parachute, 6x armor, 5x aircraft (1x P), 6x naval units (3x P), 4x leaders (Roosevelt, Patton, Bradley, Macarthur), 2x A-Bomb, 9x development markers (3x 1, 2x 2, 4x 3), Japan Defeated marker

Britain (total 41)
12x troop (3x P), 3x special troop (2x Home Guard, 1x parachute), 3x armor, 1x Guard armor, 6x naval units (3x P), 4x leaders (Churchill, Montgomery, Wavell, Alexander), 9x development markers (3x 1, 2x 2, 4x 3)

Germany (total 114)
22x troop, 28x special troop (8x Axis Allies, 8x SS, 6x Kriegsmarine, 4x Luftwaffe, 2x parachute), 10x armor, 8x special armor (4x SS, 3x elite, 1x Axis Ally), 3x aircraft, 7x special aircraft (6x V-2, 1x Me262 jet, 5x naval units (2x Axis Ally, 3x German), 11x leaders (Hitler, Goering, Speer, Doenitz, Von Rundstedt, Rommel, Guderian, Manstein, Model, Himmler, Dietrich), 1x A-Bomb, 18x development markers (6x 1, 5x 2, 7x 3), Speer Organizes marker

Russia (total 67)
25x troop, 12x special troop (8x Siberian, 4x Guard), 8x armor, 4x special armor (2x Siberian, 2x Guard), 1x aircraft, 5x leaders (Stalin, Zhukov, Timoshenko, Rokossovsky, Koniev), 12 development markers (4x 1, 3x 2, 5x 3)

Neutral markers
9x A-Bomb damage, 1x turn marker

What the designer says

"A low complexity grand strategy game where 1 to 4 players direct the economic & military growth of a European power from 1941 to `45. Features 282 counters representing leaders, infantry armies, armoured corps, elite forces, aircraft & naval assets, plus three 8''x22'' mapboards. The rules cover the influence of the naval war & Japan, as well as A-bomb development & political variants."

Player’s Value

Four short pages of rules are enough to give what one might call an "impressionistic" picture of the war in Europe. Production is handled by a system of development markers that act as production multiples for conquered areas. Movement is simple: one or two areas with a few limitations, sea movement and amphibious invasions are handled in three short paragraphs. Combat involves rolling buckets of dice and hoping for sixes. John Edwards then lays on the chrome in his use of historical individuals (generals and national leaders) to affect the course of the war (in fact, one wins the game by eliminating Churchill and Stalin or Hitler and Goering), various troop types (parachute units, Axis Allies, Siberians, elite units) and random events that allow atomic bombs, V-2 rockets, jet fighters, transfers to and from the Pacific theatre, and so forth.
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