Rick McKown
Spruce Grove
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Playtesters : Rick McKown (German), Lee Misselbrook (Canadian)

1. Initial Set-Up / Op Plan:

a. German (Defender):

(1) 6 Coy II/26 (reinf w/ 1x Inf Plat & 1x MG Sec 130 PzGr Regt, 4 x MG Sec 716 Inf Div): Hasty Defence West sector Putot CDB, between Hwy D217 and East bdy hex 10.18 to hex 14.24 incl;

(2) 7 Coy II/26: Hasty Defence Centre sector Putot CDB between West bdy hex 10.18 to hex 14.24 and East Bdy hex 13.18 to hex 16.22 incl;

(3) 5 Coy II/26: Hasty Defence East sector Putot CDB between West bdy hex 13.18 to hex 16.22 to hex East bdy hex 19.18 to hex 19.19 incl;

(4) 8 Coy II/26: Reserve; set up in Move Mode on road hexes from 02.11 to 02.12 incl.

b. Canadian (Attacker):

(1) C Sqn 1H (reinf w/ D Coy CSR, K Trp 62 AT, 2x MG Sec CHLO) attack along Hwy D217, occupy hexes along road from bridge at 06.17 to Xroads 08.24, Fireflies and K Trp remain on road to defend bridge at 06.17, rest of Sqn (reinf) attack East into Putot to occupy VP hexes South of road from 08.24 to 14.20, on/West of hex row 14.xx (N.B., used C Sqn OB as per countermix: 6x Fireflies, 14x regular Shermans);

(2) C Coy CSR (reinf w/ 2x MG Sec CHLO), attack on East side of Hwy D217 parallel to hwy, to orchards North of road from 08.24 to 14.20, then attack East into Putot North of road to occupy VP hexes on/West of hex row 15.xx;

(3) D Coy CSR: see (1) above;

(4) Spt Coy CSR (reinf 4.2-in Mtr Sec CHLO): Bn mtrs and Carriers set up in La Bergerie Farm, CHLO mtrs set up in Bretteville; all mtrs remain in place to spt attack, Carriers advance to Hedgerow along hex row 18.xx to serve as artillery spotters;

(5) RWR: move to and reform around hex 25.25, defend in place;

(6) A Coy CSR: follow C Coy, pass though LD 15.21-15.23, attack on/North of road and clear East end of Putot;

(7) B Coy CSR: follow C Sqn 1H abd D Coy, pass through LD 14.18-14.20, attack South of Road and clear East end of Putot;

(8) 14th Field Regt RCA, 19th Army Field Regt RCA Pre-Planned Barrages on hexes 12.22 and 14.20.

2. Sit Rep:

a. Pre-Planned Barrage: one Good Shoot (12.22), one Bad Shoot (14.20); German lost several steps, numerous units suppressed.

b. 1940 hrs: German received arty but all No Shoots; Cdn arty lays three Bty HE on orchards @ NW corner of German perimeter, three Smoke across front along road 10.25-15.23 to block LOS and screen advance; C Sqn 1H (reinf) Overruns and Assaults NW corner, destroys / drives out most of 6 Coy with Cdn loss of one tank and three Inf steps; German Reserves not released; German counterattack destroys one more tank w/ AT Rolls but C Sqn passes its Morale Check.

c. 2000 hrs: 1H recovers one Morale Point (back to 0); German gets arty but has no targets in LOS except RWR, which loses five steps, and CSR Carriers, which lose one step; Cdn arty Suppresses remnts 6 Coy; Cdn goes first, Assaults / destroys 6 Coy; German Reserves not released; German shifts 7 Coy to cover West bdy of Coy area; German gets Pz reinf:

(1) 1 Coy I Pz Bn moves to LD 08.09-13.11, attacks toward bridge 06.17; loses four tks to Cdn Overwatch Fire but kills all three Cdn Fireflies at 06.17; 1 Coy and C Sqn both pass their Morale Checks;

(2) 2 Coy I Pz Bn moves to LD 11.18-13.19, attacks toward obj hex 08.21; loses four tks to Cdn Overwatch Fire but destroys all four M10 TDs; 2 Coy fails a Morale Check, becomes unassigned.

d. 2020 hrs: German gets no arty; Cdn arty Suppresses all of 7 Coy; German goes first, German Reserves not released; German pulls 7 Coy back out of Cdn LOS, 2 Coy I Pz pulls back to its Rally Point (hex 19.12), 1 Coy I Pz attacks across bridge at 06.17 toward obj hex 08.21, loses seven tanks to Cdn Overwatch Fire, destroys five Cdn tanks with Overwatch Fire; 1 Coy fails Morale Check, becomesunassigned, C Sqn passes all Morale Checks (Morale now = 5); CSR C & D Coys Assault 7 Coy, destroy or drive back most of it, A & B Coys move into position for next turn, 1H supports with fire but stays away from German inf.

e. 2040 hrs: German get no arty; Cdn arty Suppresses most of 5 Coy; Cdn goes first, A & B Coys Assault and destroy remnts 7 Coy and most of 5 Coy, clear Putot West of hexrow 16.xx but lose four steps from one Plat in Assault; German Reserves not released; 1 Coy I Pz Bn (3 tanks) pulls back to Rally Point, 2 Coy I Pz Bn implements new orders, attacks toward obj hex 13.18, Overruns one Platoon D Coy in that hex but loses four tanks to OW and Cdn AT Rolls in OR Combat, fails its Morale Check and pulls back to Rally Point (7 tanks left).

f. 2100 hrs: German gets arty but all No Shoot; Cdn arty Suppresses rmnts 5 Coy, Cdn goes first, C Sqn 1 H Overruns and destroys remnts 5 Coy; Cdn inf occupies all VP hexes in Putot; German Reserves not released; no Germans North of Railroad; German player concedes.

3. General Commentary: It took the Cdn player five turns to totally wipe out the three Inf Coys of II Bn 26 SS Pz Gr Regt and to reduce the two Pz Coys to 1/3 of their original strength; in a Campaign Game the German would have pulled out of Putot NLT the 2020 hrs Game Turn but given the scenario VCs the German player went for maximizing Cdn casualties but even so could only reduce the Cdn Victory from Major to Minor (Cdns lost total of 38 steps, incl 10 tanks, 4 TDs, 1 step Carrier, 1 step MG Sec, 5 steps Inf from RWR, and 18 steps Inf from CSR). German was lucky to get the Panzers at 0800 hrs but was unable to drive the Cdn armour from the field as per plan and was unlucky both with arty and with Reserves not being released. Cdn arty was deadly as usual and Cdn tank-infantry attack was a well-organized meat grinder.
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Freddy Dekker
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I guess it is, would have been nice though for those of us who do not own the game yet and'd like to know how it plays.
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