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Since obtaining the Pegasus expansion I have only played a few times. The most interesting times have been the cylon leader gets the sympathetic agenda in a four/six player game or they pull the hostile in a five player game. However in the case where the cylon leader pulls one of the two agendas that go the other direction I have had less than spectacular results. For instance this game:
Zarek (Jeremy)
Tigh (Dylan)
Starbuck (Michelle)
Caprica 6 (Sara)

I went first which was good considering the cylon leader goes last. Once we got to Sara her true nature was revealed. She pulled the objective where the cylons win and less than two Galatica locations are damaged. Usually that is not even an issue. She didn't hide that she was not on our side. After her turn we got a total of six new attacks. Toward the end of the first jump we had two attacks, however we used the engine room prior to one to get a jump. The human players decided that we should just jump the ship even if it cost one pop, which it didn't. So a distance of 2 and we got another few attacks.

We had trouble fending off the attacks as Caprica 6 was using the fleet every turn. Good for her. We lost several civilian ships due to attacs. A this point I believe this is where we made the mistake. We decided, mostly my fault, that we should just jump to get to the clear. Before the sleeper phase we were all human, which is what I figured, so by getting to the sleeper phase quickly we were now playing a two against two. I figured that we still need to give ex orders to be effiecent and figure out who the cylon was. Well Tigh let me know by throwing me in the brig (I suppose Zarek belongs there anyway) and that is where me and Starbuck spent most of the rest of the game watching the dials run down till we lost. We didn't even get to new Caprica that game.

When the four player game is a two against two with the cylon leader against you from the beginning, it would seem that the humans don't have a chance, especially if the other cylon gets their card. The 4/6 player cylon agends are too easy. They usually happen when the cylons win anyway. I think that they should have to balance helping the humans long enough to still try to destroy them. In a five player game if the cylon leader gets a human objective then it is a four against one and the cylon doesn't stand a chance, especially if they get it during the sleeper phase.

My thoughts for the four player game is if the cylon leader is trying to destory you and you believe everyone is human, this is the one instance that you should try to make the game last a few jumps to get cards. As for the other instances, it would seem that you should die as quickly as possible and play another round. Any thoughts?
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