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Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?

Withdraw to initial deployments: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/464643

Turn 6: December 2, morning (Allied morale 8, French morale 8)
Weather = fog

(no random event)
Under the cover of Fog, the Allied player slowly consolidates their hold on the Pratzen heights with both the 2/4 and 5 cavalry corps advancing north-west along the Heights. 1/4, AG Cav and AG all move along the road leading towards Bosenitz, and no other Allies corps moves.

(random event = “The Sun of Austerlitz!” (I guess I’m not holding that, then!) French player opts to cancel fog effects AND give his units +1 movement)
Napoleon launches his trap! Grenadier corps moves into Bosenitz as the Imperial Guard also moves to engage the Prussian 1/4 corps (-1 French morale for early committal of elite force). The cadre in Zurlan moves into The Stanton, while the other cadre moves along the same road towards the same. IV corps and Res/L both move to engage the Russian 3 corps in Blasowitz, and Res/H and V corps move to engage the Austrian 1AG on the east tip of the Pratzen Heights. Finally, the I corps leaves Maxdorf and heads towards Sokolnitz Castle as Davout’s III corps arrives in play as a 2-2 unit, moving towards Satchen.

GR and IG combine against Austrian 1/4, routing that unit 6 hexes (-1 Allied morale) , with the IG advancing after combat. IV corps and Res/L combine against Russian 3 corps in Blasowitz, who commit their reserves (-1 Allied morale) and manage to force a costly exchange of troop losses (morale gain/losses cancel out). Res/L (is forced to) advance after combat. V corps and Res/H combine against Austrian 1AG, who also commit their reserves (yet another -1 Allied morale) but are still forced to withdraw, with Res/H advancing after combat.

Situation at end of turn 6

Turn 7: December 2, mid-day (Allied morale 5, French morale 7)
Weather = clear

(random event = “Hopeless Leaders”. French player chooses one Allied unit to retreat (as if it had suffered DW event) and chooses to move the Austrian 2/4 off the Pratzen Heights)
Russian I corps moves north-west, south of the French Res/H who have gained a foothold on the Pratzen Heights as Austrian 5 cavalry corps moves north of Pratzen to engage the French Res/L cavalry corps. 2/4 moves back on to the Pratzen Heights (no doubt muttering about their leaders, who can’t seem to make up their mind what to do and who keep marching them back and forth). AG cavalry corps heads to the woods at the top of the map, and AG (infantry) moves along the road to engage both the Imperial Guard and Grenadier corps. No other Allied unit moves.

Res/H counter-charges I corps, forcing the defenders to withdraw back into St Anthony’s Chapel and ‘taking ground’. Res/L counter-charges (and commits reserves against for -1 French morale) Austrian 5 cavalry corps, but are forced to rout 4 hexes (another -1 French morale for routing further than movement), with the 5 corps in hot pursuit.

That corps catches up to the routed Res/L and attacks them again, but are themselves forced to withdraw. Austrian 1AG and Russian 1 corps combine to attack Res/H, who commit their reserves (and another -1 French morale) but are still forced to rout. Luckily, this is only 2 hexes. 1 corps advances after combat. Finally, AG attacks (and commits reserves against for -1 Allied morale) both the Imperial Guard AND Guard corps, but are themselves routed 4 hexes (another -1 Allied morale) with both the Imperial Guard and Grenadier corps opting to ‘stand fast’.

(deciding he has nothing lose, French player decides to play his ‘held’ card: it’s “Fickle Weather”, meaning the weather is automatically fog)
Fog closes in again, masking the French redeployment of troops: III corps continues along the road through Satchen, V corps heads north towards Kobelnitz (able to disengage as no ZOC during fog turns), I corps moves into Sokolnitz castle, Imperial Guard continues along the road towards Austerlitz with the Guard corps falling into place just behind them, and the two cadres re-combine into the IV/2 within The Stanton. Neither of the tow (routed) cavalry corps opts to move, and with no French unit adjacent to any Allied unit, that’s it for this turn!

Situation at end of turn 7

Turn 8: December 2, Afternoon (Allied morale 3, French morale 4)
Weather = clear

(random event = “Confusion and Uncertainty reign”. All Allied units have their movement allowance reduced by 1)
Realising they are in danger of out-distancing the rest of their army, the Austrian 5 cavalry corps falls back, moving to the north of the French V corps as the Russian 1 corps moves south of the same (effectively ‘surrounding’ it). 1AG moves south into St Anthony’s Chapel, and 2 corps moves south-west (also adjacent to V corps) out of Pratzen proper. AG cavalry moves into Bosenitz as 2/4 moves north, adjacent to both the Imperial Guard and Grenadier corps. Finally, both AG and 1/4 continue along their road, bring AG adjacent to the Imperial Guard (now effectively surrounded).

1, 2 and 5 cavalry corps all combine to attack V corps, forcing that unit to rout 2 hexes. The first of these is a hazardous retreat (into Kobelnitz), which they succeed. The second is a doubly hazardous retreat (over river, and onto a Pond hex); it manages to survive both rolls. 5 cavalry corps advances after combat and then pursues into Kobelnitz, with the I corps advancing after combat into their vacant hex. AG and 2/4 combine to attack the Imperial Guard, who commit their reserves (-1 French morale) but are still forced to withdraw (north). Again, this is a hazardous retreat, which the Imperial Guard fails and so breaks instead (+1 Allied morale, -1 French). AG advances after combat. AG cavalry corps commits their reserves (-1 Allied morale) against Grenadier corps, but are themselves forced to withdraw north, with the Grenadier corps re-capturing Bosenitz.

(random event = “Unexpected help”. Bavarian corps arrive in play this turn (needed a ‘6’ to do so, got a 6!))
The Bavarian corps arrives in play, heading along the road towards Tellnitz, as the III corps continues along the same road, heading towards Reichmansdorf. Res/L moves to aid in the upcoming mandatory attack by V corps on Austrian 5 cavalry corps, moving north of the same. Finally, Res/H moves to attack Austrian 1AG in St Anthony’s Chapel as IV/2 moves to aid the Grenadier division against AG cavalry corps.

AG cavalry corps penetrates to the patch of rough ground north of IV/2 as 5 cavalry corps counter-charges the (routed) V corps across the river and onto the ice. This results in the V corps withdrawing, with the 5 cavalry corps taking their place on the ice.

Res/H attacks (and commits reserves against for -1 French morale) 1AG in St Anthony’s Chapel, with both sides remaining engaged. (Routed) V corps attacks 5 cavalry corps (on the ice) but are again forced to withdraw north, with 5 cavalry corps once again ‘taking ground’. Finally, IV/2 attacks AG cavalry corps, forcing the defenders to withdraw and advancing onto that patch of rough ground.

Situation at end of turn 8

Turn 9: December 2, Evening (Allied morale 3, French morale 1)
Weather = fog

(random event = “But you can wait another quarter of an hour, and it will be time enough then!” Effectively a non-event, since enemy units do not have ZOCs during fog turns)
Russian 1 corps moves into Kobelnitz as 2 corps drops south, north of Res/H. Both AG infantry and 2/4 move north-west, adjacent to Grenadier corps in Bosenitz and 1/4 advances along same road. AG cavalry corps moves away from IV/2 (able to do so due to the fog) and no other Allied unit is able, or willing, to move (Russian Guard corps must be having a hell of a good time in Krzenowitz: they’ve yet to leave it!)

Res/L disengages from 1 corps, moving back into Puntowitz. Res/H counter-charges 1AG in St Anthony’s Chapel, forcing the defenders to withdraw and capturing that Allied objective.

Austrian 5 cavalry corps attacks (routed) V corps, forcing the defenders to withdraw once more and yet again ‘taking ground’. AG infantry attacks Grenadier division within Bosenitz, remaining engaged against the same. Russian 2 corps attacks Res/H within St Anthony’s Redoubt, again only remaining engaged against the defenders.

(random event = “Les Grognards”. Associated roll = no effect)
III corps moves north towards Reichmansdorf as Bavarian corps moves north-east into Tellnitz. Res/L remains in Puntonitz as V corps moves north, finally breaking away from the pursuing Austrian 5 cavalry (and thus able to rally). Res/H remains in St Anthony’s Chapel, and I corps remains ensconced within Sokolnitz Castle. Finally, the Grenadier division drops back north-west towards The Stanton.

With neither the Allied nor the French player choosing to attack (choosing, as fog effects means, in effect, all attacks are optional) that’s it for this turn.

Situation at end of turn 9

Turn 10: December 2, Night (Allied morale 3, French morale 1)
Weather = n/a

(random event = “We Exist in Gloomy Apathy”. Effectively, a non-event at night as no ZOCs)
Austrian 5 cavalry corps crosses the river towards Maxdorf as AG infantry enters Bosenitz, with AG cavalry corps moving to their north (in the woods). Both 1/4 and 2/4 continue moving towards The Stanton, and no other Allied unit moves.

During the night operations phase, the Russian 3 corps is eliminated for good before the Allies gain a single morale point from rest (+1 Allied morale).

(random event = “According to plan”. Reshuffle cards)
Napoleon breathes a sigh of relief, having just about survived the first day of battle. V corps moves south-west, to the south of Bellowitz, as III corps enters Reichmansdorf and as the Bavarian Division exits Tellnitz. Grenadier Division occupies The Stanton, with no other French unit opting to move at all.

During the night operations phase, IV corps remains broken but the Imperial Guard is destroyed for good. The French then drive the Allies morale down by 1 (-1 French morale) as they hold the Allied objective of St Anthony’s chapel, before gaining a single point from rest (+1 French morale)

Situation at end of turn 10

Advance to second day of battle: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/465504
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